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Monday, 18 Feb 2019
Rhodes Greece
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Open Air Art Exhibition in Rhodes Greece
Rhodes Art Park

A Park that invites you to experience art under the Rhodian Sky. The Art park is a non-profit gallery of fine arts, photography, sculpture, and music. We take a look at the park and interview the owner, Mr Damon Papakiriakou, an artist, sculptor, and musician.

A jurney back in time
Rhodes, Island of the Sun (1963)

An old promotional video from 1963. This story involves a tour around picturesque Greece. There are scenic shots of Rhodes and the surrounding sea, the narrator gives a history of the islands as we view them.

Meet the small horses of Rhodes
Rhodian Pony

All horses we know as the horses of Rhodes, belong to the zoological family equus cavallus cavallus. First appeared 54 million years ago i.e. shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs. They had the size of small dog living in the forests. After thousands of years, many things have changed. The horses grew in size and came out of the woods to live in plains and steppes always trying to adapt to the environment in which they lived and evolved to many types of horses, some of them survived others were lost over the centuries.

After the last ice age about 10,000 years ago there were 4 types of horses. These species domesticated by humans and they created all the horse races known to us.

Two of these species originally believed to be the ancestors of the Rhodian horse. The horse is a remnant of a large family spread throughout the Greek mainland, the islands and the coasts of Minor Asia and reached up to the Caspian Sea and North Africa.

We are exposing the top locations for your wedding photos on Rhodes
Top locations for wedding photos on Rhodes Island

Getting married on Rhodes is not just about the ceremony. There are noumerous spots that will make your wedding photos look like comming just out of a fairytale. We are compiled a list of the top 10 spots to shoot your wedding photos. 

Visiting Rhodes during winter can be a richly rewarding experience!
Wintertime in Rhodes

It's winter. You are sitting in your apartment or office, while it's cold outside and the weather is gray, dark and rainy, and you find yourself reading this article. Don't you wish you can go someplace where the winter weather is not necessarily so depressive?

Tips for choosing sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun's harmful effects
Fun in the sun: how to choose and pick good sunglasses

Sunglasses can give you instant James Dean cool, Audrey Hepburn glamour, or the rock star hipness of Bono. But they are much more than a fashion accessory.

Sunglasses are an essential tool in safeguarding the health of your eyes and the surrounding tissue.

Read what you need to know about what sunglasses can do for you (apart from style) and how to choose them.

Things you should know
Hiring a Car and driving in Rhodes Greece.

With an area of 1412 square kilometers, Rhodes is one of the largest islands in Greece. The driving distance from it’s most northern part - Rhodes Town - to the southest point - Prasonisi - is 92Km - 108Km depending on the route you will choose.  At the same time, many of the island’s best kept secrets - it’s many small villages, historic monuments and other interesting places to visit are located far from the main roads, in the mountains which are accessible only by smaller, occasionally windy roads. All of them are in very good condition, however public transportation schedules vary and is in some occasions available only 1-2 times a day. Your best chance to safely explore Rhodes island at your own pace and preference is by hiring a car.

A photo gallery of the wild orchids of the Greek island of Rhodes
Orchids of Rhodes

 An introduction to the wild orchids of Rhodes by George Pastrikos, a nature photographer and an empirical botanist.

A Journey to the fairy time of the Middle Ages
5th Medieval Rose Festival

The 5th Medieval Rose Festival of the isle of Rhodes 2011, will take place from 28 May to 2 of July (every Saturday and/or Sunday). Event will take place with the support and under the Aegis of the Municipality of Rhodes.

Underwater experiences in Rhodes - The Real Beauty
Diving in Rhodes
Rhodes is a historic island which has been a crossroad of civilizations in antiquity. Boasting a unique culture, diverse nature, impressive architecture, perfect weather, beautiful coastlines and friendly people helps to make the island the first choice holiday destination for hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. Yet the beauty of Rhodes doesn’t end on the surface. An amazing world of supreme beauty is waiting for you under the sea!


The best locations on rhodes island for photo shooting
Top Photography Locations on Rhodes, part 1

For many of us, one of the best parts of being on vacation is taking photos trying to capture the magic of the place we are currently visiting. We have listed our top picks for photoshooting on Rhodes.

Why Rhodes is worth your visit
5 Reasons to visit Rhodes island

Rhodes is so much more than sea and sand. Visiting Rhodes offers a unique oportunity to combine relaxation with intersting activities. We give you 5 important reasons to visit Rhodes.

Adding some adventure to your vacation
10 places on Rhodes you should not miss

Among the so many locations and points of interest Rhodes island has to offer, here are just a few of them you must not miss when you are on the Island. Rhodes has more to offer than sea and sand, and visiting the following places will surely give something extra to remember from your vacation.

An interview with Antonis Giannelis, a WPJA award winning wedding photographer in Rhodes
Your wedding in Rhodes - Capturing your most precious moments

Rhodes has become one of the most popular destinations for weddings abroad. Its a beautiful island that offers a large variety of locations with gorgeous settings, enabling you to make your wedding day an unforgettable one. A very important part of your wedding day is the photographer. It is one of the occasions in your life where it is essential to have documented memories.The value of those moments captured by the photographer are priceless. 
Antonis Giannelis, a WPJA award winning wedding photographer located in Rhodes talks about his work and gives practical advice and mentions things to look out for before choosing the photographer that will be responsible for capturing your most precious moments. 

Stephen Williams finds a pleasant surpsise after the fires of 2008
Regeneration of the ecology after the the fire of 2008

In early April 2010 Susan, Richard and myself (Stephen) thought we would look at re-offering the easy walk from Laerma to Agios Isidoros which we stopped doing after the fire in July 2008 that devastated this area, the walk in question is on a dirt track road and is approx 12km (7.5miles) long, it takes about 3-4hrs to walk at a leisurely pace.

An interview with Stephen Williams from "Walking Rhodes"
Walking holidays in Rhodes

Rhodes is the walker's island, being the largest of the Dodecanese Island group at about 1398 square kilometers. It offers all kinds of different walking and treking routes including mountains, forestry, areas of historical interest, places of natural beauty, wine producing areas, coastal walks etc. You are never have far to travel to get to the start of your walking route, eliminating the need for long bus journeys.

Practical advice from Ms Sara PAVLATOU, from SP Weddings
Getting married - weddings in Rhodes

Weddings abroad are becoming extremely popular amongst European couples, wanting to get away from the traditional "white" wedding day, with all the formalities and stresses that you with it! A wedding abroad, can be the answer to those who want to approach their wedding plans in a relaxed fashion or perhaps dare we say simply want to be married at the end of their day!

If you consider your destination wedding to be just as important as planning a wedding in your home country and don’t believe that you should have to compromise on quality, choice or service, then SP Weddings can offer you the service to reflect this! A wedding is a chance for a celebration, a party, a gathering of people that mean something to you;

Organizing an annual Medieval Festival within the walls of the Medieval Town of Rhodos!
The Medieval Rose Festival

The "Medieval Rose" is a non-governmental, non-profit association, which was recently established (2005) with the ambitious but realistic aim of organizing an annual Medieval Festival within the walls of the Medieval Town of Rhodos – the best preserved, while continuously inhabited, surrounded by walls and moat, medieval town in the world (monument of cultural and architectural world heritage - UNESCO 1988).

A list of all 42 Blue Flag Awards
Dodecanese Greece Blue Flag Awards 2009

Rhodes has been blessed with many, wonderful and long stretches of beach. The nortwestern side of the island, from Rhodes town and the cosmopolitan Ixia down to Mandriko and Skala Kameirou, has large beaches developed for tourism. On the Southeastern shore are the equally developed beaches at Kallithea, Afandou, Tsambika, Vlycha, Lindos, Lardos and Gennadi. On the rest of the island you will find many small sandy coves, almost hidden, such as Glyfada, Paliochora, Kopria, the small beaches of Monolithos down to Kamlamos, Kerameni Bay and the exotic beaches of Prasonisi. The west coast of Rhodes is subject to shore winds and can be rough, but is a windsurfer's paradise.

In 2009, Rhodes and other islands in the Dodecanese earned 42 Blue Flag Awards!

Symi is just a couple of hours from Rhodes by ferry. Combine the unique feeling both have to offer!
Dodecanese islands. Rhodes and Symi are fit for the Gods

The ancient Gods – Zeus, Apollo and the rest – certainly knew how to pick their spot. You could hardly imagine them sitting atop Ben Nevis, as opposed to Mt Olympus, and presiding over the Outer Hebrides.

No, they preferred the sunshine, olive trees, the wine-dark Aegean sea and the warm smell of pine.

The Greek islands bask under endless sunshine from April to the end of October. And arguably the best of the weather is in the Dodecanese chain, 260 miles south-east of Athens and within a Zorba’s dance-step of Turkey.

Dodeca means 12 in Greek, but in fact there are 16 islands here, the best-known being Rhodes and Kos. With such long summers, there’s plenty of time to plonk yourself down on a sunlounger on a Dodecanese beach.

Here’s a taste of lively Rhodes and quieter, exquisite Symi...

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Top Picks from our Travel Guide
1. Faliraki
Here you can find anything you can possibly ask for - more than 5 kilometers wide, Faliraki is the most popular, and the most highly organized beach on Rhodes.
2. Ixia
Narrow, partly pebbly, partly sandy, and usually wavy, this beach is mostly preferred by windsurfers. Some parts are privately owned by the hotels in the area. There are water sports centers from where you can rent windsurf and surfing boards, as well as jet skis.
3. Lindos
Groups of people brought heare by coach from other parts of Rhodes crowd the 2 different beaches sharing the same bay. There are sunbeds and umbrellas everywhere, and the beach is crwoded during all the sumer.
4. Kalithea (Kallithea)
This is one of the most popular spots among the locals. It is composed of many small creeks covered with pine-trees. The waters are deep, so you will have to be a bit careful when swimming there.
5. Haraki (Charaki)
This attreactive little bay offers family aymosphere. It's mainly visited by tourists renting rooms nearby, but families of local people also come out with their umbrellas and settle themselves on the no-charge section in the centre of the beach.
Villages & Resorts
1. Ixia
Ixia is not so much a village as a hotel resort, one of the most cosmopolitan on the island and an extremely popular choice with those seeking high-quality accommodation near the town of Rhodes.
2. Kolymbia (Kolympia)
Kolymbia (Kolympia) is a fairly discreet coastal resort, and does not provide the ostentatious luxury of Ixia or the frenzied activity of Faliraki. The hotels here are set well apart, and there are only a hand-ful of restaurants and shops, making it an ideal place for those seeking peace and relaxation.
3. Tholos (Theologos)
A pretty colourfull village with tall shuttered buildings and narrow streets, where traditional way of life is still widely practiced, also featuring an excellent beach - although sometimes breezy.
4. Lindos
The streets of Lindos are a maze of continuous buildings, chiefly with interior courtyards. Most of the houses have flat roofs, but some variety of types can be seen among the buildings that have not been affected by time and changes of use and shape. The material used in their construction is either the local quarried poros stone or field stones which have been plastered and whitewashed.
5. Afandou
The village of Afandou has been founded in times where pirates used to overrun the islands of the Mediterranean. During that period, people used to leave the shores in order to seek shelter in the inland. The village of Afandou took its name form the word "afandos", which in Greek means "invisible", because it could not be seen from the sea.
1. Valley of Butterflies
On the western side of the island of Rhodes, approximately five kilometers south east from the village of Theologos (or Tholos), there lies the Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes). This is one of the most attractive destinations on the island.
2. Seven Springs (Epta Piges)
Seven Springs is a cool, magical landscape, a real oasis even in the heat of high summer, swamped in greenery.
3. Marine Aquarium
The Aquarium is located in the basement of the Hydro Biological Station and offers the visitors the chance to have a close up view of the marine life of the Eastern Mediterranean, providing the impression of being underwater.
4. Rodini park
Rodini Park was probably the first landscaped park in the world. It was still popular with the Romans some years later and they left a bit of an aqueduct here.
5. Filerimos
Filerimos is situated near the village of Trianta, which stands on the same site as the Doric city of Ialysos, in ancient times. When the Dorians arrived around 1100 BC Ialysos became member of the alliance known as the Dorian Hextapolis. Archaeologists came across the necropolis of ancient Ialisos between Trianta and Filerimos.
Comments by visitors
You cant help but love it
Been to Rhodes 3 times and Pefkos is by far the nicest resort i have been to. We got married in Lindos last year 2007, it was magical. We stayed at the Lindia Thalassa in Pefkos. Lovely place and very helpful. We had our reception at the Nostalgia, Michael and staff were brilliant they couldn't do enough for us. We loved it so much we are going back this year to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.
Something for everyone
So far i have been to Lindos on a stag week, a family holiday and a holiday with my missis and everytime i was made to feel welcome, had a awesome time and came home with a tan. The weathers good, the people are brilliant and there is loads to do if you want it. I should act as a travel agent for the place cos I have convinced so many of my friends to try it! you wont be disapointed.
We have been in haraki a few days ago. The place is lovely! Nice beach lovely people!
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