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Tsambika Beach (Tsampika), Rhodes

Tsambika beach, an idyllic stretch of golden sand and turquoise waters, is located 25 km south of Rhodes town. Nestled beneath the imposing rock on which the miraculous Monastery of Tsambika stands, this beach is a true gem of the east coast of Rhodes.

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As you lounge on the bright white sand of Tsambika Beach, you'll be enchanted by the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. The 240m high rock, on which a white chapel is enthroned, rises above the beach, offering a sense of awe-inspiring beauty. To reach the chapel, you'll need to traverse a steep road and then an equally steep stairway, but the view from the top is well worth the effort.

Tsambika Beach (Tsampika) © Rhodes Guide /

Tsambika Beach (Tsampika) © Rhodes Guide /

The chapel, known as "Kyra Panagia Tsambika," has long been a pilgrimage destination for women experiencing difficulties conceiving. This adds an almost mystical element to the already enchanting atmosphere of the beach.

Tsambika Beach offers dozens of colorful beach facilities and a range of water sports for the more daring visitors. But, if you're after a more laid-back experience, you'll appreciate the friendly vibe and ample amenities offered in the wider region.

Tsambika Beach (Tsampika) © Rhodes Guide /

Tsambika Beach (Tsampika) © Rhodes Guide /

Nudist beach at Tsambika

At Tsambika Beach, visitors seeking a more intimate and private experience can find refuge in the separate nudist area located on the beach. This secluded spot is ideal for those looking to fully immerse themselves in the natural surroundings and bask in the warmth of the sun, without the distraction of clothing. Here, the ultimate sense of relaxation and freedom can be experienced, as seamless tanning is the order of the day.

While the Greeks themselves may not be the biggest fans of naturism, they do tolerate it in various places on Rhodes, including this peaceful spot on Tsambika Beach. So, whether you're a seasoned naturist or a first-time explorer, you can rest assured that you'll be able to indulge in this liberating experience without judgment.

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Tsambika Beach (Tsampika) reviews & comments

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We have been for 4 days this week. There were couples,single women & men each day. There was a friendly atmosphere. As we live on Rhodes we will visit every week.

Commented by Trevor Mcilveen July 18, 2015

We have just come back, The beach was lovely very hot and the water was lovely and clear. One issue which may of offended beach lovers, was a man walking around taking pictures discretely of couples. but did not bother us. Clearly not a naturist.

Commented by Marc July 02, 2015

Rhodes is a wonderful island! I prefer Tsambika beach! Down to the right hand its a peace place, nature! Lots of nudist are there.
Every summer am there :)

Commented by sun_beach80 November 17, 2013

I am looking for a location in Rhodes, away from the hoards, to get married. The spot at the monastery overlooking Tsambika beach through the pine trees looks idyllic. but can anyone please tell me if it is it reachable by road as we will have a few elderely guests?

Commented by Kitty April 17, 2012

The nude section of the beach is still there (Oct 2011). Beach bars etc getting closer, so may not be there for much longer unfortunately...

Commented by simon December 29, 2011

Yes, the nudist beach is still there, and its still lovely, we go every year in September, we went in July a couple of years ago, and it was hot, and I mean hot, get yourself a umberlla.
Its one of the best beaches I,ve seen. Very quiet and friendly

Commented by aileen November 30, 2009

yes its still there, we were there again last year, july07
about 30 people a day, beach is still lovely!

Commented by aileen harte March 07, 2008

Once, there was a nudist beach down there, it was so beautiful... Does any of you know if it still exists? I wanna visit that place again, but don't believe I'll have the chance to make it...

Commented by kimi September 25, 2007

Tsambika beach is stunning - its well worth getting there early morning and walking upto the monastery (it can get very hot) and looking at the views down to the beach. The beach itself is lovely - suitable for small children as it has very shallow waters.

Commented by Kelly May 13, 2007

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