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Tourist arrivals in Rhodes increased by 8% in 2022 compared to 2019
Det er da dejligt at det er gået op for folk, hvor dejlig øen er. har været der ca. 8 gange

Commented by John Wiell Christensen November 19, 2022 in Blog / Magazine

Kopria Beach
We went to this little beach on June, after we visited the castle of Kritinia which is very close. As we went in the early afternoon, it was already somewhat occupied, but not so much that it was annoying. The beach is small, and there are sunbeds to hire, although we preferred to just make a quick jump into the water and move on to our next destination (Monolithos). The water was clean, and there is also a small taverna right at the entrance of the bay. If we did not have in mind to further explore the coast, we would probably have made a nice relaxing day for us there.

Commented by Jens S. October 12, 2022 in Beaches

Archaeological Museum
The Rhodes Archaeological Museum is quite fascinating. A tour of it is very worthwhile. vast exhibitions and areas. The only thing that is lacking is a piece of writing or guidebook explaining the museum. But if you asked, staff there would teach you something. It features spotless restrooms. If you decide to go, even in the afternoon when the sun is strong, there is a place with shade and pleasant coolness. I'd return with the kids as well as they liked it.

Commented by Christos Mpakaloumas October 10, 2022 in Historical sites

St. Paul's bay (Agios Pavlos)
This could be the most beautiful beach in the world! Don’t let a tour company take you and skip the public bus. The bus to St. Paul Bay is 15 Euros each way from Rhodes for two people. Rent a car for 40 Euros for the day, cut the 2hr bus ride down to 50 minutes and rent the umbrella and two beach chairs for 40 euros for the day. We left our towels on the beach chairs and drove 4 mins to Lindos for lunch and came back. The cove is really protected and can easily be swam over and back. This beach is amazing! Skip Anthony Quinn Bay and Tsambika Beach, you won’t be disappointed!

Commented by Jeff Friedman October 3, 2022 in Beaches

Rhodes Acropolis
We had a great time when we were at the Acropolis of Rhodes. It is easy to locate and there is enough parking space. Don't be intimidated by the scaffolding on the pillars closest to the road; this was the only scaffolding. A vending machine, and an exhibition room in the compound's north wall that will tell you everything there is to know about the ruins and archaeological discoveries and restrooms are some of the things we found there. We loved watching the show while sitting in the theater, exploring the grounds and the stadium. According to what we've read, the acropolis was once a place for teaching and physical training, as well as a public garden and recreation area. Even now, it definitely had the atmosphere of a public garden. Well worth a visit if you are interested in Greek history.

Commented by Hannes P. October 2, 2022 in Historical sites

Faliraki Beach
Faliraki is a long, lively and well developed beach. In reality, it is made up of several smaller hotels-managed sections where sun loungers and umbrellas are positioned. However, there are certain locations where you can spend an hour or two lying on a towel. Fine sand is dominant. Here, in contrast to the shore on the other side of the island, there are hardly any waves. There are a variety of fun water sports, including skiing, bananas, scooters, and cycling.

Commented by Sarah October 1, 2022 in Beaches

Ancient Kamiros
Ancient Kamiros är en fantastisk plats, ja rent häpnadsväckande, det är lätt att drömma sig bort och nästan framför sig se hur platsen får liv och hur människor från den tiden rör sig runt i staden. Vårt besök var för kort på platsen men på den korta tiden vi var där hann vi reflektera mycket och intrycket är bestående…

Commented by Christer Karlsson September 26, 2022 in Excursions & places to visit

Kiotari Beach
The section of Kiotari beach underneath Rodos Maris Resort is where we spent the most of our one-week vacation. We purchased some beach shoes, which were a real lifesaver, because the sand was rather coarse and there were many pebbles that were quite hot to walk on. The water gets rather deep quickly near the beachfront due to the relatively steep seabed drop, making it ideal for swimming. It was a tremendous delight cooling down in the water after spending time in the scorching heat. There were marker buoys to indicate the safe swimming areas, keeping people away from the many different water sports activities you can find at Kiotari.

Commented by Alina August 22, 2022 in Beaches

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach)
This was a really good tip from our travel agency: town and beach, both were right in front of the hotel for us. Elli beach is clean, you can rent the sunbeds, but you didn't have to. Coarse-grained sand is good for the feet and then off into the lovely, warm water. There are perhaps more beautiful bays on Rhodes, but we didn't miss them.

Commented by Irene August 15, 2022 in Beaches

Afandou Beach (Afantou)
When we arrived at Afandou beach, we found a very nice, broad, wide beach with sand and small stones and pebbles. The sea was stunningly blue, that gets deep quite fast in few meters from the shore. There was a cozy small bar where we went (remember the beach is huge!) which serves cold drinks and food at reasonable prices. This is a very good place for a relaxing days. The umbrellas and sunbeds were we sat were of good quality, made of aluminum and textile, the snack bar we found is conveniently located and served good food. What we found interesting is that many areas of the beach are still not commercialized, which gives al lot of room to visitors who want to just find a remote spot away from other people.

Commented by Olivia August 10, 2022 in Beaches