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Vati, Rhodes

Well hidden among pine trees and evergreen olive groves, the picturesque village of Vati is located on the southeast coast of Rhodes, 71 kilometers away from the beautiful capital of the island and in the direction of Gennadi and Apollakia. The name Vati probably came from the fact that the village was a passageway or from the word "path".

Vati is a small picturesque village developed on the road from Gennadi to Apolakkia. The well-preserved traditional houses embrace the small square with cafes that offer the visitor warmth and hospitality.

Vati is surrounded by forests, but also by olive groves that make up a beautiful natural area, ideal for walks. There are still centuries-old olive groves in the area (according to tradition, the olive groves of Cleovulus of Lyndios). Starting from the village, the visitor can wander up to the hill "Ais Yiannis" (fire station), where the view is fascinating. He can also follow the rural roads through the forest and enjoy the nature.

You will discover that life in Vati seems like time stopped many years ago. In the village square there is a traditional small café where the locals chat while drinking their Greek - of course, only when they are not absorbed in playing cards. In little Vati, as in other small villages of Rhodes, the café doubles as a mini market and post office. At any time you can chat with the locals, as they are known for their friendly nature, and take photos of moments of traditional village life.

The central square is dominated by the church of Agios Ioannis the Theologian, the main church of the village. People in Vati are very religious. Signs of the religious tradition of the place can be seen in its monasteries. Traditions as well as religion are very important here. If you visit Vati in late summer, you will have the opportunity to see the village at major celebrations - the festival of Panagia Galatousa in December and of Archangel Michael of Paralimniotis in early September.

Vati © Rhodes Guide /

Vati © Rhodes Guide /

Vati © Rhodes Guide /

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