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Faliraki Beach, Rhodes

If you are looking for a vibrant beach with endless options, look no further than Faliraki, the most popular and highly organized beach on Rhodes. Faliraki offers over 5 kilometers of coastline equipped with anything your heart desires: from beach fun and shallow waters to bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and water sports. And when you need a rest, you can choose from high quality hotels and apartments for rent. This is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a little bit of everything in Rhodes, but is looking for an alternative to Rhodes town.

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Faliraki in a Nutshell

  • Vibrant Beach Scene: Faliraki offers over 5 kilometers of pristine coastline, featuring beach fun, shallow waters, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and water sports.
  • Accommodation Options: Choose from high-quality hotels and apartments for rent, perfect for a comfortable stay.
  • Faliraki Water Park: Enjoy Europe's largest water park with exciting slides, a lazy river, wave pool, and more, with areas designed for children and safety ensured by certified lifeguards.
  • Local Attractions: Explore the archaeological site at Sarantapichos and the old monastery of the Prophet Amos.
  • Tourism Evolution: Once known for wild parties, Faliraki has transformed into a popular family holiday destination with significant investments in quality tourism.
  • Modern Faliraki: Since 2003, Faliraki has undergone major changes, attracting more quality visitors and families, with new businesses and quality accommodations.
  • Mandomata Nudist Beach: Discover the secluded Mandomata Beach, a designated nudist area on the far edge of the area with a unique history, offering sunbeds, umbrellas, and a local restaurant for refreshments.

Faliraki: What to expect

The seaside resort of Faliraki on the island of Rhodes is a destination that has undergone a remarkable transformation. Once infamous for its promiscuity and wild parties, Faliraki is now a favourite destination for families and couples in search of fun in the sun.

Located on the north coast of Rhodes, Faliraki is a paradise which offers endless options and possibilities for families, couples and anyone seeking to spend some quality vacation time. Offering a variety of activities to enjoy, from water sports to shopping and exquisite dining options, there's never a dull moment here. With a range of over 60 restaurants catering to different palates, you can take your taste buds on a world tour, savoring the best of Greek, Chinese, Italian, and international cuisine. So why wait? Come and experience the vibrant energy of Faliraki, where you'll create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Faliraki Beach © RhodesGuide /

The water park at Faliraki

At the impressive Faliraki Water Park, which is currently the biggest in Europe, you can enjoy water slides, a lazy river, black holes, rafting slides, the giant slide (about 140m long), kamikaze slides, a huge wave pool, an aqua-gym, poll-cafes and much, much more. A part of the water park is especially designed for children. Fully trained and certified lifeguards guarantee for your safety.

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Local attractions include the archaeological site at Sarantapichos (near the village of Kalithies), which was probably part of an ancient acropolis. You can also visit the old monastery of the Prophet Amos on a hill just outside Faliraki.

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

The success story of Faliraki: From decline... to tourism prosperity

Faliraki of orgies and promiscuity, of wild parties, of unbridled alcohol consumption, the holiday destination of young visitors brought here by the then famous British 18-30 club, is today one of the most popular destinations in Europe for family holidays.

The history of Faliraki as a tourist destination:

Faliraki's history as a tourist destination is a tale of evolution. The natural beauty of the area began to attract tourists in the 1970s and 80s, starting with Scandinavians, Austrians and Germans, but initially not the British. However, as the British began to pay double the price for accommodation in the area, a shift occurred in the early 1990s that transformed Faliraki into a party destination exclusively for young visitors interested in wild parties. Unfortunately, this led to a decline in the quality of tourists, a shortened tourist season, and the closure of many businesses that could not survive on the cheap food, drinks, and accessories that were the only available commodities. Today, Faliraki has turned over a new leaf, as it has undergone significant changes to appeal to families seeking quality vacation time.

Current situation in Faliraki:

Since 2003, when the local authorities' plan to redefine tourism in Faliraki was implemented, much has changed.

The image of Faliraki from before 2003 does not resemble anything like today's destination, which in a few years has managed to shake off the sins of the past.

In Faliraki, since that time, large investments have been made in quality accommodation facilities, new businesses and shops aimed to quality tourism, attracting more and more quality visitors and families, something that was unthinkable until some years ago.

An example is the once famous bar-street, which until some years ago it was full of bars and clubs and nowadays there are many different kinds of shops and restaurants. There are very few nightclubs with frantic music, since the visitors to Faliraki now have other needs and different requirements and preferences.

Mandomata Nudist Beach in Faliraki

At the far right end of Faliraki beach, you will also find the little secluded Madomata naturist beach.

Mantomata Beach is a particularly special, lovely beach. Located in-between Kathara Beach and Anthony Quinn Bay, it is practically secluded and has a distinctive history of its own.

When Faliraki saw a tourism boom, this lovely beach quickly rose to prominence among nudists due to its desirable location and natural shape. Around the 1960s and 1970s, when nudists first began to settle in Faliraki, the locals experienced a great deal of moral distress because it was unheard of for individuals to bathe naked on a public beach at a time when females' skirts were precisely ankle length.

The problem was resolved when the State stepped in and passed stringent beach access regulations, allowing nudists to enjoy the lovely beach officially and unhindered. Given Mandomata Beach in Faliraki is one of Rhodes' most picturesque locations and the only designated nudist area on the island, the region increased in popularity throughout the nudist movement.

Your privacy is guaranteed at Madomata nudist beach. Both boating and non-nudist access to the beach are prohibited in the bay. For €5 per person, sunbeds and umbrellas are available. A variety of foods and refreshments are available in the neighborhood traditional restaurant.

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Faliraki Beach © Rhodes Guide /

Faliraki Beach Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance from Rhodes city to Faliraki?

The distance from Rhodes city to Faliraki Beach is 14Km. It takes an average of 20 minutes to drive from the center of the city of Rhodes to Faliraki.

What is the distance from Rhodes airport to Faliraki?

The distance from Rhodes airport to Faliraki is 18Km. It takes an average of 25 minutes to drive from Rhodes airport to Faliraki.

Is there public transport to Faliraki?

Faliraki is connected to Rhodes town, Rhodes airport, and many other locations via public transport (bus and taxi). The road is well maintained. Parking is available.

What are the best things to do in Faliraki?

Faliraki is the most highly organized resort on Rhodes. As such, there are many things and activities one can do. For example

  • Water and beach sports activities. You will find an abundance of offerings, including jet ski, water ski, water parachute, banana boat rides, water playgrounds for younger children, beach volley courts etc. Some hotels also offer watersides for external visitors.
  • Dining and eating: If you are a foodie, in Faliraki you will find one of the largest available array of restaurants for any preference. From fast food to gourmet dining, from fish tavernas on the beach to international cuisine restaurants, cafeterias, fresh ice cream and waffle shops, no visitor of any age will be left without finding something she enjoys.
  • Nightlife: As with everything else, your choices here are limitless. Easy going bars, lively night clubs, cafeterias, live shows, the programme has it all.
  • The Water Park: Faliraki Water Park is one of the best water parks in Europe. A day spent here, especially with your younger ones, is totally worth it.
  • Explore the area: Even though it might be tempting to spend your entire holiday in a place that has it all, exploring the area is definitely worth it. For example: visit the magical Anthony Quinn bay, visit the hill and monastery of Profitis Ilias overlooking both Faliraki and Anthony Quinn, or visit the close by village of Kallithies, or visit the famous Kallithea Springs 

What is the nightlife like in Faliraki?

Faliraki offers excellent nightlife opportunities. There are bars, night clubs and restaurants along the shoreline and some in the once famous bar street.

It is worth mentioning that Faliraki was once famous for it's extremely intense nightlife lived by visitors of the British 18-30 Club, but this is no longer the case. While today's nightlife in Faliraki is still well lived, there are no extremes and we would argue that it is a very pleasant location to spend the evening.

Faliraki Beach © RhodesGuide /

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Faliraki Beach reviews & comments

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Last September, our family spent two unforgettable weeks in Faliraki. The highlight was undoubtedly the Faliraki Water Park, which was a hit with our child! While the beaches in Faliraki are perfect for family time, they tend to get quite crowded, so if you are looking for something relaxing this may not be the perfect option for you. However the fine sand and crystal-clear waters make up for it, and we found that there are plenty of activities for kids as well. Our evenings were spent exploring the restaurants with plenty of dining options. The warm hospitality of the locals made us feel right at home. We’re already planning our next visit, but thinking of trying our something more to the south this time (probably Kiotari or Gennadi).

Commented by Denise C. April 20, 2024

I recently visited Faliraki Beach and wanted to share my thoughts on the experience. Overall, it's a lovely sandy beach that offers a great setting for a day in the sun. However, I must say that Tsambika Beach surpassed my expectations and remains my preferred choice. One aspect that stood out at Faliraki Beach is the availability of drinks. If you decide to stay at a restaurant with a private beach or opt for a spot near a beach bar, you can easily quench your thirst and enjoy refreshments throughout the day. While Faliraki Beach is certainly enjoyable, I found Tsambika Beach to be even more impressive. Its picturesque beauty and pristine waters captured my heart. So, if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend checking out Tsambika Beach as well during your visit to the area.

Commented by Daniel H. June 02, 2023

Faliraki beach offers a pleasant and typical sandy beach experience. The journey from Rhodes to Faliraki by bus takes around half an hour, making it easily accessible for travelers not staying in the area. What's more, the bus stop is conveniently located right by the beach itself, ensuring a hassle-free arrival. We found that Faliraki Beach attracts a diverse crowd, including couples and families with children. It provides a relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere that I found quite enjoyable. If I would compare it to Elli Beach, I personally prefer Faliraki Beach. It offers a more serene and laid-back environment, perfect for unwinding and soaking up the sun - Elli beach has become way more mainstream and overcrowded.

While you can engage in various sports activities at Faliraki Beach, do keep in mind that the sand can get scorching hot. It's advisable to wear appropriate footwear to protect your feet from the heat. Apart from that, the beach offers ample opportunities for fun and recreation. Overall, if you're seeking a nice sandy beach with easy access and a pleasant ambiance, Faliraki Beach is a fantastic choice.

Commented by Niki May 24, 2023

Faliraki is a long, lively and well developed beach. In reality, it is made up of several smaller hotels-managed sections where sun loungers and umbrellas are positioned. However, there are certain locations where you can spend an hour or two lying on a towel. Fine sand is dominant. Here, in contrast to the shore on the other side of the island, there are hardly any waves. There are a variety of fun water sports, including skiing, bananas, scooters, and cycling.

Commented by Sarah October 1, 2022

We were there for two days in July 2021 and discovered a really clean, sandy beach that also had some rocks and stones in front of certain hotels. Overall, there are many different water activities and several beach bars and restaurants. You can bring your own towel or blanket and set it down, however sunbeds and umbrellas are only available for rental between 10 and 5.30 p.m.

Commented by Martin September 23, 2021

We were in Faliraki on a Family Vacation for 2 weeks beginning of September 2019. The weather was still very nice and warm, as was the ocean. There is a water park nearby, which was also very interesting and we had lot's of fun there with the kids. There is a small shopping complex on the main road, as there are also allot of restaurants and bars. It is also not far from Rhodes Town, just about 15 minutes by bus.

Commented by Garry Morgan February 27, 2020

Just amazing for family holidays! We were there last year (2018) and we think Faliraki is the best resort on Rhodes for our children. The sea is not deep, and the facilities are just excellent. Highly recommended!

Commented by Marcus Schmidt May 16, 2019

I think it is a nice beach offering many kinds of activities if you are looking for something like this. Parasailing, banana boat rides. Quite a large selection of places to eat of just have a drink and chill, including some nice beach bars. The closer you get to the centre the more places you will find available. The waters are warm. Great place for a visit, recommended.

Commented by Jack P. May 13, 2019

It's like a cross between a ghost town and the wild west. A total nightmare if you are looking for the real culture of Greece. nast bars , grim.

Commented by moo May 11, 2012

Going to faliraki end of August and looking forward to stay there for an week!
I wonder if it is nice to bike there and if the traffic is nice to the bikers? Sombody knows something about that?

Commented by jallis June 02, 2011

We are off to Faliraki AGAIN end of August, it will be our 11th time. First went in 2000, it was full on in those days never saw any trouble we were in & bar street everynite / morning. People so friendly, beaches beautiful some lovely restaurants to be found, just ask locals to direct you to Manolis or Kabos. Get the boat to Rhodes town, well worth a visit! Go along to bar Bliss ln club street. Nicos & Yiota will make you very welcome best cocktails on the island. We are not young but Faliraki has something for everyone even a funfair!! forgot to mention the Orion restaurant great food lovely family run place great value for money. So give Faliraki a try. You wont be disappointed, and you will certainly will be made very welcome by the wonderful Greeks.

Commented by Jane May 28, 2011

THE BEST ever holidays I had with the family!!
I recommend it for relaxing family holidays!!
BEST beaches on the island! Combines everything you want!!!

Commented by Lisa July 06, 2009

went 4 a week in august, it waz amazing, ldz of drinks, ldz of girls, plenty of sun best holiday eva

Commented by connor October 2, 2008

was an amazin holiday best eva!
everyone was dead friendly none trouble in fact im thinking of goin to work there this summer it was so good.
clubs n bars great but can easily relax aswell x

Commented by Siobhan June 18, 2008

I went to Faliraki May 2007 for 2 weeks and loved every minute of it. Best holiday i have ever been on. Was a bit worried at first when i heard all bad things about the place but there was no trouble while we were there and we were in the bars and clubs most nights. Spent most of the holiday on the beach and at the water park which is well worth a visit. Loved the place so much im thinking of going there for a week in September :o)

Commented by Kay June 15, 2008

Hi im looking for people I met in faliraki july 05. was the best experience of my life and ended up workin out there was gunna work the season but I went home and found out I was pregnant! I wish I could afford 2 live there it is the most amaz in the world! something 4 everyone and u can never get bored there! Love it!

Commented by tammy March 14, 2008

I'm coming to Faliraki in June.
And im so excited.
Many of my friends were there before and said it was great for their first holiday.
Me and my friends are excited and espically as it's out first girl holiday.
The write up's have made us even more excited I just hope it all goes well.
But are let you know after :)

Commented by Kristi February 28, 2008

Hiya! Im going to Falaraki on September 5th for a week with a couple of my mates! I cant wait but im worried it might be a bit out of season, will it still be busy? warm? and will the clubs be open? or will I be playing Bingo. Could someone let me know please! Thanks!

Commented by Nat August 24, 2007

been there many times and i will go there as many more times as I can go

Commented by thomas kakiou August 12, 2007

Got back from Faliraki 2 days ago n im missin it. The night life is intence n i luved every second of it in deff goin back next year all the gory storys are untrue I didnt see 1 scrap of trouble while on a night out and I was out clubbing 80 percent of the holiday.

Commented by scott July 16, 2007

I was in Faliraki for practice last summer. it was the best holidays in my life, night life in Faliraki is fascinating, the best for us was Q club, in main season there were also beach parties, the biggest of summer is always in Lindos but in Faliraki it is not less fun. People there are very friendly, in Bondi bar in the bar street work nice boys :)). I have many friends from hotel the hotel where I worked and students from Slovakia also. I will never forget this holiday and this summer I will go again of course

Commented by ivana January 31, 2007

This is our first Europe holiday as normally go furtrher afield. We will definitely be coming back next year. What a fantastic experience. Please do not listen to the stories, come and try for yourself. The beaches are beautiful and clean. Losts of places to eat even McDonalds if you like that. If you want greek restuarants you have to ask the locals who are very helpful and will lead you in the right directions. It is very safe to venture out by yourself. My holiday was worth every penny.

Commented by Yvonne & Clive August 27, 2006

Me and three of my friends went to faliraki in july 06, it was the best hols ever, we are going back next year. The beach and water sports are great and it doesnt cost that much for the activities. The night life is great, the best club to go to is Q club the staff are great and are really friendly. We where are sad about having to come home. Well recommended ignore any horror storys you hear they are rubbish.

Commented by tracy rae/gallacher August 16, 2006

Went to Faliraki in 2005, had the best time. I am going back for 4 months this year!! It was so good last year we stayed an extra week and I still didn't wanna come home. The night life is AMAZING... Went on the best glass bottom boat and swam with fish!! Something for everyone...

Commented by Brian Hobbs May 02, 2006

I went to faliraki last september and it was fantastic best holiday eva!!! I was worried at first but as soon as i got there that worry went so many gorgeus friendly fellas! everyone helps I love it just booked 2 go again this year!!! cant wait!!

Commented by Danielle March 06, 2006

Ee went to faliraki in summer 2003 for staceys it was the best holiday of our lives ! its absoloutley brill there !!!

Commented by stacey nd soph !x! October 4, 2005

Faliraki is the best. there is so much to do. I have been there 2 months now and still not done every thing. the water park is great. we love it. 2005

Commented by sarah and kelly July 14, 2005

Been going to Rhodes for 8 years and as always Faliraki is good fun..

Commented by nina dessypris April 26, 2005

Me and my mate were in faliraki in July 04 and had the best time ever. The clubs were the best and met so many really nice people. would diffently go back.

Commented by Zara February 01, 2005

Me and my girlfriend had a fantastic stay in Rodos and Faliraki in summer 2003. It was great and we would love to come again. The water park was fantastic! You should visit it.

Giannis & Katerina

Commented by GIANNIS & KATERINA ATHINA GREECE July 17, 2004

We are about to go to Faliraki for the third time in June, my bf and I love it, do not take any notice of the bad publicity its been getting its untrue. We love Rhodes xxxxxx

Commented by Liz Kelly May 26, 2004

This place has a crazy nightlife! It is probably the best spot on the island if you intend to get wild in the nights. We loved every minute in Faliraki. Only problem was the crowds, but thats also what makes the place so intense.

Commented by Martha February 05, 2004

I was in Faliraki last year. I had a fantastic time, went on my own and had no problems, people there were very friendly! Visit the water park, it is great!

Commented by Christina February 04, 2004

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