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Rhodes Greece

Rhodes Greece Videos - The Aquarium in Rhodes

The Aquarium in Rhodes
The Aquarium is located in the basement of the Hydro Biological Station and offers the visitors the chance to have a close up view of the marine life of the Eastern Mediterranean, providing the impression of being underwater. With its open water circulation system, supplying 40 tanks with a total capacity of 75000 liters, the Aquarium provides natural living conditions for a wide range of interesting specimens of Mediterranean organisms such as reefs, sea flowers, octopuses, clams, decapods, turtles and numerous fishes.
Rhodes Greece Video Gallery

A group of beautiful girls having fun on beautiful Rhodes island!

Greece - Rhodes - Holiday 2013

Aquarium & Museum marine life

Rhodes Summer - Windsurfing

Rodos Prasonisi 2009 Kitesurfing WIndsurfing

Rhodes Promotional Video

Anno 1912..Isola di Rodi nel Mar Egeo / Rodos Greece / part 3 of 3

Anno 1912...Isola di Rodi nel Mar Egeo / Rodos Greece / part 2 of 3

Anno 1912...Isola di Rodi nel Mar Egeo / Rodos Greece / part 1 of 3

Diving in Rhodes

Sunset at Pefkos

Rhodes Rodos Rhodos - Water Park in Faliraki

Pefkos Microlight Flight over Lindos, Lardos, Glystra and Kiotari, Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes Greece (Rodos, Rhodos)

DJ Terry Turbo Beach Party July 2009

Rhodos - Stadt / Rhodes - City -- Griechenland / Greece

Rhodes Island Guide

Trip Kitesurf Greece Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town

Lindos - Rhodes

Rhodes Old Town


Rhodes Faliraki Guide

Around Rhodes in less than 4 minutes

Surfers Paradise Ixia Rhodes Greece

Kitesurfing Prasonisi 2009 (Part1)

The colossus of Rhodes

Various images of Rhodes

Lindos Rodos, Greece

Rhodes - Greece Medieval Rose Highlights 2

Rhodes - Greece Medieval Rose Highlights 1

Sling Shot in Faliraki, Rhodes

Waterpark Rhodes 2007, in Faliraki


Lindos of Rhodes - A magic city - Greece

Surf Spot Theologos overview - Rhodes, Greece

Lardos Rhodes Greece Theofania

Faliraki Rhodes Annual R.I.B. Race

Greek Championship Rib Race in Faliraki and Ixia Rhodes

Rhodes Windsurfing

One Week in Rodos Prasonisi: kitesurfing and windsurfing

Windsurfing Prasonisi

Rockin' Rhodos (Windsurfing)

Prasonissi 2005

Windsurfing in Rhodes - Prasonisi wave action

Surf Spot Kremasti overwiev

Rhodes Photos

Rhodes Greece Old Town Alley Run

Rhodes Old Town
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