Welcome to Rhodes

the jewel of the Mediterranean

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The Greek island of Rhodes (also Rhodos or Rodos) is one of the Mediterranean's most popular resorts and a perennial holiday favourite for any lifestyle!

By far the largest island of the Dodecanese, also known as the "Island of the Sun God Helios", Rhodes island combines a variety of characteristics that make it unique as a travel destination.

The island reveals itself to the eyes of the visitor as a magnificent explosion of colors and activities that combine a mix of interesting sights and relaxation, unique nature, learning and entertainment.

Rhodes is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. With crystal clear endless beautiful beaches, spectacular sunsets, high-quality accommodation, excellent food – Rhodes is a truly special place to visit. With plenty of archaeological sites and a UNESCO World Heritage Medieval City to explore, stunning nature and scenery to admire, a rich cultural calendar and superb shopping opportunities, a holiday on Rhodes can never be boring!

Rhodes has been blessed with many, wonderful, long stretches of beach! The island offers long organized beaches developed for tourism as well as many small sandy coves, almost hidden. Whether you are looking for watersports, family friendly beaches, quiet sandy spots or lively beach bars to party day and night you will not be disappointed.

Explore the Rhodian local life and discover the beauty of the island! Rhodes is home to some unique and beautifully diverse flora and fauna, much of which can be found just a short way from the main resorts. To get a true taste of what the island has to offer however, one must explore the interior of the island.

The first traces of life on the island of Rhodes are lost in the fog of myth. The first inhabitants are said to have been the Heliades, offsprings of the protective god Helios and Clymene the Oceanid, and the Telchines, a strange kind of people who supposedly resembled demons.

Some of he most beautiful sites of Rhodes are hidden in the mountain villages, far away from the cosmopolitan settlements along the shore. Many of them preserve the native color of the Rhodian countryside with old castles, churches and beautiful buildings.