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Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach), Rhodes

Elli beach in Rhodes Town, being one of the most popular Greek beaches among photographers, still retains something of its cosmopolitan aspect from the 70's, and is one of the most visited beaches on the island.

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If one would want to find words to describe Elli beach in Rhodes city, those words would probably be lively, cosmopolitan, and fun.

Hundreds of visitors and locals visit Elli beach in Rhodes Town daily. It defies one's powers of imagination to conceive what this beach must have seen in all the years since the English writer Lawrence Durrell described it as the finest beach in the Mediterranean.

The multi-coloured umbrellas, the blonde Scandinavian beauties lounging on their sun beds, the towering hotels, the Casino Rodos and the Rhodes Aquarium in the background, all of them once a favourite subject for photographers, are now the theme of cult postcards. Hundreds of foreign visitors descend on the beach in Rhodes Town every day, as well as local people enjoying their midday break.

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © RhodesGuide /

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © Rhodes Guide /

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © Rhodes Guide /

What are the reasons to visit Elli Beach?

The ocean waters here are crystal clear. Elli beach offers a large variety of high quality beach bars, while it is located in very close vicinity to the Medieval Town of Rhodes. If all that is not enough, there are plenty of excellent hotels lined in front of the shore, at a distance that make them not to invasive and at the same time offering great views over the beach.

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © Rhodes Guide /

Hungry after a long day of swimming, sunbathing and taking part in water sports activities? You will find excellent Greek restaurants, sea food restaurants and international cuisine restaurants, as well as plenty cafeterias to enjoy a nice cake in the area as well.

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) ©

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © Rhodes Guide /

Maybe you would like to jump from the famous trampoline? This is probably one of the first things that will catch your attention as you arrive at Elli Beach. This is a massive concrete diving board placed in the middle of the ocean, but easily reachable by swimming. It was built during the Italian occupation and is still a favorite spot among locals and visitors to have some fun on this beach.

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © Rhodes Guide /

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © Rhodes Guide /

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) ©

Overall, Elli Beach in Rhodes Town is something for visitors who like it lively and prefer socializing, and do not mind sharing the beach flocks of tourists and locals. Go to the right end of the beach where all the hip beach bars with lively music and good food are located. If you prefer it a bit less hip, prefer the left side of the beach, towards the Aquarium of Rhodes, which is also worth your visit while in the area.

Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) © Rhodes Guide /

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Rhodes Town Beach (Elli Beach) reviews & comments

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This was a really good tip from our travel agency: town and beach, both were right in front of the hotel for us. Elli beach is clean, you can rent the sunbeds, but you didn't have to. Coarse-grained sand is good for the feet and then off into the lovely, warm water. There are perhaps more beautiful bays on Rhodes, but we didn't miss them.

Commented by Irene August 15, 2022

We spent 6 days at Elli Beach in Rhodes. As we stayed very centrally, we had many options for food, bars, cafés, shops, pharmacies etc. on practically every corner. The beach itself was just 3-4 minutes walk away from our hotel, very nice, clean and big. It is still rather crowded in the late afternoon but you can rent the sunbeds and still have enough distance from the neighbours. Greeks are generally friendly people, but especially very good hosts who do their best to make their guests feel comfortable. I'm already looking forward to my next holiday in Greece. You simply have to experience Greece.

Commented by Lena H. August 03, 2022

I do like that it's not a sandy beach as it won't stick to my feet (and later on - sheets and shoes). The small stones are beautiful and smooth and the beach is clean with clear and transparent water. This is unarguably one of my all time favorite beaches on Rhodes and have spent some time here on every visit. The restaurants and clubs in the area are some of the finest in Rhodes town, so do visit in the evening hours and give them a try!

Commented by Artemis July 07, 2022

Elli is a lovely sandy beach that's great for lounging and swimming. There were a lot of sunbeds, and even though I assume you should pay, we arrived pretty late in the day, and nobody really asked us to pay! The small fish you may see indicate how clean and wonderful the waters are to swim in. But be careful since the water suddenly becomes deep. The diving platform was the best part - kind of scary at first but incredibly enjoyable at the end!

Commented by Cathrin June 10, 2021

On Ellis bay you don't pay for a sunbed, you only have to buy something to drink/eat to use them. We were only on the right of Ellis beach, but were very satisfied to be there. We felt safe there. There was one man looking out for everything there all the time. Drinks and food can be served by the sunbeds (little tables there) or in the shadow at the restaurant. On Windy Beach (on the west coast of Rhodos town) we were robbed for our backpack while it stood between our sunbeds and we where lying there. On Ellis beach that could not have happened. Very nice!

Commented by Pulverheksa May 17, 2012

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