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Malona, Rhodes

Malona is situated on the south east coast of Rhodes, inland and within a beautiful, fertile valley. A farmers village, with most of the population concentrating on their famous citrus production, as well as good quality olive oil, or working in nearby Lindos and Archangelos.

The largest church in the village is dedicated to Saint George and here one is able to see some beautiful frescoes. It is to be noted that the name Malona originates from the ancient word “Mileon” which means a place with fruits. The village itself is, still to this day, untouched by tourism and remains a traditional village with friendly locals.

Malona © Rhodes Guide /
Malona © Rhodes Guide /

Malona © Rhodes Guide /

Malona © Rhodes Guide /
Malona © Rhodes Guide /

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Very nice little village, friendly people, good food In taverna Eirini

Commented by Heli Laitinen June 25, 2023

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