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Ladiko Beach, Rhodes

Ladiko Beach is a highly sought-after destination, particularly during the peak season of August, due to its exquisite features. The beach boasts fine sand, small rocks, and emerald waters, surrounded by lush, tree-clad hills. Visitors can also enjoy the convenience of sun beds, umbrellas, and showers, as well as indulge in the culinary delights offered at the nearby taverna.
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Beach loungers
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Despite its small size, Ladiko Beach has everything you could desire for a delightful seaside experience. Sun beds have even made their way to the opposite shore, where visitors seeking tranquility can relax among the rocks. For those who prefer a livelier atmosphere, the renowned Anthony Quinn Bay is just a few meters away. Snorkeling enthusiasts will find this a prime location to explore the underwater world.

The beach at Ladiko consists of a mix of sand, shingle and stones, so it's recommended to bring sea shoes. The sea gently shelves before dropping off more steeply, providing a safe area for children to play. However, the beach does get quite crowded, and early arrival is necessary to secure a sun lounger.

Ladiko Beach has a fascinating history, having once served as a commercial point for loading and unloading olive oil. Local fishermen have even discovered clay containers from shipwrecks in the surrounding waters. Now, the picturesque bay of Ladiko is an attractive destination for daily boat excursions, offering visitors a chance to discover the hidden treasures such as the natural formation of this idyllic location.

Ladiko Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Ladiko Beach © Rhodes Guide /

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Ladiko beach is one of my favorite beach in Rhodes!

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