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Afandou Beach (Afantou), Rhodes

Afandou (Afantou) Beach, one of Rhodes' most extensive shorelines, can be found 19 km south of Rhodes Town, nestled within the natural bay near the charming village of Afandou. This versatile beach offers both well-organized commercial sections and untouched, unspoiled areas for visitors to enjoy.
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Afandou Beach in Rhodes, with its blend of sand and pebbles, offers an array of amenities for visitors to enjoy. From thrill-seekers zipping across the water on jet skis to locals and tourists savoring fresh seafood at nearby tavernas, and sunbathers basking along the expansive shoreline, there's ample space for everyone without feeling cramped.

The waters at Afandou (Afantou) Beach deepen rather quickly, providing an exhilarating experience for swimmers. A mix of organized commercial areas and untouched sections cater to various preferences. Beach and water sport centers, quaint restaurants, fish taverns with rental rooms, and convenient canteens are sprinkled along the beachfront. Nearby, the Rhodes golf course awaits along the coastal road.

Not only are the waters at Afandou (Afantou) Beach of exceptional quality, but they also remain refreshingly cool, even during the peak of summer, offering an invigorating escape for all who visit.

How to reach Afandou Beach

Reaching Afandou (Afantou) Beach is easy when you follow the Rhodes-Lindos national road (E95). From Rhodes Town, continue past Faliraki, and approximately 2.5 km down the road, you'll spot a sign guiding you towards Traganou and Afandou Beach. Traganou (also known as Traounou), the initial stretch of Afandou (Afantou) Beach, is a popular spot during the summer months. As you journey along the water's edge, you'll discover more secluded areas of the beach where you can enjoy the serenity of fewer or no fellow visitors.

Afandou Beach (Afantou) © Rhodes Guide /

Afandou Beach (Afantou) ©

Afandou Beach (Afantou) © Rhodes Guide /

Afandou Beach (Afantou) © Rhodes Guide /

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Afandou Beach (Afantou) reviews & comments

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When we arrived at Afandou beach, we found a very nice, broad, wide beach with sand and small stones and pebbles. The sea was stunningly blue, that gets deep quite fast in few meters from the shore. There was a cozy small bar where we went (remember the beach is huge!) which serves cold drinks and food at reasonable prices. This is a very good place for a relaxing days. The umbrellas and sunbeds were we sat were of good quality, made of aluminum and textile, the snack bar we found is conveniently located and served good food. What we found interesting is that many areas of the beach are still not commercialized, which gives al lot of room to visitors who want to just find a remote spot away from other people.

Commented by Olivia August 10, 2022

Small rocks and pebbles, very few people, and you can find also showers and cafeterias and bars there. We prefer our beach completely fine sandy though, this is not to be found here unfortunately. Clean waters though.

Commented by Sebastian Wilde July 02, 2022

Afandou is a lovely unspoiled beach with good restaurants along the shore and some nice canteens and a couple of bars. We would be happy to visit again next year. Maybe see you there!

Commented by Giuseppe February 20, 2020

This has to be one of the best beaches on rhodes, beautiful shallow water, golden sands, great food, comfy sunbeds, and you can take a 10 minute walk to haraki a lovely little harbour with numerous places to stay for you holiday and places to eat, the ruins of the castle overlook both agathi and haraki...

Commented by terri October 17, 2008

Stay just outside afandou in the sevilla aparts,great place nice and quiet.. they have a little train laid on to take you into afandou, they call it the whalley trolley. it takes about 15 mins but its nice little ride. recommend the 4seasons restaurant, the food is brill.

Commented by john&lyn April 09, 2008

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