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Anthony Quinn Bay, Rhodes

Anthony Quinn Bay is renowned for its striking beauty, notably featuring one of the most picturesque beaches on the island of Rhodes. The bay's waters are distinguished by a deep emerald hue, a direct reflection of the dense green vegetation encircling the beach. This natural harmony of color and landscape makes Anthony Quinn Bay a standout destination, attracting visitors who seek to experience the serene and vibrant ambiance of Rhodes' coastal scenery.

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With its natural stone surfaces perfect for basking in the sun, pine trees extending all the way to the water's edge, and captivating emerald green waters, it's no wonder the famed Mexican-American actor, Anthony Quinn, fell in love with this picturesque cove. Today, the bay bears his name as he purchased this slice of paradise during the filming of "The Guns of Navarone" on the island of Rhodes.

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Anthony Quinn Bay is located on the east coast of Rhodes, about 4 kilometers south of Faliraki beach and about 15 to 17 kilometers from Rhodes Town, depending in the route. The waters here owe their captivating emerald hue to the lush green vegetation which surrounds the beach. It is unarguably one of the most beautiful and exquisite beaches on Rhodes, despite the fact that you will not find fine sand and much available space. It's mostly popular with young people, especially Italians and locals, since the sharp rocks both in and out of the water are not ideal for families with young children or elderly people.

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Because of it's small size, which is about 10 meters in width at its widest points and 250 meters in length,  the beach at Anthony Quinn bay feels fairly crowded during July and August. This, however, is not so much because of the number of visitors per se, it is more because the narrow width of the beach. The finest spot is the rock right in the centre of the beach, with room for just a few sun beds. At the top of the rocks that rise behind the beach you will find a modern bar and cafeteria, from which you can enjoy the view towards the beach from a high point while enjoying a meal or a beverage.

The crystal clear water and gorgeous underwater scenery also makes Anthony Quinn bay one of the best areas in Rhodes for snorkeling. Here you will also find a scuba diving centre, so if you are up to it, it is definitely an experience worth trying out.

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How to reach Anthony Quinn Bay

The fastest route to Anthony Quinn Beach if you're driving from Rhodes Town to Anthony Quinn Bay is to take the Provincial Road Rhodes-Lindos, and follow the signs to Kallithea. You will arrive at the beach in about 20 minutes after traveling about 15 kilometres. Alternatively you can use the Provincial Road Rhodes-Kallithea, which is about 17 kilometres and a 25 minute drive. But you can drive to the beach from any location on the island.

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You have other possibilities to reach the beach if you don't have a car. You can use a taxi, ride the shuttle bus, or go on a cruise.

  • Taxi: Although more expensive, the taxi is more practical and the fastest alternative. To avoid unwanted surprises, ask the taxi driver about the fare before getting in. Taxi prices to most routes on Rhodes are fixed.
  • Bus shuttle: A few times each day, a direct bus travels to Anthony Quinn Bay. Requesting the itineraries will help you plan your day effectively.
  • Cruise: The daily cruises to Anthony Quinn Bay leave from Rhodes Mandraki harbour evey day. It is the slower, but probably also the most scenic and interesting option, as some of the cruises also offer swim stops along the way.

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Anthony Quinn Bay reviews & comments

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Anthony Quinn beach is just stunning. We went in early June and it was already busy, but I guess it would be more busier at peak hours. However, a visit is highly recommended. It's simple to see why Anthony Quinn fell head over heels for this property. As you descend down, take in the vista from the cliff on your left. The lake is beautiful here, and the area heading down, such as the cafe/bar, has a good atmosphere.

Commented by Sophia October 28, 2022

We rented mopeds for the day and arrived in the middle of the morning to find that everything was packed, including all of the sun loungers on the beach and every seat in the restaurant. We had a quick look around and took a few pictures before moving on to the next bay's beach, which was less crowded and equally lovely.

Commented by Giorgia August 01, 2022

Anthony Quinn is a beautiful bay with water that is ideal for snorkeling and is very clean. There are beds and loungers available, but it's better to arrive very early because they fill up quickly. The bar that overlooks the bay is a pleasant location to haze at the beach while enjoying a coffee or having a light meal.

Commented by David July 22, 2022

Anthony Quinn bay is beautiful the water is so clear the beach is fantastic. Mr Quinn certainly had great taste a must place to visit by boat we came here in June 2017

Commented by K&p glover June 30, 2017

Wondered why we were the only 'old' people in this bay. Apparently it's the sharp stones? Hadn't noticed myself. Anyway I can't understand why no one has mentioned the most stunning cliff walk from here over to Faliraki. It's only about 2 miles in total but even the first mile to the top of the ridge is amazing. This walk should be in Rhodes top 10... even young people might enjoy it, as they cope so well with sharp stones.

Commented by Colm O Mahony August 01, 2016

I have to admit that I visited Rhodes more than seven times, and have really found this Bay as one of the most exclusive and enjoyable places I have been to in my life. Visit the place YOU will not regret it.

Commented by sami madros September 07, 2009

July 2008. The most beautiful beach on whole island!

Commented by maja January 09, 2009

This bay is a must see! just got back from Rhodes and this bay was the best snorkeling ever, perfectly clear, very warm, not too deep and as calm as ever, this is the place to teach the kids, don't forget a pair of swim shoes as we found the rocks sharp and HOT! getting down to the waters edge. Getting there is easy from Rhodes town bus station under 2 Euros but when you get there you must walk down a very steep hill and the bus back is a hard slog back up the hill to the bus stop at the very posh Hotel (cant remember its name?) at the top of the hill. Dont miss it!

Commented by Phil July 23, 2007

I've just mentioned on the Agathi page, how much I enjoyed that beach. Seeing as we're visiting again I am definitely coming here. Watch this space!

Commented by Sonia Kaur March 05, 2007

Looks like a lake! Small, crystal, with a sea cave close by. Absolutely great. Dont come! We dont want everybody to know about this paradise...

Commented by Tasos May 14, 2006

Take the time to visit this lovely and quiet beach! Bring a picnic and spend the entire day!! The eatery is ok for a quick bite but nothing to rave about. Bathroom and shower facilities are available.

Commented by Maria September 05, 2005

If you want a quiet beach, absolutely beautiful crystal clear water... this is it!! We love love love it. Bring a picnic !!!

Commented by Maria September 04, 2005

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