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Lindos, Rhodes

Bathed in the warm glow of the sun and believed to be blessed by ancient Greek gods, Lindos is an irresistible magnet for every visitor to Rhodes island. Its charming alleyways, breathtaking vistas, alluring scents of traditional cuisine, and cosmopolitan atmosphere form an unparalleled tapestry of unique character and warm, welcoming people that no one can resist.

Lindos is considered by many visitors to be the most remarkable archaeological site on Rhodes. As one drives south towards the village from the island's north, the breathtaking natural scenery of the area with the Lindos Acropolis perched on a massive rock, the white village houses, and the crystal-clear blue waters captivates the senses and often compels one to make a complete stop. The panoramic view from this vantage point is simply awe-inspiring and an experience not to be missed.

Lindos is a labyrinthine village with a seamless array of buildings, primarily featuring interior courtyards. While most of the houses boast flat roofs, there are various types of buildings that have retained their original form and function. The construction materials used for these structures include the local quarried limestone (porolithos) or field stones that have been expertly plastered and whitewashed, giving them a distinctively Mediterranean feel.

White flat-roofed cottages ascend up a slope from a golden, shallow, sandy beach, forming a light belt around the north side of the castle on the hill, over the tranquil waters of a broad, rocky harbor. The Acropolis of Lindos' majestic fortress sits enthroned above. The pillars of a dainty small temple, once devoted to the goddess Athena Lindia, can be seen behind the warlike walls if you look closely.

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Here, 5000 years of human history and life await exploration - a full day and evening may not be enough! If you want to go swimming, the best spot to go is the St. Paulis bay, which is located behind the Acropolis. The apostle Paul once walked on Rhodian soil here. From there, you may get a new perspective on the castle and temple.

You will find the most important archaeological monuments within the enclave of the Citadel, although quite a number of interesting remains are scattered at various points within the town and in its immediacies. A road leads high up to the Acropolis. The medieval walls are the first ruins you will encounter - fortifications built by the Crusaders (early 14th century) on the remains of earlier defenses, both Byzantine and ancient. There are also some towers along the medieval walls, which follow the natural contours of the high ground.

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Why visit Lindos?

What draws visitors to Lindos year after year? Friendly locals, a puzzling network of beautiful cobblestone alleyways to explore, and the amazing Lindos Acropolis that may be reached on foot. The incredible array of international restaurants, traditional taverns, trendy pubs, lively clubs, as well as the vibrant exhibition of local handicrafts and boutiques, are all there in abundance. You will experience an definite sense of belonging, and lovely sandy beaches with clear, blue water will lure you during the day (and why not, during the night as well).

While Lindos is a spectacular place to explore at day, you will also find one of the most vibrant nightlife experiences here. The lit-up acropolis of Lindos adds class and romanticism to the whole experience.

Architecture in Lindos

The houses of Lindos impress with their traditional architecture and decoration. Admirable here are the imposing entrances that lead into flower-strewn courtyards, adorned with black-and-white pebble mosaics that give the floors with the artfully designed patterns special charm and harmonize with the landscape.

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Lindos Frequently Asked Questions

What is the distance from Rhodes city to Lindos?

The distance from Rhodes city to Lindos is 47Km. It takes an average of 55 minutes to drive from the center of the city of Rhodes to Lindos.

What is the distance from Rhodes airport to Lindos?

The distance from Rhodes Diagoras airport to Lindos is 55Km. It takes an average of 1 hour to drive from the Airport of Rhodes to Lindos.

Is there public transport to Lindos?

Lindos is connected to Rhodes town, Rhodes airport, and many other locations via public transport (bus and taxi). The road is well maintained. There are 3 main parking areas outside the village.

What is the nightlife like in Lindos?

Lindos offers nightlife for all preferences. You will find night clubs, small bars, cafeterias, and many dining options that cover every taste and wallet.

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Lindos reviews & comments

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Lindos is a very nice place, with wonderful sea at Lindos Beach and the view is fantastic from wherever you stand! Be prepared for a lot of walking because the whole area is full of hills and descents. On the negative side, we found it quite expensive, the food mostly. Also, it's crowded and if you go in the morning it's literally not much fun. It's most worth it in the afternoon, at sunset, and in the evening for a nice meal.

Commented by Jessica P. July 03, 2022

Lindos is a unique traditional settlement on the southeastern side of Rhodes with a rich history and a luxurious present. The magnificent ancient Acropolis of Lindos that dominates the rock above the settlement, the exceptional and delightful view of the Aegean Sea, the narrow picturesque alleys and the island atmosphere, make Lindos a pole of attraction for countless tourists. It is worth wandering through the maze of the narrow streets, browsing the tourist shops of all kinds or sitting in one of the restaurants or cafes. Just be patient and arrive at the right time! On hot summer days the heat is very close to unbearable. Parking spaces are hard to come by and depending on the time a matter of luck. The overflow of tourists borders on overcrowding. We went late in the afternoon after swimming on the beach.

Commented by Nikos L. June 16, 2022

Amazing experience! April month with good weather and little tourism. The view is magnificent. If you go to Rhodes Lindos it is a must visit place.

Commented by Maria April 16, 2022

Lindos is a small town with beautiful winding streets. There are many restaurants and bars to linger. Of course, there is also the possibility of shopping. The Acropolis of Lindos is a must-see.

Commented by Christina August 02, 2021

Anyone who has missed Lindos while in Rhodes, has not seen Rhodes. Lindos is always worth a visit, especially in the evening as the atmosphere is wonderful. Note that the Acropolis of Lindos is strenuous to reach, however the climb is really worth it, as it offers a spectacular view of the sea and the beautiful village.

Commented by Kathrin & George July 21, 2021

Lindos is definitely one of the must visit places if you are on Rhodes. It is superbly located and hobby photographers will live it! Those beautiful little white houses, the bright blue sky and the acropolis are simply a dream!

Commented by Martin June 16, 2021

Lived there 87 & 88, been back lots since. The bakery was in the village back then and the smell of baking bread on the way home from acropolis disco, The loveliest place ever, the villagers are what makes Lindos. They are amazing always helpful and friendly, it's like going home. Wonderful beaches people and atmosphere!

Commented by Ann July 02, 2020

Memories include: Working the ski raft (George not yahannis), driving his vw to Kalathos to fetch the petrol for the ski boat, putting out sun beds, putting sun beds away, working for George taverna Pallas beach (collecting beer down from his shed on the hillside), living on giros rice and tinned mackerel and barbecued octopus for 4 months, sleeping on roof nibbled by goats. Meeting Bruce Foxton and David Gilmore (best mates with them) ;-). Making friends. Blue sky bar.

Commented by Jim May 26, 2017

Reading comments during my lunch break and it brought back so many memories. I worked there for the best summer of my life in about 1990 for Grecian holidays. So long ago now but such wonderful memories. Manolis bar, backgammon in Socs, crazy nights in lindos by night. The most fun group of reps and locals anywhere. To jeff and louise (Jenny may hols) Lisa, Hazel Tina and all at Grecian, Sally (airtours) and many others who gave me so many fantastic memories...where are we all now...older buty no wiser probably!! Yassou!

Commented by steve February 21, 2011

Following on from the last post, I visited Lindos in 1974 and spent the entire summer of 1976 there. I worked with Jenni and her sister Liz aboard the ship Small World, and we cruised the islands and Turkey from Athens. I stopped off in Lindos and stayed until the November. Great times.....

Commented by Dave Carter July 01, 2010

I've had cause to think about Lindos again since my friend, Jenni May, known and loved by many of the older Lindians, died last year.
In 1974 I went there to cook for Small World, returning in 1975 and 1976. When I revisited in 1981 it was already changing rapidly.
Now I read people's comments of the Lindos that the place has become, I am filled with nostalgia for how it used to be. I am glad it is still enthralling people: In 1974 it was truly 'unspoilt' and the only way to get to Pefkos was by donkey.
Fond memories, but I can't go back - it has changed too much and is too commercial now.

Commented by Jackie February 02, 2010

Firstly, we love lindos and everything that goes with it, but we have become a little concerned about the number of wedding parties in and around the village. I know everyone is entitled to get married in such a lovely place, but it is now used as a stag and hen party location as well. This year there were fairly large groups of men and women, not young I have to add, almost taking over the bars, being very loud and in our opinion changing the feel of Lindos, which is laid back and very different from nearly every other resort we have been to. I know it sounds harsh but it could kill the lure of Lindos for ordinary couples like ourselves. It may be that there has to be a curb on the number of weddings or size of wedding parties to prevent Lindos becoming just another english style resort. Saying that, I would still say lindos is a truly unique place. I just pray it stays that way for the enjoyment of the vast majority of holiday makers.

Commented by caz and glen September 03, 2009

Just returned from our 5th visit and it's still magical.
Only problem now is it's so expensive with the Euro being strong against the pound. (some bars were charging 24 euros for 4 drinks !!)
Our favourite bar is definitely Karma, find it ,and go in to say hi to David and Karina.
Favourite restaurants are Stephanies, Broccolino (hand made pasta and seafood to die for) Ambrosia and Acropolis.

Commented by John July 05, 2009

11 years ago I first visited Lindos, totally blown away with the charm, location but most of all the people of the village. I stood every day looking in the window Butterflies of Lindos gazing at an emeral ring, finally I went in and purchased. The year after I visited again and at the request of my husband purchased a replacement wedding ring (mine had become to small) Nikos who owns the shop kindly offered the services of his father who took said ring to Lindos church where he is a choir member for the ring to be blessed by the priest. Not may places in the world where this would be offered. This family I now class as my friends. I still visit every year. I have seen a lot of changes but the people are the same older yes but the same kind hearts. Thank you

Commented by c May 23, 2009

Lindos, is pure magic, it casts its spell and pulls you in with its cyrstal blue waters, sunshine, sunshine, sunshine, its raggedy, jaggedy rocks and its fortress acropolis watching over all. The cubed white washed houses, the narrow car-less streets, heady nightlife and very friendly people, no matter how many times you visit, it's all in the magic of Lindos.

Commented by Pamella September 02, 2008

Summer 2008...Lindos has been the most relaxing holiday definately is parents spend 6 months of the year there in a newly built home, they too have been taken with the Lindian way of life....can,t wait to return...

Commented by Shaz..p'boro August 19, 2008

Just back from Lindos with Donkey boy and had fantastic time, as usual. 20 times there and still enjoy as much as the 1st time!
Papa Georges beach bar, good friendly food, Socrates great fun, Ambrosia and Antothika restaurants brilliant.
Could go on as I love this place and will back soon.
Please try this place - you won't regret it!

Commented by Grant White June 07, 2008

Lindos has survived that it has been declared a national landmark and is a itself is a World Heritage Site with the cherry on the cake being the Acropolis at the top of the hill. On the interior, they are rebuilding it as it was in Roman times. The views over Lindos Bay at sunset are spectacular. Lindos is a very pretty place - especially at night when the day trippers have all gone home.
Lindos has retained a wonderful sense of history and antiquity.
In season (mid May to last week September mainly) Lindos nightlife goes on until 3am or 4am weekdays and until the sun rise at weekends. A good routine would be to eat late - 9pm or 10pm ish. Then Antika for say 11pm or perhaps Lindos By Night. Socrates Bar is a hoot too. As to clubs Qupes on top of the hill was busiest after 1.30am(!) in 2007 whilst Arches struggled. There is always the Ampitheatre Club on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night but need to catch a (free) cab! Pallas Beach is the best beach - esp. Mediterraneo!

Commented by Iain Wishart /Donkey April 30, 2008

Peter and I have been going to Lindos on and off for the last 16 years and still find the place magical. Seen lots of changes and lots of local bars have changed into Jewellers, which is a shame however it still retains magic. When we are arriving I get all filled up when we come to the top of the hill and turn the bend and see that magnificent view of Lindos - it gets me every time. Meet lots of lovely people there especially Daryl and Margaret whose daughter used to work there. Sortorius from Lindos by Night is my fav however 2 years ago I went with my daughter her hubby and the grand kids. They also fell in love with the place. They always wanted a donkey ride down to the beach and they could not believe it when we did down to the lovely Pallas beach. Its a cold January night and I really wish I was in Lindos NOW!!!!!!!

Commented by Chris cheshire January 22, 2007

A small piece of paradise lost... please keep it that way, I've only been 3 times so far... but I will be back ! I have to say 'Hello' to Socrates, he IS Lindos.

Commented by Shaz January 06, 2007

Lindos is magical in every way, warm, freindly, and of course very hot.
I' ve been at least 12 - 13 times and the very thought makes me long for the long hot lindian days and nights, my heart will always remain there a piece of me will be forever in lindos.

Commented by prodvegas October 24, 2006

I'm afraid I was extremely dissappointed with Lindos. The magic just wasn,t there! Perhaps I have been spoiled with my paradise island of Paros.
I did enjoy Rhodes Town - very cosmopolitan.
I enjoy authentic Greek and just couldn,t find it.
Must say the people were wonderful and the restaurants are second to none, but so are the people on Paros.
Sorry - holidays being precious I won't return and will still continue to fly back to my Paros (like a homeing pigeon).
So many famililar and firendly faces there!

Commented by janice September 13, 2006

Loved Lindos lots to do fantastic food lovely people the kids loved it too but how hot can it get!!

Commented by rachael July 18, 2006

The beach where the many tourist boats arrive although busy somehow retains a calming a relaxed atmosphere with scores of fish surrounding the waders in the gentle lapping waters.
Rock dive into the crystal clear waters or snack at the restaurants on the beach itself which are again so, so, relaxing. The town itself is a winding white washed labrnthy of alleys and lanes, twisting and turning to the Acropolis, or through to the bustling town, full of characcter and life. Going back is something to look forward to all year round. To live there would be a dream come true. A true Paradise.

Commented by Peter Speck (Surrey) June 29, 2006

I've been there 5 times now, I love the place. It has both the quiet typical 'Greek' way of life, but also has some really friendly Bar and Resturants by far the best for me is Socrates Bar. If you go to Lindos then Socrates IS Lindos.....Yammas

Commented by Shaz May 17, 2006

What can I say. my paradise! Great weather, excellent restaurants and the most genuine people you can meet.
A must for everyone - go once... and you'll go back!

Commented by Rachel March 30, 2006

I lived in lindos for almost a year in 2003,and I have been visiting for 6 years. Not only are the people fantastic but the atmosphere and the general 'picturesque' views are breathtaking.
If you are going for the night life i definately recommend Socrates Bar, the music is a range of jazz, soul, blues... well anything you like really!! The guys you will meet are amazing. Socrates, Theo (his son) George and Alex (very cute :).. very genuine people.
Also if you venture just outside of Lindos to Pefkos go to lindos by night. lovely place.
I agree with everyone on this board, Lindos has almost a magical quality...

Commented by Emmario January 13, 2006

Lindos and it's people are both beautiful, relaxing and yet exciting and extremely friendly.

Commented by Val Barnes August 04, 2005

Everyone should visit Lindos at least once in their lifetime. It is both beautiful & unique.

Commented by andrea May 30, 2005

What can I say about Lindos - it is such a beautiful place. Relaxing. The atmosphere it offers is truly unique.

Commented by Chris February 09, 2004

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