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Glystra (Glistra) Beach, Rhodes

Glystra beach is a beautiful little cove with fine sand, nestled along the tranquil southeastern coast of Rhodes, in the charming bay of Lardos. With its fine sand and peaceful ambiance, this enchanting cove is a favorite among those seeking respite beneath the shade of an umbrella. Glystra Beach boasts a sandy coastal zone that extends to the seabed, allowing for a serene swimming experience.

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Important notice: The beach of Glystra has been highly affected by the wildfires of 2023. The description in this article reflects the status of the beach prior to the wildfires.

As you stroll along the coast of Glystra beach, you'll be greeted by natural dunes and a rich variety of vegetation, including cedar and holly. The beach's marine ecosystem is equally impressive, with an abundance of marine life such as chlorophytes, phaeophytes, barnacles, bivalve mollusks, and sea fans. The harmonious blend of green and blue is only interrupted by the leisurely sway of the vibrant red and yellow pedalos gliding across the water's surface.

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The coast is the coastal part of an enclosed small bay. It is 210 m long, 35 m wide on average and east-facing. The swimming waters in the first few metres are shallow with a gently sloping sea bed. The ecological status of this coastal water system is classified as important. (source Special Secretariat for Water).

The beach of Glystra is located within an protected area of the coastal area "Kokkoumia" of the Residential Control Zone of Lardos area as defined by the Decree of 7/3/1994 (Government Gazette 281D/24-3-1994) for which special conditions and restrictions on building are in force.

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You will find Glystra beach just after Lardos village, on your left hand. It is located approximately 55 km southeast of the city of Rhodes. The waters here are shallow, so it is also suitable for younger children and kids. Sandwiches and water are available at the little restaurant. On the weekends it becomes a bit more busy as the locals also like to gather at this beach, along with the beach of Lardos.

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Glystra (Glistra) Beach reviews & comments

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This beach is now unsafe. Following this years large fire there is much broken glass, twisted metal & metal shards on the beach.

Commented by Trevor Mcilveen September 24, 2023

Nice, small and sandy beach

Commented by dimitris August 11, 2013

Very peaceful beach where the water is very shalow, so young children can enjoy playing and walking in it. Good sunbeds, quiet atmosphere, small but nice canteen, lots of seashells. Worth to stop by!

Commented by Dragana August 07, 2013

Glystra is a beautiful little beach with fine sand, popular with those who want their umbrella, and some peace - mainly foreigners. Shop for sandwiches and water at the little restaurant, hire a sun bed and watch the canoes and pedalos go by.

Commented by TSAMBIKA May 20, 2008


Commented by SUZAN May 20, 2008

Me and my family always look for a real quiet family atmosphere sandy beach on the first day.
That's what I mean, Glystra
a message for the canteen-man: I enjoy your sense of humour!

Commented by August 20, 2007

The best beach in the whole of greece I go there as much as I can and the food in the canteen is beautiful and the family that run it are so friendly and helpful and they speak really good english, aswell as italian and german

Commented by somebody inlove with the island March 06, 2007

Don't tell everyone, it will get too crowded

Commented by anne barnett August 26, 2004

This is one of the quietest beaches on the island, reched by traveliing just out of lindos away from Rhodes. Apart from Kalithea, this is probably one of the best places for people (young children too) to snorkel since it is very shallow and sandy, and you can find lots of shells. Theres also the remains of a car in the middle of the bay under the water which is well worth a look at!

Commented by Jesper H. March 23, 2004

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