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Beyond its stunning scenery and rich history, the island of Rhodes is brimming with exciting activities you can book to enhance your stay. Whether you're eager to explore ancient ruins, dive into thrilling water sports, or savor the local cuisine on a guided food tour, Rhodes has something for everyone.

Ready to make the most of your time on Rhodes? We've curated a collection of top bookable activities to enhance your stay. From exploring ancient ruins and diving into thrilling water sports to savoring local cuisine on guided food tours, Rhodes offers a diverse array of experiences. Discover the adventures that await and create lasting memories with these handpicked activities designed to showcase the best of the island.

Speedboat Trip from Rhodes to Symi with Free Time to Explore

Travel aboard a modern speedboat win an air-conditioned indoor space and a sundeck from the town of Rhodes to the island of Symi. Enjoy 3.5 hours of free time to explore the island at your own pace.


  • Take stunning photos of the Old Town of Rhodes from the water
  • Sail into Symi Bay and enjoy views of the vibrant, colorful houses
  • Admire landmarks like the Rhodes windmills and Saint Nicholas Fortress
  • Cruise comfortably with an air-conditioned enclosed deck and a sundeck
  • Enjoy free time shopping, dining, and exploring in Symi

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Admire views of Rhodes and Symi from the water on this speedboat tour between the two locations. Enjoy ample time in Symi to shop, savor local cuisine, and photograph the colorful houses before returning to Rhodes by speedboat.

Board the new speedboat at Kolona Harbor and choose between soaking up the sun on the outdoor deck or cooling off in the air-conditioned enclosed deck. Take in the sights of Rhodes, including the castle walls, Old Town minarets, medieval clock, and Marine Gate. As you depart, catch glimpses of the 46-meter high Naillac Tower, Rhodes windmills, Saint Nicholas Fortress, and the Aquarium of Rhodes.

Arrive in Symi Bay to see the amphitheatrically built town of Symi, with its colorful neoclassical houses reflecting on calm days. Disembark and enjoy over three hours to explore the island's charm before returning to Rhodes.

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Submarine Cruise with Underwater Views from Rhodes

Enjoy the opportunity to see the underwater sea life of Rhodes. Sitting in air-conditioned comfort cabin below the surface, see the panoramic view of the underwater world or walk out onto the deck for beautiful views of Rhodes from the water.


  • Embark on a thrilling 45-minute cruise from Rhodes port
  • Observe the marine life outside the port while enjoying views of the town
  • Capture photos of the stunning underwater scenery as a diver feeds the fish

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Experience the most iconic and picturesque sites of Rhodes City aboard the Submarine Poseidon. Departing from Mandraki Harbor in the heart of Rhodes Island, this water tour showcases the magic of the island from a unique perspective. Marvel at famous landmarks such as the site of the Colossus of Rhodes, Mandraki Port, Elli Beach, the Tourist Harbor, and the walls of the Old Town.

Comfortably seated in the air-conditioned cabin below the surface, you can gaze out through large windows offering a 360° panoramic view of the Aegean Sea's stunning ecosystems. Capture the moment when a diver enters the water and feeds the vibrant, multi-colored fish right in front of your window. This adventure is perfect for nature lovers of all ages, with an expert crew ensuring a memorable experience.

The vessel remains above sea level, while its underwater observatory, located 2.5 meters below the surface, allows for an immersive marine experience. You can choose to stay in the underwater cabin or step onto the deck to enjoy the ocean breeze. Be sure to bring your camera for this unforgettable journey.

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Cooking Lesson and Wine Tasting with Lunch

Explore the rich culture and traditions of Rhodes through its culinary delights. Participate in a Greek cooking class, sample local wines while learning about different grape varieties, and enjoy a leisurely lunch in a genuine rural village. This immersive experience offers a unique insight into the island's gastronomic heritage.


  • Savor exquisite regional wines at a quaint local winery
  • Visit a women's agricultural cooperative and a traditional Greek Kafeneion
  • Wander through a traditional village nestled at the foothills of Mount Profitis Ilias
  • Learn to prepare Rhodian specialties directly from a local cook
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch made from your own cooking lesson creations

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Experience the rich culinary traditions of Rhodes on this immersive cultural tour. Begin in the picturesque mountain village of Apollona, situated on the foothills of Profitis Ilias. Start with a visit to a women’s agricultural cooperative to understand how these resourceful women manage their enterprise, observe their decision-making process, and witness the production of local delicacies.

Take a guided walk through Apollona, learning about local agriculture and daily life. Next, visit a nearby winery where your guide will introduce you to various local grape varieties. Savor a glass of award-winning wine and discover why Rhodes is renowned for its exceptional wines.

Join a local cook for a hands-on cooking class where you’ll learn to make traditional Greek dishes such as tzatziki, eggplant salad, dolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves), and Greek cheese pies. After the class, enjoy a delicious lunch featuring the dishes you’ve prepared.

Conclude your tour with a visit to a traditional Kafeneion, where you’ll learn to make and sample authentic Greek coffee. This tour offers a unique opportunity to delve into the culinary and cultural heritage of Rhodes.

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Cruise from Rhodes to Symi Island and Saint George's Bay

Depart from Rhodes' Mandraki Harbour and embark on a picturesque boat trip to the beautiful Symi Island and Saint George's Bay. Dive into the crystal-clear blue waters for a refreshing swim, then explore the charming town of Symi at your leisure. This delightful excursion offers a perfect blend of relaxation and exploration.

Experience the Thrill of Jet Skiing in Rhodes

Enjoy an exhilarating experience with a fleet of the latest Yamaha WaveRunners. After receiving comprehensive safety instructions, take to the waters of Ixia Bay on your jet ski. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you ride and soak in the stunning views of Rhodes from the sea. Book your jet ski adventure today for an unforgettable aquatic thrill!

Marine Life Experience by Boat at Kamiros Skala, Rhodes

Experience the joy of watching playful dolphins and swimming among thousands of fish on this unforgettable boat tour from Kamiros Skala. Learn about the rich marine life of the Mediterranean from an expert marine biologist, who will provide fascinating insights into the underwater world. Book your tour today for an adventure that combines education and excitement in the pristine waters of Rhodes.

Rhodes: All-Inclusive Catamaran Cruise with Meals and Beverages

Experience an all-inclusive luxury cruise along the eastern coast of Rhodes on a sailing or power catamaran. Explore the stunning Anthony Quinn Bay, Kalithea Bay, and Afandou Caves.

Rhodes: Pirates' Route Sea Kayaking Tour

Join The Pirates’ Route sea kayaking tour and explore the beautiful east coast of Rhodes. Paddle through the Mediterranean Sea, take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters, and marvel at the stunning rock formations that surround you. This adventure offers a unique perspective of Rhodes' natural beauty from the seat of a kayak. Book your tour today for an unforgettable experience!