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Marine Life Experience by Boat at Kamiros Skala, Rhodes

Experience the joy of watching playful dolphins and swimming among thousands of fish on this unforgettable boat tour from Kamiros Skala. Learn about the rich marine life of the Mediterranean from an expert marine biologist, who will provide fascinating insights into the underwater world. Book your tour today for an adventure that combines education and excitement in the pristine waters of Rhodes.


  • Visit the Makri and Stroggyli islets, with a 90% chance of encountering playful dolphins
  • Swim among thousands of fish in a protected area
  • Enjoy complimentary underwater photos

Full Description

Embark on a marine adventure that perfectly blends education, exploration, and relaxation. Our cruise begins in the morning, departing from Kamiros Skala and heading towards Makri Island. Here, our knowledgeable marine biologist will introduce you to the wonders of the Aegean Sea, revealing the secrets of its rich fauna and flora.

Delight in the excitement of watching dolphins play alongside the boat, with a 90% chance of witnessing this incredible spectacle. Our journey then takes us to the exclusive Stroggyli and Lamar fish farm, located within a protected area. Here, you can don your snorkeling gear and swim among thousands of fish, experiencing the vibrant underwater world up close.

Explore the island's rich coastline, adorned with sea stars and seashells, adding to the charm of your adventure. As we return to Kamiros Skala, passing by Makri Island once more, there's an additional opportunity to encounter dolphins, making the end of your trip just as thrilling as the beginning.

Click here to book your Marine Life Experience by Boat from Kamiros Skala

Click here to book your Marine Life Experience by Boat from Kamiros Skala

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