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Rhodes Greece

Haraki (Charaki)

Distance from Rhodes City: 36Km
Features and facilities: Public transportation, Food, Umbrellas and sunbeds, Hotels
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The sight of children searching for shells among the pebbles, couples gazing out to sea from the alconies of their rented rooms, sun-burned mothers wheeling push-chairs up and down - this attractive little bay definetly offers a family atmosphere. It is mainly visited by tourists renting rooms nearby, but families of local people also come out with their umbrellas and settle themselves on the no-charge section in the centre of the beach. The right-hand side of the beach has large pebbles, while to the left there is sand.
If you choose to swim at the far right end of the beach you will have a good view of the Feraklos castle. Along the promenade with the rented rooms there are mini-markets, cafes, and a foreign press agency.

Haraki (Charaki) Rhodes Greece photos
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Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes Greece
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes Greece
Haraki (Charaki), the beach
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki), the beach
Haraki (Charaki), the beach
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki), the beach
Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes Greece
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes Greece
Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes, Greece. Relaxing while having a drink on one of the many cafeterias and restaurants on the beach road
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes, Greece. Relaxing while having a drink on one of the many cafeterias and restaurants on the beach road
Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes Greece.
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki), Rhodes Greece.
Rhodes Greece: Haraki (Charaki) by night
Click to enlarge - Rhodes Greece: Haraki (Charaki) by night
Rhodes Greece: Haraki (Charaki) by night
Click to enlarge - Rhodes Greece: Haraki (Charaki) by night
Rhodes Greece: Haraki (Charaki) by night
Click to enlarge - Rhodes Greece: Haraki (Charaki) by night
Haraki (Charaki) beach, Rhodes
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki) beach, Rhodes
Haraki (Charaki) Beach, Rhodes
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki) Beach, Rhodes
Haraki (Charaki) Beach, Rhodes
Click to enlarge - Haraki (Charaki) Beach, Rhodes

What our members and visitors say
Cannot wait to go back!
posted on January 24, 2018 by David & Anne
We have been holidaying in Greece for over 25 years and last summer made our first visit to Rhodes. We chose Haraki after reading some reviews and loved the place from the moment we arrived at our apartment overlooking the bay , above Kapitanios restaurant which was so good we didn't eat anywhere else, but there are several other good restaurants along the sea front and in the square. We enjoyed drinks at Cocktails and Dreams most nights , Jacob is a fine host ! We spent our days chilling on the beach which was never crowded and in the crystal clear blue sea. We really didn't want to leave and so we've already made reservations for this summer . See you there at the end of August, Martin!
An absolute gem
posted on August 23, 2017 by carlene
My favourite place by far on the island for a day lazing in the sun & snorkling in the clear waters... eating lunch in the many restaurants that sweep the bay... just beautiful.
Life in glorious technicolour
posted on June 30, 2016 by Martin
I came to Haraki for the first time in June 2006 for 2 weeks holiday. and on the fourth day, I bought a house, as one does! I'm celebrating 10 years of living life in colour this August. Why not book a cheap flight and have a bit of it for yourself !?!

Hey, and while you're experiencing the REAL Greece, treat yourself to a copy of the Daily Mail, find a comfy beach front bar, and laugh yourself silly at the DM's anti-Greek propaganda, while you enjoy an enormous Gordon's and tonic (3 to 4 euro) an industrial sized glass of wine (2 euro) a pint of premium ice cold lager (2 euro) or a splendiferous cocktail (from 3 euro).

Hungry ? Take you pick from around a dozen friendly family run tavernas on and around the pedestrian-only promenade, serving fresh local produce. A substantial meal for two with drinks on the beach front can be had for under 20 euros. A full English breakfast will set you back as little as 4 euro including tea, coffee or juice.

Still smoking ? Even better. Bring your credit card and take up to 3200 English branded cigarettes each back with you (4 euro / £3.25 for 20). Result....? A week\'s \"free\" holiday. If you can stomach the Greek brands, you might even save enough to cover a fortnight.

So get on the interweb quick sharp and book your flights and accommodation, and we\'ll see you in Haraki Bay soon !
Greeces little gem
posted on August 24, 2015 by Barry Morrison
I first went to Haraki in 2005 after my wife went with her friend in 2004 and she kept telling me how beautiful a place it was and how wonderful and friendly the people were..I did not believe her at first but I tried it anyway,.. Cut a long story short we have been going back every year and the rest is history... Going back on sept 2nd , just a few very short days away.
posted on April 12, 2015 by Sue & Paul
Thanks to everyone at Haraki Bay Hotel & Cocktails & Dreams, in July 2014 we had a wonderful time, we are going back again this year for the same fortnight and we cannot wait...we tried quite a few different restaurants in Haraki...everywhere was good, the place is absolutely outstanding and we cannot recommend it enough...the only problem is if you praise it up too much everyone will want to have holidays there, selfishly it is nice to keep a little bit of heaven all to ourselves...roll on July...
Everyone loves it soooo much
posted on January 20, 2013 by linda and john robson
Haraki is now a home from home for us and we can't wait to go back for what will be our 8'th time. each time we go back we see the same faces cos everyone loves it soooo much!
Haraki best restaurant
posted on June 1, 2012 by John heath
After visiting Haraki for the first time i went to Marias taverna on the first night and the food was that good that I went there every night for the duration of my 2 week stay. The huge menu feel of delicious traditional Greek dishes made my choice to dine so easy. After a long day on the pebbled beach i would often look forward to having moussaka watching the sunset in a prime location on the sea front. Haraki is Rhodes's best kept secret !!
posted on April 23, 2012 by Alison Johnson
My husband and I first stumbled on Haraki in 1988. I was taken in by 'Mikes Dad' and looked after every day. Yorgos passed away many years ago, however heavily pregnant and experiencing our first self catering holiday on the most welcome place on earth, Yorgos insisted we had breakfast with his family every day. My pregnancy almost took the life of both my Son and myself... But 23 yrs later we have gone back twice a year ever since. Haraki is like no where else on earth and if your lucky enough... Go!!! You won't regret it
I'm in heaven
posted on September 14, 2011 by Julie Klukarski
Shhhhh! We don't want too many people to know about this beautiful little quiet place, where the people are lovely, and life just oozes past you as you lie and relax, wade into the sea and watch the fish nibble your toes, or sit gazing out to sea with a glass of wine or beer. I'm in heaven, so in heaven, every time I see this place!!!!
Nuff Said!
posted on April 28, 2011 by Rob'n'She
It's all been said so just my own take on the heaven that is Haraki. Beautiful place, beautiful people. We've been going for 8 years now and will be there in 3 weeks time. Can't wait! Looking forward to seeing our great friends and great hosts Despina, Vasili, Savas and Mikaili at Bottom's up! Despina, get 2 large Alfa ready, here we come!
Haraki = Home!
posted on March 7, 2011 by ward family
We first went here 8 yrs ago as just a quick week away, no idea were we was going to be staying allocation on arrival
we arrived late evening / early morn and went straight to bed, when we got up in the morm we thought we had died and gone to heaven, absolute paradise so much so that we have been back every year since and love this place and people soooo much we bought our retirement home and are moving out there this year. Cannot compliment the people enough for the welcome and reception that you get wherever you go in the bay of Haraki 10/10 EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Need to go back again soon
posted on June 24, 2010 by John Cattell
We have visited quite a few places in Greece over the last few years but last year we went to Pefkos and it is not normally our intention to go back to a place but we like Rhodes so much that we decided to return. So we spotted this place Charaki and booked two weeks at Alia 2 apartments. Just returned 23.6.10.
Just fell for the place - Debbie, Billy and son Sam at Bottoms Up, Maria and Husband at Sunrise, Paradiso for superb food, the lads at a Haraki Bay Hotel. Could go on. Real, real friendly people.
What a brillant chill out place. And the fantastic Golden Sands Beach over the hill. Need to go back again soon.
Gem in the Island of the Sun
posted on March 19, 2010 by BeePee
My wife is from Rhodes and we were there in July '09 so decided on a day trip to the beach at Haraki. That day trip lasted four days.
What a beautiful bay, beautiful people and such a relaxed and quiet atmosphere.
Bravo Haraki, we are coming back to our little gem.
posted on September 7, 2009 by pete and linda
Love haraki been going for about 5 years now,theres no better place on earth,my husband said he would never visit a place twice but we fell truly madly deeply in love with haraki going again in three weeks, cant wait its like my second home now, fantastic people Jacob and Panos coctails and dreams very sad at stefanos moving on to a new place in Lardos but we still see him (hope haraki stays unspoilt) great food great people great times love it love it love it
A delight for all ages
posted on August 13, 2009 by paulene green
Charaki is a delight for all ages. It is one of those Greek gems we all knew many years ago and thought had disappeared under the tide of commercialism. It has a charm of its own, the people are extremely friendly, Maria at M & S car hire has a special charm of her own, so welcoming and helpful. Paradisos taverna is fantastic and serves the best home made chicken nuggets for children anywhere in the world and excellent adult food too. Alia 1 studios are inexpensive with a pool and are highly recommended, fantastic location, lovely people, comfortable studios (with hairdryer) - air condition units available, quite expensive but very necessary in the summer heat. This gorgeous little village has a part time tourist exchange office - no ATM but there are some at the banks in nearby Archangelos. Bus service to Rhodes and Lindos from the main square, good swimming, good snorkelling - super beach some brollies and sunbeds available but not necessary to use them. Highly recommended.
posted on February 15, 2009 by Tony and Diane
Heaven was truly found beneath the white clouds of Haraki. We will be there again 2009, so peaceful and serene.
Lovelly place
posted on January 18, 2009 by phill harris
lovelly place to chill, had a great time, esp in jacks bar!
Heaven on earth!
posted on July 11, 2008 by lesley and alan
Just back from heaven on earth again!!! nothing ever changes we have breakfast at bottoms up you can get anything you want (french toast) just ask for anything, and cos you eat there in the morning you get sun beds free, most nights we spent at jacobs(cocktails and dreams)cant wait to go back!
Love it
posted on January 3, 2008 by Fiona and Kevin
Love it love it love it. Visited in June 2006,(same time as Stacey and Stephen for Paul and Louises wedding) Oct 2006, June 2007 and going back October 2008, watch out Paula and Jack! We are addicted, beautiful place, beautiful cocktails and beautiful people.A swim out to the rocks and back to Jacks Heaven for a Jacks special (or a guiness for kev!)is the highlight of our holiday.Big hi and lots of love to Paula, Jack and little Anthony. See you in October xx
Keep it our secret!
posted on July 14, 2007 by Jan and Jeff
Been going to Haraki since 1990 - it's changed but is still a quiet peaceful seaside village with plain and simple accommodation.

Restaurants and bars are all good, all worth visiting - caters for all tastes.

Beach is safe and has pebbles at one end, sand at the other - unfortunately the ducks were not there last year.

Going again in September and can't wait - as has already been said on here - Heaven on Earth.
Heaven on earth
posted on July 7, 2007 by june and ian mcneill
2007 marks our 9th visit to Haraki - heaven on earth!! The special friends that we have met in the village over the years have a special place in our hearts. We ache, no matter where else in the world we visit, to come back to Haraki to meet up with our friends in the village and also to experience Greek culture which is truly unspoilt
Lets keep this place a secret (ssssshhhh)
posted on June 24, 2007 by Alan and Shell
If you believe theres an after life then your right and its a 3 hour flight away (if from UK) What can I say if you've read the other comments posted then your getting the picture.....HEAVEN ON EARTH. Big love going out to Mike & family (Cocktails & Dreams bar) You will want to come back to this place again and again, don,t take my word for it... book it & do it!!! Ps Gwen&Ian sorry about the late call :-)
posted on June 21, 2007 by maryanne
Haraki is paradise!
Beautiful place
posted on June 19, 2007 by Hana
The most of people will never find this place even on a map, which is really great - not too many touristrs, no big hotels, just a lovely place with friendly people, feels like home. If I just had a chance to spend there the rest of my life ;-)
We love it!
posted on May 13, 2007 by sally george
What can you say amazing place amazing people.
Lost count of how many times we have been but it is not enough. We will be there all of june 2007.
Hope to see you in heaven on earth.
Great Memories
posted on March 20, 2007 by Stacey +Stephen
Haraki is a beautiful place with the most stunning views + has such a friendly atmosphere you will want to come again and again. We were there for our friends wedding in June 2006. The reception was at Jacks bar, as we all know and come from the same village as Paula, Jacks wife. The place blew us away, so much, that we are going back in June this year!
Heaven on earth
posted on March 16, 2007 by lynn kenmare
I have holidayed in Haraki 4 times now and love the place so much I am going back!!! Heaven on earth. So peaceful and wounderful.
Just beautiful
posted on March 6, 2007 by john
This is why the Gods chose Greece as their home!
posted on February 27, 2007 by Barry Morrison
If there's a paradise on earth then this is it. A wonderful place to laze, laze and more laze till it's time to eat at one of the wonderful restaurants. Then have a few drinks and laughs at Jack's bar. My 4th year of going there and it won't be the last. As from this summer 2007. Jack's Bar & Haraki Heaven next door have merged into one and is now called Jack's Heaven. I'm seeing Jack on Sat March 9th so I'll write more then.
Most relaxing place in the world
posted on January 25, 2007 by Chris & Judy
We have been going to Haraki since 1996. This year will be our 7th trip. It is the most relaxing place in the whole wide world. Looking forward to a wet lunch and tuna toasties at Jack's Bar. Have had some of our bestest holidays here. Will be there in June 07.
posted on January 6, 2007 by gavin beatson
Never a bad word about this place, go there enjoy it but please don't ever abuse it. good luck in the future.
Loving Haraki
posted on September 26, 2006 by Heather & Sophie
Have been to Haraki 2005 and 2006 and can honestly say they have been the most relaxing holidays we have ever had. The food is great- especially Costas and Helenas and Haraki Bay Hotel. It is especially beautiful because it is so unspoilt and the locals are all so friendly and helpful. Hope to return and live there when my daughter finishes school.
Wonderful 10 days holiday
posted on September 17, 2006 by Michael Charles Witts
We had a wonderful 10 days holiday in Haraki made all the more wonderful by Debbie of Bottomsup snack bar, We hope to return there next year.
Great place
posted on August 25, 2006 by Joy and Alan
Last month, in july, we've spent our holidays in Haraki. Haraki is a great place with lovely beaches and very nice people. We used to go at cocktails and dreams bar. the accomondation was perfect. In the evenings people there are so friendly... we met jacob, the owner, george and vasilia (jacob's son and daughter)... george makes lovely cocktails and plays vey good music!We are hopefuly going again next year in Haraki, we realy enjoyed our holidays this year. We would recommend everyone to go on holidays in haraki!
Definitely going back!
posted on August 4, 2006 by Kaz & Pav
Definitely going back!!! Jack's bar is the best. If you haven't experience Jack's singing you have missed a treat, he has the voice of an angel, tee hee. You must try one of his ice creams, but get there before the locals. Miss them all already and have only been back a couple of weeks.

Costa and Elena's is the place to eat and the Italian is great. There is absolutely no need to travel around if you want the most relaxing holiday of your life! We hope to be going back in October for only 1 week (unfortunately) but looking forward to it soooooo much.
posted on July 8, 2006 by nina mayers
We have been in haraki a few days ago.
The place is lovely! Nice beach lovely people!
Heaven on earth!
posted on June 16, 2006 by Tracy Savage
Have just come back from my second stay in haraki and it is just heaven on earth. Will be going back in September sadly just for one week. Can't wait to go back!
Haraki our piece of paradise
posted on May 27, 2006 by Gwen and Ian
In June 2006 it will be our 7th time in Haraki,we will meet again with Mike,Athena, Costa and Elena and their families at Cocktails and Dreams. Where we will be treated as old friends. Haraki is a place you don't want to leave and can't wait to get back to. Our piece of paradise.
Haraki dreams
posted on May 24, 2006 by Ian & Annette
First went 2 years ago. Going again this year (3rd time). Meet fun people every time. Athena is beautiful and she, Costas and Mike make it 2 weeks to remember and treasure. Anyone going at the end of July,1st week in August, we'll see you there!
posted on May 19, 2006 by morrison
If europe has a place of paradise, this is it. Laid back attitude by the locals who are very friendly. Wonderful weather and all day to do nothing in. I went for 2 weeks last august. I'm goin' back this august to Jack's bar. Lovely place run by Jack the Greek and his lovely scottish wife Paula.
Our holiday in haraki
posted on March 8, 2006 by paul & vickie
It was our first holiday abroard we were made welcome the day we woke up and went to jacks bar. from that day on he seemed to become an addiction for us. We would start with a big english breakfast and then always end up there of a night. meeting up with the regular holiday makers and also the greek residents who worked there. We became good friends with savas and fedra. Savas(sam) worked at jacks bar and they even took us out and showed us what greek dancing was all about. We hold fond memories of jack chewiing on his straw as he tells you to take a seat and what ever drink you wished for you got. No problem! We hope to go back soon and introduce them to our new baby son & our 3 girls. The island of Simi is a great day out roasting hot on the ship great excursion. And also the island of butterflies. there is a suppurb beach about 15 minuites walk from the cove. Its nice & quiet but you r only 20 to 25 mins from lindos & falaraki best place to recover from your hangover.
Absolutley amazing place
posted on December 15, 2005 by lesley daye
went back this year for the fifth time, absolutley amazing place so friendly. Hi to mike and family (cocktails&dreams pub)
Unspoilt village!
posted on November 21, 2005 by Steve & Chris
Went to Haraki in July 05 could not wait to go back in Oct. 05. Going again 2006. People so friendly - Stefano, Jacob, George, Costas & Elena, Nina.
Unspoilt village!
Great holiday!
posted on October 6, 2005 by mags@john scotland
Most relaxing holiday we have been on, people were exceptionally nice and friendly we will most certainly be going back, accomadation was nice @ also very friendly great holiday all round
Shhh or everyone will want to go there
posted on September 21, 2005 by Maria Ferguson
Nothing to do and all day to do it in, who could ask for a more relaxing holiday in a beautiful little bay.
Haraki (Charaki)
posted on August 12, 2005 by Sarah Bowmer
We fell in love with place 2 years ago.

We went this year in July, came home and booked another week in October.

Really looking forward to it.

Mike and Athena in Haraki Dreams are the best bar with Costas working there to.

Costas and Elena shop for gifts to take home is the great.

Eat at Dina and Manolis taverna (the first taverna on the way out of Haraki) for the best BBQ and oven dishes.

We have many friends out in Haraki and will return to live when my son has finished his education.

The sound of silence
posted on December 10, 2004 by lesley daye
This is really getting away from it all, great food very friendly tavernas & cocktail bars. Its starting to get a bit pricey to go there, so last year we took a last minute deal to Faliraki, after a couple of days got the bus down to Haraki rented a room and stayed for six nights. It really is getting away from it all.The new italian restaurant is lovely.

It's a little bit of heaven!
posted on July 2, 2004 by Gavin Beatson
Haraki is the kind of place that you can only dream about, Photos do not do this quiet resort justice. I keep going back every once in a while and even after a gap of four years some of the locals remembered me. Its ideally situated and very laid back most of the accomadation is in the village on the sea front but some is a bit further back which can lead to an interesting walk back home after a night in the taverna or cocktail bar (say Hi to mike if you go Coctails and dreams). The other bars are all equally as good. If you like fish the Argo is out of this world for food and atmosphere but I have never had a bad meal in haraki, or charaki, or xaraki, call it as you wish. The beach in the village is mainly pebble and shingle and shelves to deep quite quickly but the ducks (yes sea ducks seem to like it). If you want sand and shallow a short walk to the next bay gives you the unspoilt Agathi beach, if a certain lager company did beaches this would be it. Its a quiet place but not far from Lindos (good night out).
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