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Rhodes Greece

Rhodes Greece Videos - Aquarium & Museum marine life

Aquarium & Museum marine life
The Aquarium is located in the basement of the Hydro Biological Station and offers the visitors the chance to have a close up view of the marine life of the Eastern Mediterranean, providing the impression of being underwater. With its open water circulation system, supplying 40 tanks with a total capacity of 75000 liters, the Aquarium provides natural living conditions for a wide range of interesting specimens of Mediterranean organisms such as reefs, sea flowers, octopuses, clams, decapods, turtles and numerous fishes
Rhodes Greece Video Gallery

A group of beautiful girls having fun on beautiful Rhodes island!

Greece - Rhodes - Holiday 2013

Rhodes Summer - Windsurfing

Rodos Prasonisi 2009 Kitesurfing WIndsurfing

Rhodes Promotional Video

Anno 1912..Isola di Rodi nel Mar Egeo / Rodos Greece / part 3 of 3

Anno 1912...Isola di Rodi nel Mar Egeo / Rodos Greece / part 2 of 3

Anno 1912...Isola di Rodi nel Mar Egeo / Rodos Greece / part 1 of 3

Diving in Rhodes

Sunset at Pefkos

Rhodes Rodos Rhodos - Water Park in Faliraki

The Aquarium in Rhodes

Pefkos Microlight Flight over Lindos, Lardos, Glystra and Kiotari, Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Greece (Rodos, Rhodos)

DJ Terry Turbo Beach Party July 2009

Rhodos - Stadt / Rhodes - City -- Griechenland / Greece

Rhodes Island Guide

Trip Kitesurf Greece Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town

Lindos - Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town


Rhodes Faliraki Guide

Around Rhodes in less than 4 minutes

Surfers Paradise Ixia Rhodes Greece

Kitesurfing Prasonisi 2009 (Part1)

The colossus of Rhodes

Various images of Rhodes

Lindos Rodos, Greece

Rhodes - Greece Medieval Rose Highlights 2

Rhodes - Greece Medieval Rose Highlights 1

Sling Shot in Faliraki, Rhodes

Waterpark Rhodes 2007, in Faliraki


Lindos of Rhodes - A magic city - Greece

Surf Spot Theologos overview - Rhodes, Greece

Lardos Rhodes Greece Theofania

Faliraki Rhodes Annual R.I.B. Race

Greek Championship Rib Race in Faliraki and Ixia Rhodes

Rhodes Windsurfing

One Week in Rodos Prasonisi: kitesurfing and windsurfing

Windsurfing Prasonisi

Rockin' Rhodos (Windsurfing)

Prasonissi 2005

Windsurfing in Rhodes - Prasonisi wave action

Surf Spot Kremasti overwiev

Rhodes Photos

Rhodes Greece Old Town Alley Run

Rhodes Old Town
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