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Pefkos Beach (Pefki), Rhodes

Pefkos, or Pefki, is a quaint beach resort located in a tranquil coastal region of Rhodes. Known for its laid-back atmosphere, the area is dotted mainly with small hotels and inviting rooms for rent, catering to visitors looking for a peaceful retreat. The resort's sandy bays, complemented by the shade of towering pine trees, offer a serene setting that embodies the quintessential Mediterranean ambiance. Ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation, Pefkos presents a charming escape for those wishing to experience natural beauty and tranquility.

Amenities & things to do at Pefkos Beach (Pefki) beach:
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Beach loungers
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Pefkos (or Pefki) in a nutshell:

  • Combines tranquility with natural beauty, making it an ideal holiday resort on the island of Rhodes.
  • Suitable for families, couples, and those seeking a serene retreat.
  • Conveniently located between the northern and southern parts of Rhodes, near the lively town of Lindos.
  • Offers a variety of accommodation options, including well-organized hotels and rooms for rent, catering to different tastes and budgets.
  • Features clean, welcoming beaches with golden sands and crystal-clear Aegean Sea waters, perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water activities.
  • High cleanliness and safety standards on the beaches, making them suitable for both children and adults.
  • Provides a range of dining options, from traditional Greek tavernas to international cuisine, and has various bars and nightspots.
  • Pefkos is a blend of serenity and activity, allowing visitors to relax on the beach, explore Rhodes, and enjoy vibrant local culture.

All about Pefkos, Rhodes:

If you're looking for a destination that expertly combines tranquility with natural beauty, Pefkos is the dream resort that should top your list. Nestled on the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece, Pefkos is a charming holiday resort, tailored to meet the desires of every visitor. Whether you're on a family holiday, enjoying a romantic getaway as a couple, or seeking a serene retreat in your golden years, Pefkos provides a harmonious balance of relaxation and adventure.

Pefkos is strategically and conveniently located right between the northern and southern parts of the island, making it an ideal base for exploring the rest of Rhodes. Just a few kilometers away, you'll find the lively town of Lindos, a gem that will charm you with its buzzing atmosphere and rich history.

One of Pefkos' most notable features is its array of well-organized hotels and rentable rooms. Accommodation options here cater to a variety of tastes and budgets, ensuring everyone can find a comfortable place to stay. Many Rhodians also have holiday houses in Pefkos.

The resort's beaches are a testament to its commitment to cleanliness and welcome culture. Here, golden sands meet the crystal-clear Aegean Sea, offering perfect conditions for sunbathing, swimming, and a host of other water activities. The cleanliness and safety standards of these beaches are impeccable, making them ideal for both children and adults.

In addition to its stunning natural landscape, Pefkos offers an array of dining options. From traditional Greek tavernas to modern international cuisine, there's something to satisfy every palate. The resort is also home to a variety of bars and nightspots, providing plenty of entertainment for those looking to enjoy Greece's vibrant nightlife. And with comsmopolitan Lindos just a few minutes drive away, the options are limitless.

Pefkos' charm lies in its perfect blend of serenity and vitality. It's a place where you can relax on a pristine beach in the morning, explore the wonders of Rhodes in the afternoon, and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture in the evening. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a returning holidaymaker, Pefkos never fails to enchant its guests with its Mediterranean magic.

To sum it up, Pefkos is a haven of Greek hospitality, natural beauty, and cultural wealth. It's more than just a holiday resort; it's a gateway to a unique and memorable Greek experience. So, if you've been dreaming of an idyllic vacation, Pefkos is the dream destination that can turn it into reality. Plan your visit to Pefkos and let this charming resort on Rhodes Island captivate your heart.

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Pefkos Beach (Pefki) reviews & comments

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I recently had the pleasure of visiting Pefkos Beach in Rhodes, and I must say it left a lasting impression. This stunning sandy beach offers warm, crystal-clear waters that invite you to take a refreshing dip. The natural beauty of the surroundings truly adds to the charm of the place. When it comes to sunbathing and relaxation there is an abundance of sun beds available for hire for all preferences and budgets. Some sun beds come equipped with cool boxes and lockable safes to ensure the safety of your valuables, although they tend to be slightly pricier.

One of the highlights of Pefkos Beach is its convenient proximity to a variety of dining options. You'll find numerous eateries nearby, allowing you to indulge in delicious meals just steps away from the shoreline. Additionally, there are friendly beach vendors who stroll along the beach, offering refreshing fruits for sale - a nice treat on a sunny warm day.

Note that Pefkos Beach can get quite breezy, particularly as the day progresses. However, this breeze can provide a welcome respite from the heat, creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for sunbathers and beachgoers.

Commented by Annika May 30, 2023

The sandy beach at Pefkos is gorgeous with soft sand and inviting, crystal warm clear water. I really loved it because it’s possible to stay in the water and swim for long times and still be in shallow waters. There is an abundance of sun beds available for hire. Some sunbeds are equipped with a lockable safe box for your valuables, but they are priced higher. There are plenty of eating options close by. You can hire a boat if you like. There are also some watersport options available like Jet Skis. The breeze can be a little strong at times, but it's rather a welcome relief during the hottest part of the day.

Commented by Eleana September 16, 2022

Pefkos is a beautiful place to visit, the sun, sea and the relaxed feeling, I have been to Pefkos twice and loved it both times. I really cannot wait to go back.
It's a lovely walk down to the beach, I love the beach, the views and the shopping area. there is plenty of bars and Restaurants. the people are very friendly.
Traveling from Pefkos to other parts of the island is easy because the bus stops are not far from the hotels. You can easily visit Rhodes town, Lindos, and Lardos and other places in between.

I love it!

Commented by helva annakie January 06, 2017

This will be our 5th time on the bounce in pefkos, we go every September, this time for 3 weeks, going on sept 4th, can't wait. Love the people, food, weather. Got great friends over there now.

Commented by Matt & Anna September 02, 2013

4th visit in two years tomorrow. Won't go anywhere for the foreseeable future. Love the breakfast at Michaels bar near Lee Beech Bar (for best sunset views). Superb people and atmosphere. Great nights out and don't miss out on the Kalari Bar.

Commented by Andy and Deb September 14, 2012

What a wonderful place to go it just keeps calling us back so of we go in 3 weeks time I recommend the place to anyone as all the people are friendly the damm damm is our favorite place to eat our evening meal. We get lots of lovely welcomes when we go into any place the Pefkos by night bar is the best place to go at night as they have air conditioning to keep you cool at night and the staff are friendly and funny cant wait to see them all again!

Commented by lorraine and mark June 28, 2012

Going back to pefkos for the 5 time love the place and the peoplr they never forget you love pefkos by night lively place at night the staff are welcoming and freindly cant wait to go back favourite restaurant is dam dam looking forward to the holiday.

Commented by lorraine June 25, 2012

Absolutely adore pefkos it just keeps calling us back year after year. Third visit coming up in july staying in Amfritriti aps, just can't wait now!such a lovely place with lovely people. See you in july :)

Commented by lucy B May 19, 2012

What a great place pekos is great people and food and drink, can't find anything wrong with it, the weather is hot and sunny, the hotel was brill, this place to us is paradise. We have been going now for last 3 years in July, but this year we won't be going till 29th ugust for a glorious 14 days. Hope the weather is just as good then, but the place is just great.

Commented by gary&lyn February 12, 2012

Went to Pefkos first time in Oct 2008 and loved it.Went back in Oct 2011.Stayed in the Matina apts, basic but clean. It was alomost like we had never been away, everyone remembered us and we got a great welcome.Weather was great, as it had been the last time we were there. Everyone was so friendly, all the resturants we visited had a wide choice of great food but our favourite was DAMA DAMA on the beach road,Sam was a great host. In the morning we went to the FUSE BAR also on the beach road for breakfast and at night for drinks Keriakos AKA Jack was a fantastic host as was his brother Costas. We can recommend Pefkos as a holiday to remember. we will be going back this year.

Commented by J Graham January 21, 2012

First went to Pefkos in 2006. We stayed at the Finas. This year (July 2011) stayed at the Zakis, right ata the top of the hill. Good exercise only put on 2 lbs in a fortnight. Had a great time, lovely family at the Zakis and the restaurants in Pefkos were great. Rock Garden is a great place to be, we joined Yani and the boss each night, for shots and complimentary Jaeger bombs and great music, untill the early hours. We certainly wont wait another 5 years before we return.

Commented by jeff and irene October 17, 2011

The Boys will love Lindos, its got so much going for it... Pefki is a beautiful sleepy little place with Locals that make your holiday so much more pleasant... Lindos has the Market, The Bars, The Dancing, The Water Sports, The Boat Trips, The Fun is in Lindos, The Explorer Has Lots to do in Perfki... And a CHEAP BUS RIDE to Rhodes town is a must, costs around £2.80 return, and the Harbour is a lovely sight, The Cats are in there 100's But are all cared for and well kept... all being Nursed now too! I am looking to return in June with my lot, It was The Best Holiday.. Totally Beautiful, Totally relaxed, And Totally Fun In Lindos... Your Guys Are In For A Treat :o) ENJOY... Kirsty xx

Commented by one May 01, 2011

We first went to Pefkos in 1998 and have returned almost ever year since. In all that time its hardly ever changed the odd bar may have opened but they are all very welcoming. Great places to eat, Lovely beach. I have recommended Pefkos to friends and family and all return after visiting. Its a true Gem of a holiday so much so i`m due to fly out for two glorious weeks on the 21st May 2011. By the way its 10 degrees hotter than Rhodes Town.

Commented by Y freeman April 13, 2011

I would like some feedback from people who have stayed in Pefkos with teenagers. Our boys will be 18 & 16 when we travel to Greece in Jun/Jul. They enjoy exploring eating out, some walking, culture & beaches. Any suggestions? Is there anything for them to do at night after dinner if they are not too tired from a busy day? Thanks.

Commented by Jackie Warnock January 27, 2011

Just returned from Pefkos, our second visit there. We normally holiday in June/July so October was late for us, and we were unsure how the weather would be and whether the resort would be still up and running as they all wind down for the winter months. We stayed at the Pefkos Beach Hotel (2nd time) and had a fab time again. The Hotel was as we remebered ..very welcoming, nothing too much trouble and the staff great. It is nice to find a Hotel which is still run by a family offering a very simple laid back holiday for all. The staff turnover at the Hotel is virtually nil and it was nice to see familiar faces all around. The resort was in winding down mode but that did not mean everywhere was closed, in fact most restaurants, bars and shops in resort were all open if a little quiet, however that suited us fine. The weather was mixed although we had our fair share of sunny days and the one heavy storm was a welcome relief and over very quickly. Don't go in October if you want wall to wall sunshine and it did get chilly some nights but during the day it was very pleasant indeed. We will be going back to Pefkos and the Pefkos Beach Hotel I am sure. Knowing that we will have a great time.

Commented by paula alger October 18, 2010

Stayed in Lardos last year, and after a visit to Pefkos decided it was the place to stay this year. Had a fantastic 10 days staying at the Island Blue which was one of the nicest holiday resort hotels I've ever stayed in. Three pools, great bar and pool bar and really nice restaurant. Brilliant friendly staff for who nothing was too much trouble. Spoiled for choice at night but we particularly liked The Rock Garden bar. As for eating, take your pick. We had a couple of fabulous meals in Enigma, and also enjoyed Annexis, Zorbas and Spitaki.If there wern't so many posts saying how good it is I would keep quiet about it , but the words out, so if you're undecided where to go, try Pefkos. I doubt you'll be disappointed. Finally although a little expensive An evening meal on a roof top restaurant in Lindos is a must. Can see us retuning many more times.

Commented by Paul September 30, 2010

Went last year for 1st time and returning again in 3 days!! just cant wait as its all you could possibly want from a holiday, great apartments (pefki islands) great restaurants, lovely people and sun every day! We have never booked the same resort twice but think we've found somewhere we definately want to return to again and again, and as for Lindos, the most charming beautiful place ever, you will not be disappointed

Commented by Sue September 12, 2010

I am going back to Pefkos this October, it will be my third time, went this year in July and it was scorching :) totally love the place, it's people and the atmosphere :)

Just can't wait to be back there!!

Commented by Sharon September 04, 2010

"Quiz night at the Oasis", isnt that a song? I know the bar at the Matina Apts does a good quiz night, I think its called 'People'.

We go to Pefkos next Wed, 25th August staying at the Stella and cant wait.

Commented by Paul August 20, 2010

Off to Pefkos on 28th Aug. This will be the first holiday destination that we have been to twice.
Looking forward to a gyro in Alexandras and listening to the music there. Is the quiz night still on at the Oasis? Sunshine here we come!

Commented by Irina August 10, 2010

Off to Pefkos next sat 7th aug for first time thanks to all the positive comments I am really exited. We are staying at the evi appartrments with 2 teenagers will tell you how we enjoyed it when we get back.

Commented by jane leach July 30, 2010

For all the people i've been reading about this being their first ime in Pefkos you will love it, this will be our 5th year in a trot in Pefkos, staying in various places. you must try Terpsis restaurant, fantastic food. for an afternoon snack Flyers Beach Bar is the best place to go, Nikos is probably the friendliest person in the town and has his own plane which he can take you around the bays for a small charge. We can't wait for August so as we can relax in this great, friendly place again, if you are staying at the Stella Apartments see you by the pool.

Commented by Kenny July 13, 2010

My husband and I have just booked a 2week holiday to Pefkos going August 2010 and after looking at the pictures and reading the comments I am wondering how I managed to miss this one?? It sounds so nice I am really excited we have not had a summer holiday abroad in 4years. I will post our findings upon our return.

Commented by Anna Dixon June 17, 2010

Hi, going to pefkos in july, all comments sound fab and im so excited just wondering in anyone knows anything bwt getting round rhodes without a car i.e. buses. would appreciate any advice. thanks.

Commented by louise June 15, 2010

Pefkos is a great place love it over there going 2 moro for a week in the marianthi apartments the weather over there is perfect sometimes too hot on a night time but nothing that bothers we cant wait!

Commented by Chris P June 08, 2010

Our son is 6 and his holidays so far read - Isles of Scilly, Lake District, France (x2) and Scotland. this year (17th July) Rhodes and Pefkos to be precise....cannot wait and it will be his first time on a plane sun sun sun here we come!!!!!!!!

Commented by marks June 01, 2010

I was supposed to go to Portugal on holiday but my flight was cancelled at the last minute due to the ash cloud....I was gutted. My mate and I went to the nearest Travel Agents and told them, leaving tomorrow, from Edinburgh or Glasgow, must cheapness what can you get us? The agent said we can get you Pefkos, Greece, I was like ...where??? All I can say is what a fabulous place. Stayed at the Pekos Beach Hotel. Great people, great food and great weather. I will defo be back.

Commented by Donna May 24, 2010

1 week to go and back to pefkos on hols. Can't wait. Been going now for 3 years and we dont even think about booking for newhere else. We love it there.

Commented by phil May 01, 2010

We went to Pefkos last year after falling in love with Rhodes on a days cruise stop over the previous year. To 'Honest Ben' - Hire a car and take the road to Falaraki- about half an hour along the road there is a sign to the right saying 'three lovely beaches'. This leads you to three separate coves, each unique and interesting - with a great taverna on each. One in particular has several rock pools you have to walk across (deep enough to sit in to cool down) to the edge of the pools where ther are steps into cold , deep. Wonderful, quiet,and idyllic.

Commented by Roche April 23, 2010

I'm so excited, I have just booked one week in July in Pefkos...after reading on the positive comments....
I have been to Rhodes before and loved it....first time back in 14 years!!!

Commented by Susan April 12, 2010

Me and my lovely partner John are going here for a 2 week holiday in July - I am so so excited about going after reading all the great comments made! Ive been to many greek islands before and enjoyed them all - but ive got a great feeling that this is gonna be the best! Hope to meet some of the nice people that go there and enjoy great nights and relaxing days at the beach! Yipee! x

Commented by shirley n john April 06, 2010

We went last year as we have visited Rhodes (other resorts) before an we love pefkos the best, such a wonderfull place, plenty for us all to do, you don't get harrased by people outside the resturants and the food is great, plenty to do and see, and a special mention to the finas appartments where we stayed, going back in 2011 and we want to get married there. Go and you will return again and again.

Commented by Angela March 13, 2010

I loving reading through all the comments left, everybody seems to enjoy the place so much! The fact that so many return year upon year speaks for itself.

Me and my girlfriend have been looking at a first holiday together (alone) for a while and wanted something that we other havent done before, something new to both of us.

i like the idea of a quieter base that is pefkos and going to explore the rest of the island from there on a coupe days with a hire car.

Any must sees outside of pefkos??



we are booked in to evi studios from the 2nd sept 2010

Commented by honestben February 25, 2010

Well after about a 4 year break decided it's time to go back to Pefki, booked for 15th Sept 2010.can't wait to see how it's changed, went 5 yeras on the trot at least twice a year. This is one of the most friendly places we have ever being to, I'm hoping it' still the same, the people were great, food good and the weather always seemed to be hot, staying at Apostolis Studios again and can't wait to see how everyone has grown, Alexandra's great place for an afternoon drink and snack if your hungry, then back up to Anixis to watch the sun go down while having another drink, lets hope it's still as good as I remember it.

Commented by Graeme Duke December 07, 2009

Going to pefkos tomorrow, this will be my 13th time - almost feel like ive grown up there! There are loads of amazing places to eat and drink but my top 5 would be; armetis, nostalgia, enigma, terpsis, smiles. Wild west bar is a must, eclipse and pefkos by night are also good for some music and drinks at night. Locals are so friendly, never been anywhere else and felt so welcome. Kids are well looked after, there is very little crime. Also, take a visit to the glistra beach in lardos - beautiful!

Commented by Louise October 13, 2009

Went to Pefkos last June, really enjoyed it, lovely restaurants, friendly people, good accomodation, relaxing and with lovely Lindos near by. Back in Sept 09 for my daughers wedding.. Cant wait

Commented by Teresa Molloy September 02, 2009

We first visited in August 2007 and completely fell in love with the place, we stayed at the Karpathios, basic but very clean, good breakfast, nice pool, some fun greek dancing nights, a little downhill walk to the beach but we enjoyed the exercise. We are going back in 6 days time and taking our daughters with us this time. I don't tend to go back to places I have been to, as there are so many places to see in the world, however I am going back to Pefkos and know for sure it won't be the last time. The Flyers restaurant was amazing, an ideal place for a long relaxing lunch overlooking the beach and Sea. The Eclipse bar was great too.
Enjoy! I am off to pack!

Commented by Lisa August 06, 2009

Pefki was a beautiful unspoilt place when my sister and i visited it in 2001 we have not been back for financial reasons. The people we met, both greek and euopean were absolutely wonderful, the Nostalgia restaurant was very friendly, and very good food. We tried all the restaurants in the area,but settled on the Nostalgia as our favourite. I hope Pefki has not been spoiled, as there were building projects in progress when we were there. We stayed at the Finas appts, and found it basic but very clean and friendly We have been back to Rhodos and stayed in Trianda and although BLUE NOTE beach bar was a brilliant live music bar and Michalis is an excellent saxophonist, and his son a lovely man, we found it a litttle too out of the way, as we had to walk for a good 20 mins to reach them from our TREE TOPS app. Visit Pefki it is in easy reach of Lindos, a magical place!!! it gave me goose bumps as i have never felt before!!!!!! Enjoy x

Commented by paniotta June 13, 2009

Been many a place but pefkos is very hard to beat also Rhodes itself fab. Returning in july for 10th time. Daughter married at filimon hotel 2002. Weather brill never seen a cloud in all the time been there. Faliraki water park is a must. see you soon Pefkos!

Commented by lee June 03, 2009

We been to pefkos last Sept, what a great place! Wonderful weather, friendly people, fantastic beach!
We had lunch in Flyers cafe most of the days, fresh food, very clean and gret sea view! Nikos, the owner, he took me up for a flight with his little plane! I will never forget it!
We already book for next year!!

Commented by John & Maggie January 18, 2009

I have been traveling to pefkos to the evi appts every year sometimes twice a year since 1994. Would not go any where else miss it big time as soon as I get home I book for the next time it's an excellent village with great eating houses and friendly greeks, can't wait until I win lottery to buy my own villa. Marcos Evi Tasos and Kathy are always welcoming you with open arms and have become very good freinds that we miss when in England we will see them all again in sept 09!

Commented by sue french January 06, 2009

We have just booked again for next August 2009, have been going to Pefkos for twelve years, still a special place, Nefeli restaurant well worth a visit, great Staff and superb food, looking forward to staying at Blue Dream Villas,they are first class.
If you have never been to Rhodes or Pefkos, try it you won,t be disappointed.

Commented by Peter Dawson November 16, 2008

Stayed in Pefkos for a wedding Oct 2007. One of the best holidays ever. Going again 27 Sept 08 cant wait. Eat at the Plilosophia over looking the beach, it will stay in your memory for ever.

Commented by Peter Shillinglaw September 25, 2008

Just booked 2 weeks in the pefkosbeach hotel after my last holiday to lanzarote was cancelled by XL!
Going with my partner+ daughter on 8th oct 08. Cant wait. Hope the weathers good.

Commented by Dan September 20, 2008

we visited pefkos 3yrs ago, we all fell in love with the place. Plenty of sun. Stayed at pefkos beach studios. Very child friendly. The people are lovely. We are going back in 4 weeks, can't wait. We are lookin forward to going to the great restuarants and eating the kleftiko dish again.

Commented by rachel farrell September 16, 2008

First visit in Aug 2008. Stayed at the Thalia. Every night at the Rock Garden, (After 9 p.m. only).
Fantastic resort. Great restaraunts, Brilliant Beach, Never too busy at nights. Very little noise late on.
Close enough to lovely Lindos.
If you aint been you should go!!!

Commented by Nick & Dee September 07, 2008

Try to visit twice a year stay at the finas apartments. Weather, people, food all brilliant, see you on 30 august in the rock garden!

Commented by paul, irene & fiona August 25, 2008

We love everything about Pefkos. Cant wait till sept been going for the last 10 years. See you in The Oasis Bar

Commented by The Dingles August 08, 2008

Been to Rhodes 3 times and Pefkos is by far the nicest resort i have been to. We got married in Lindos last year 2007, it was magical. We stayed at the Lindia Thalassa in Pefkos. Lovely place and very helpful. We had our reception at the Nostalgia, Michael and staff were brilliant they couldn't do enough for us. We loved it so much we are going back this year to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

Commented by andrea August 05, 2008

Can't wait til August 30th, going back to Pefkos, staying at The Matina again, was there same time last year and absolutley loved it. Staff Brilliant... Loved the pub quiz in Oasis Bar, staff friendly...... also loved the Geordie Bar with Carole and Eric.......... Nostalgia and Colissieum great places to eat though a little more expensive than some other places we tried. Well just 5 weeks to go til we leave the lovely weather of Northern Ireland and get to the great weather of Pefkos. To everyone who has been there before and those who are going there for the first time have a GREAT HOLIDAY

Commented by Alison July 27, 2008

Cant wait going back in Sept. Was there last july. Loved it. Staying at the Matina again. Love the people and love the sun. 9 weeks and counting x

Commented by Sharon July 03, 2008

Going to Pefkos on 9th July. Hows the weather this time of year? I've looked at some photos. Looks a nice place.

Commented by Chris July 01, 2008

Going summer 2008 staying at lindia thalassa for the 3rd time already booking for next year. You cant beat pefkos best place in the world for your holidays. People so friendly, food, drinks, simply the best.

Commented by kenny martin June 17, 2008

pefkos is a lovely place, highly recomend you go there, we were there in 2007 goin back in 2008 and re booked for 2009 the pepole are lovely and very family friendly we urge u to go there and go to geordie bar they are so nice, and nostalgia resturant and the one opposite very nice cusine kelftico is a must xx

Commented by deb and steve June 14, 2008

The best holiday I have ever had. Lovely beach, great accommodation and NEFELI RESTAURANT the best kept secret in Pefkos. Excellent food, brilliant friendly service and very reasonably priced! I can't wait to go back next year!!

Commented by JOHN SIMMONS June 14, 2008

im only 16 but me and my friend love the place! its excellent during the day - always something to do. eating places are amazing and relatively cheap aswell. night time is the best - everything is open late and the people are dead friendly! me and my mate are going back the 9th july 08 staying at matina its amazing (L) go there !

Commented by pefkos lover June 10, 2008

Me and my boyfriend went to Pefkos last year for a week, it was amazing... the people, the weather and the hotel were brilliant .we had such a great time we were contemplating not getting on the plane home. We're going back in a months time for 2 weeks and I can't wait!

Commented by Samantha Holroyd June 05, 2008

Myself and my boyfriend went to pefki in 2007 and had a fab time. So good, that were going back to get married in August 2009! Cant wait. So different from other places. Lidos is lovely, day and night. We are having are reception at a great restaraunt called Nostalgia. We ate there 4 times while we were there fantastic service.

Commented by Karen May 23, 2008

My boyfriend and stayed in lindos last june for 10 days such a beautiful place lovely people fantastic beaches we spent a lot of our time on the beach in pefkos absolutely gorgeous we are going back to pefkos in 3 days time cant wait i would definately recommend it to anyone.

Commented by Rachel May 21, 2008

Going to pefkos early sept 2008, any tips where to eat and drink, like to chill out but have some nightlife as well, seems to be the perfect resort for this. first time to rhodes but love greece.

Commented by Lenny May 14, 2008

Been to Pefkos twice now and Oct 2008 will be our 3rd, just can't wait... it is such a lovely place, my piece of heaven...

Commented by Denise Turley May 10, 2008

Been to Rhodes four times, Pefki twice. Love the place would love to live there. Going again in two weeks cant wait.

Commented by Tyers April 28, 2008

been to pefki 3 times, its our favorite place, just so laid back & friendly. stay in the palm bay aparts twice & finas aparts, Lindos is lovely place, so is lardos. We will be going back again, love it.

Commented by john& lyn April 09, 2008

Been going to Pefkos for past 11 years,a great resort on a special island, we are going again in May and August 08 really looking forward to it.

Commented by Peter Dawson March 08, 2008

I was in greece in sept 2007 and I have to say it was my 1st time and wont be the last. My boyfriend had been b4 for a wedding and never stopped talking bout the place so had to go to see what the fuss was all about, and I have to say it is the most georgous place in the world and I am longing to be there rite this min!!!!!

Commented by annemarie b February 17, 2008

Going back to pefkos for the forth time stayed in few hotels they are all great and the people of pefkos are so friendly. You must try the bakery up the hill by the stella apartments the bread and cakes to die for. All the restruants are great George's is the best. When we arrive in pefkos we feel right at home alway hate coming back to the uk.

Commented by Chris Jones from Liverpool February 11, 2008

Was in Pefkos in September and it was the best holiday my girlfriend or me has ever had. Friendly, beautiful, relaxing. So many places to eat and drink aswell. We had our favourites but in 14 days we ate in atleats 11 different restaurants. Will definately go back.

Commented by James February 09, 2008

Just got back from two weeks in Pefkos with my husband had a fabulous time, we stayed at the Amfritriti Hotel which was lovely Eric Kate and their family are really nice and friendly it's a lovely hotel well placed between the centre and the beach and people go back to stay there again and again there's a lovely pool and Kate does great breakfasts and lunches. There's lots of restuaraunts and bars we never had a bad meal but our favorite's were Terpsis were we had a lovely meal for our annivarsary and Enigma both good food and good service, bars were Buddies nice owners and great music and Ell Mesaa. Pefkos is perfect for couples and families and has lovely beaches in other words Pefkos is perfect.

Commented by Kath October 4, 2007

Was in Pefkos 2 years ago, fell in love with the place, Lindos is breath taking. Going back in ten days time as getting married in St Pauls Bay. Pefkos is so lovely , and the people there are so nice. Would recommend it.

Commented by Dee Pearce October 1, 2007

just got back today from Palm Bay in Pefkos and I've got to say that Pefkos is a really peacfull village with very friendly people. Bars, Restaurants and Shops there are very good. You've got everything right in front of your doorstep. My aunt has been 5 times before and has enjoyed this holiday as much as the rest. Says a lot doesn't it!

Commented by Sam Jones September 27, 2007

Going to Pefkos next week 19th Sept with my husband and i'm really looking forward to it after all the really good coments, were staying at the Amriti Hotel for two weeks. Can't wait.

Commented by Kath September 13, 2007

Returning for our fourth visit to Pefkos and the Matina Appts Sept 07. As a family resort, Pefkos is perfect - friendly people, an abudance of fantastic restaurants and lots of child-friendly bars. If you're looking for a wild time, then Pefkos is not for you - head to Faliraki instead. Although not typically Greek (name me one tourist resort in Greece that is these days!!), it is geared to the British tourist, but travel just a few miles outside Pefkos to Lardos or Archangelos and you get a feel for the real Greece. The main beach in Pefkos is perfect for kids and the resort has a very safe feel to it. The Greeks love children and our daughter has always been treated like royalty in every restaurant. Make the effort to walk up the steep hill to Tsambikos Restaurant above the bakery - in our opinion it is the best in Pefkos. Learn a few words of Greek and the locals will love it! We recommend Pefkos to anyone looking for a relaxing family holiday and can't wait to go back.

Commented by Martyn, Jan+ Rhiannon (aged 8) August 15, 2007

About to visit Pefki for the 8th year this September. Wonderful place. Unfortunately my husband was taken seriously ill whilst there and we couldn't have received better treatment from the locals or the brand new hospital. Already booked for 08 and can't wait! Stella hotel fantastic, beaches wonderful and the restaurants plentiful.

Commented by Angie Kilburn August 12, 2007


Commented by JOHN COOPER August 06, 2007

REEEEALLY looking forward to going to Pefkos in 2 days' time. It's a surprise for my boyfriend so I can't wait to see his face! Read the wonderful reviews and seen the gorgeous pictures. Getting excited now. Staying at the Ilyssion Hotel by the beach. Will post my comment on return.

Commented by S Jones July 26, 2007

Yes, had a great time! definitely recommended, really enjoyed spending time with my gorgeous boyfriend gaz, went to the eclipse bar! It was cool, he even proposed to me, before we headed back home to Pavilion Lock, near Creswell road, thanks for the best holiday! J

Commented by Janine Pickerill July 21, 2007

looking forward to going,it sounds wonderful. Can anyone tell me if there is a naturist beach nearby?

Commented by glen July 18, 2007

Stayed in pefkos last sept. Really enjoyed the place, plenty to do lots of bars/restaurants. Going back again this year - can't wait.

Commented by suzy July 03, 2007

Wow, what an amazing resort! We are going back in 2 weeks... we cant get enough of it!

Commented by L.Brooks June 29, 2007

What a great holiday resort,lovely people great restaurants fabulous beach,what more do you want from a holiday. Stayed last year in July at the pefki island one of the best I have stayed in for years, we are going back again in august and taking our children and grandchildren with us as I think they will love it to. Places to eat, we really loved Philosophia to watch the sunset from here was amazing, we also liked Enigma and Nostalgia. The Rock garden cocktail bar was good for a laugh the people there are so funny and make you feel very welcome also brilliant with my teenage son and the mate's he met here let them stay on the internet a lot longer than what they payed for. I hope you all enjoy your holidays in Pefkos because I love it.

Commented by A Benson June 13, 2007

Went to Pefkos 11 yrs, 7 yrs, 5 yrs ago going back this year. I was told it has changed allot still best holidays ever had. Recommend to all.

Commented by TREVOR WALTON May 14, 2007

Going to Pefkos in July 07,Really looking forward to it. Went to Lindos two years ago WOW what a fantastic place. St Pauls Bay is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen hoping to renew our vows there next year. Hope Pefkos is just as nice, The comments look good so I am looking forward to a relaxing holiday in a beautiful place. Staying at The Apostolis apts will post out comments on our return.

Commented by Michelle Byrne May 06, 2007

Pefkos is so relaxing, going in two weeks time cant wait. This is our 5th year. Greek house restaurant excellent. Boat trip to Lindos amazing. No complaints about the place at all.
Going next May as well!!

Commented by Pam April 26, 2007

We went to Pefkos a couple of years ago. Lovely place quiet but with just the right amount of night life. We have been to many Greek islands but this was one of our favorites.

Commented by Christine Humphreys March 24, 2007

First went to Pefkos 5 years ago, and been back every year since, took friends with us pas few times who have also been back, or going back! Also taken our children who also love it made dome lovely Greek friends, people are so lovely and make you and your family very very welcome. GOING BACK IN SEPTEMBER THIS YEAR AND IT CAN'T COME QUICK ENOUGH...

Commented by JACKIE March 21, 2007

We there last year with my bf his parents and his younger bro and gf and we had a fantastic time and were going again in june and non of us can wait!!

Im even tempted to move out there permenatly as the way of life is excellent!

Commented by Kirsty March 15, 2007

We have been to Pefkos on a few occassions over the past few years and although it is a very nice place, we have noticed a change for the worst i fear it will eventually end up much like Falaraki did, But may I say that the highlight of my holidays spent there was always the glass bottom boat trip, with Janos the skipper, he is an excellent host, if you have not had the pleasure i would suggest that you do.

Commented by Phil Macleod October 15, 2006

Came back from pefkos yesterday the 21st sept been there for 2 weeks, its a fantastic place loved everyminute off it weather was great, very hot was around 36. Stayed in kaiphos apartments, met some lovely people out there greeks are great, will definetly go there again next year.
Loved every minute off it.
So if you go or are going go to the eclipse bar its great there have a pool in there and you can jump from the edge into the pool great place.
Loved it

Commented by Scott ford September 22, 2006

An absolutely excellent place to go for a relaxing holiday!
Been 3 times in 2 years, it feels like our spiritual home. The restaurants are wonderful especially Hellas Garden where they cook the best steak we've ever tasted. We'll be going back again next year so am counting down the months!

Commented by Jill Stubbs September 06, 2006

Went to Pefkos last August and fell in love with the place - so much so my hubby and I are going back on 6 Sep-cant wait, just counting down the hours!

Commented by Alison Moore September 02, 2006

Going to pefkos on the 6th sept i really hope i will like it and i hope that the weather is very hot as i just love the sun .
will let you know what i thought about it.

Commented by scott ford August 31, 2006

We are visiting pefkos in 2 days and are staying for a week. we will write again and say what we thought about the resort!

Commented by brodie and rosa August 03, 2006

Have already been to Pefkos twice, lovely resort, we are going again this July, can't wait to eat at all the lovey restaurants again and looking forward to seeing all our old friends!

Commented by V Smith July 10, 2006

I have visited twice in Pefkos, hotel Stella View.
A wonderful little village... again next october.

Commented by Linda April 03, 2006

I have booked to go to pefki for june this year for two weeks, ill be staying at the apolystos apartments so if anyone has anything to say on there then I would be greatful.

Commented by laura Hughes January 29, 2006

Stayed in Pefkos which was far too long as there is nothing to do there. No shops, a few really poor cafes and quite unfriendly staff. Everywhere closes during the day time and at midnight. Not a place I will revisit. Excellent restaurants though!

Commented by Ryan Donaghy January 01, 2006

Been to Pefkos in May 2003, July 2005 and returning tomorrow (oct). It's the most wonderful place on earth and the people are so friendly.

Commented by Ealine Leslie October 18, 2005

I have been to pefkos twice now and thouroughly enyoyed it both times. Small and friendly place with plenty choice of tavernas. 2 cash machines - essential for todays travelers. Both Nikita and Marianthi studios are spacious and well situated. Beaches galore weather you are wanting sun loungers or a beach to yourself.

Commented by Victoria & Sebastian October 7, 2005

It is our second time in Pefkos,and even better,what a beautiful experience of greek life.Friendly and relaxing.Can't wait to come again.

Commented by Linda mccann July 05, 2005

I got back from Pefkos a week ago and have fallen in love with the place, its beautifully untouched by over eager tourists and full of wonderfully friendly people, lots to see and visit all within good travelling distance. Climb the Acropolis its beautiful, one of the best sights i have ever seen, Lindos is a beautiful place.Pefkos is great place to relax and do the odd bar crawl when you feel like it! Cannot wait to go back!

Commented by Amanda Jane May 18, 2005

Pefki is great, we liked it so much the day after we flew home in july we re-booked to go again in October. brilliant place GO!

Commented by sarah henderson September 23, 2004

My wife and I have visited Pefki once before and found it to be excellent place for relaxing and eating good food, whilst still being close to all the action in Lindos if required. We will definately visit again in the near future.

Commented by Rob, Wrexham May 21, 2004

I have visited pefki twice and both times i have really enjoyed it, everyone is very friendly and the atmosphere is amazing. a great place to go.

Commented by S. Gardner March 28, 2004

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