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Rhodes Greece

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Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Rhodian Pony: Mropen in new window
Posted on June 14, 2018 by Andreas Stevens
Visited Faethon today. Met Georgios. Inspected the ponies. Very interesting.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Haraki (Charaki): Cannot wait to go back!open in new window
Posted on January 24, 2018 by David & Anne
We have been holidaying in Greece for over 25 years and last summer made our first visit to Rhodes. We chose Haraki after reading some reviews and loved the place from the moment we arrived at our apartment overlooking the bay , above Kapitanios restaurant which was so good we didn't eat anywhere else, but there are several other good restaurants along the sea front and in the square. We enjoyed drinks at Cocktails and Dreams most nights , Jacob is a fine host ! We spent our days chilling on the beach which was never crowded and in the crystal clear blue sea. We really didn't want to leave and so we've already made reservations for this summer . See you there at the end of August, Martin!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Haraki (Charaki): An absolute gemopen in new window
Posted on August 23, 2017 by carlene
My favourite place by far on the island for a day lazing in the sun & snorkling in the clear waters... eating lunch in the many restaurants that sweep the bay... just beautiful.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews 10 places on Rhodes you should not miss: 14 timesopen in new window
Posted on July 22, 2017 by david faulkner
My wife and I have been to Pefkos 14 times and will keep on coming to Pefkos its a lovely place we have made friends with lots of Greek people here they are brilliant people, looking forward to seeing them in September
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Anthony Quinn: The best bayopen in new window
Posted on June 30, 2017 by K&p glover
Anthony Quinn bay is beautiful the water is so clear the beach is fantastic. Mr Quinn certainly had great taste a must place to visit by boat we came here in June 2017
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Lindos: Summer 1990 Lindos open in new window
Posted on May 26, 2017 by Jim
Memories includeWorking the ski raft (George not yahannis), driving his vw to Kalathos to fetch the petrol for the ski boat, putting out sun beds, putting sun beds away, working for George taverna Pallas beach (collecting beer down from his shed on the hillside), living on giros rice and tinned mackerel and barbecued octopus for 4 months, sleeping on roof nibbled by goats. Meeting Bruce Foxton and David Gilmore (best mates with them) ;-). Making friends. Blue sky bar.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews 10 places on Rhodes you should not miss: The perfect place to holidayopen in new window
Posted on March 19, 2017 by Andrew Edwards
My wife and I have visited Rhodes on 4 occasions and have never been disappointed. Every visit we find something we haven't seen before. The scenery is breathtaking, the local people so friendly. The perfect place to holiday.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): Pefkos: a beautiful place to visitopen in new window
Posted on January 6, 2017 by helva annakie
Pefkos is a beautiful place to visit, the sun, sea and the relaxed feeling, I have been to Pefkos twice and loved it both times. I really cannot wait to go back.
It's a lovely walk down to the beach, I love the beach, the views and the shopping area. there is plenty of bars and Restaurants. the people are very friendly.
Traveling from Pefkos to other parts of the island is easy because the bus stops are not far from the hotels. You can easily visit Rhodes town, Lindos, and Lardos and other places in between.

I love it!

Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Wintertime in Rhodes: Beautiful Ialyssos Rhodes open in new window
Posted on December 20, 2016 by Derek Gough
Before I went to Rhodes in 2015 it was my very first time for a holiday abroad and it was amazing experience so much in fact that I went back there in 2016 for two weeks. The people are amazing and really friendly and honest I hope to go back there in 2017 depending if have finished doing up my home up. Its a wonderful place to go and the people you meet are amazing which you will never ever forget.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Rodini park: Worth a lookopen in new window
Posted on August 14, 2016 by Kazbabes
Worth a visit so u can say you have been but is looking very run down.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Anthony Quinn: Stunning cliff walkopen in new window
Posted on August 1, 2016 by Colm O\'Mahony
Wondered why we were the only 'old' people in this bay. Apparently it's the sharp stones? Hadn't noticed myself. Anyway I can't understand why no one has mentioned the most stunning cliff walk from here over to Faliraki. It's only about 2 miles in total but even the first mile to the top of the ridge is amazing. This walk should be in Rhodes top 10... even young people might enjoy it, as they cope so well with sharp stones.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Gennadi (Genadi): Gennadiopen in new window
Posted on July 10, 2016 by Sam Klementou
7th visit to Rhodes.
Can't wait to see the local beach And enjoy calamari at Klimis cafe.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Haraki (Charaki): Life in glorious technicolouropen in new window
Posted on June 30, 2016 by Martin
I came to Haraki for the first time in June 2006 for 2 weeks holiday. and on the fourth day, I bought a house, as one does! I'm celebrating 10 years of living life in colour this August. Why not book a cheap flight and have a bit of it for yourself !?!

Hey, and while you're experiencing the REAL Greece, treat yourself to a copy of the Daily Mail, find a comfy beach front bar, and laugh yourself silly at the DM's anti-Greek propaganda, while you enjoy an enormous Gordon's and tonic (3 to 4 euro) an industrial sized glass of wine (2 euro) a pint of premium ice cold lager (2 euro) or a splendiferous cocktail (from 3 euro).

Hungry ? Take you pick from around a dozen friendly family run tavernas on and around the pedestrian-only promenade, serving fresh local produce. A substantial meal for two with drinks on the beach front can be had for under 20 euros. A full English breakfast will set you back as little as 4 euro including tea, coffee or juice.

Still smoking ? Even better. Bring your credit card and take up to 3200 English branded cigarettes each back with you (4 euro / £3.25 for 20). Result....? A week\'s \"free\" holiday. If you can stomach the Greek brands, you might even save enough to cover a fortnight.

So get on the interweb quick sharp and book your flights and accommodation, and we\'ll see you in Haraki Bay soon !
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews 10 places on Rhodes you should not miss: Going after tomorrow 16 june 2016open in new window
Posted on June 14, 2016 by Samy .
My first time. I saw a wonderful photos of Rhodes. love the Greek culture.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews 10 places on Rhodes you should not miss: Magnificentopen in new window
Posted on June 6, 2016 by Clem
We have enjoyed our time in Rhodes. The weather is magnificent, the scenery fabulous and the people very friendly and helpful. We want to come again.
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