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Thursday, 13 Dec 2018
Rhodes Greece
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Top Photography Locations on Rhodes, part 1

The best locations on rhodes island for photo shooting

For many of us, one of the best parts of being on vacation is taking photos trying to capture the magic of the place we are currently visiting. Like on most of the Greek islands, there is usually something interesting to shoot wherever you happen to be. Some locations though offer something unique. We have listed our top picks for photos hooting on Rhodes, along with some practical information. The locations are in no specific order. Here we go:

Rhodes Old Town

The Medieval Town of Rhodes is a classic; There is something interesting to point your camera at almost everywhere. It is hard to pick out and suggest specific points, but if we had to, we would definitely not leave out: 

  • Odos Ippoton (the Street of the Knights). Start from the lower end of the street walking upwards.
  • The Grand Master's Palace, at the end of the Street of the Knights
  • Simi Square  
  • Any of the gates, which are: D'Amboise Gate to the north-west, took its final shape in 1522. This gate is at Platanakia (meaning small plane trees), and you enter the Old Town over a narrow bridge and a section of moat. Saint Athanasios Gate to the south-west, built in 1441-42. Koskinou Gate, to the south. It is also known as Kokkini Porta (Red Gate) because of the tradition that there was a slaughter there during the town\'s capture by the Turks in 1522. Agia Aikaterini (Saint Catherine's) Gate, leading to the harbour. It is known to been known there since the 15th century. The Sea Gate (Porta Marina), the most beautiful of all the gates. It was built in 1478 and stands facing the central harbour. Agios Pavlos (Saint Paul's) Gate to the north, leading to Mandraki. It was built in the middle of the 15th century. Close by is the ruined tower of Naillac. Originally an impressive construction 46 metres tall, was destroyed by a strong earthquake. Today only the foundation courses are preserved. Eleftheria (Liberty) Gate was a later addition by the Italians (1924), and is part of the main entrance from Mandraki to the medieval town (Symi Square).
  • Apart from the above there are some secondary Gates, such as the Panagia (Virgin Mary) Gate between the Sea Gate and Agia Aikaterini Gate, the Tower-Gate of Saint George, south of Eleftheria Gate, and the Argalos Gate, north of the Sea Gate, leading to the Museum.

Route including: Ancient KameirosCastle of Kritinia, Castle of Monolithos

Starting from the village of Kalavarda and driving towards Monolithos is one of the most beautiful and scenic tracks on the island. Right after Kalavarda you will find Kamiros (you will need to leave the main road), one of the most important archaeological sites on the island. After Kamiros, you return to the main road continue driving south, towards the small village of Mandriko (not much of photographic interest here), but the route is right on the coastline is making for an interesting drive and some nice spots for photos. After Mandriko the road turns and leads you to higher grounds, continuing to Kamiros Scala, a small resort with fish tavernas. Here the road turns once again and and you drive through pine trees towards Kritinia. To get to the castle of Kritinia, follow the signs (there are 2 routes that will lead you to the castle, which are before you get to the village itself). The castle offers excellent views towards the mediterranean and the islands of Chalki its surrounding islets. After Kritinia, we contiCastle of Monolithos, Rhodesnue towards Monolithos through Sianna. While on this route, you will find many spots with brilliant views towards the sea and Chalki as you drive throuhg the pines. At a specific point you will find a small canteen offering local honey of excellent quality and local spirits (suma). Stop there, even if you don't intent to buy anything as this spot offers beautiful views. As we continue we drive through the village of Siana (the church might be interesting for some photos) and reach the village of Monolithos. The Castle of Monolithos is just a couple of kilometers to the south. Stop at the edge of the cliff before you reach the castle itself for some photos (excellent views once again) and continue the windy road to the bottom of the cliff which will lead you to the castle, where rocky stairs will lead you to it. If you feel more adventurous, you can continue the same road which will bring you to some interesting and unspoiled beaches! 

Prasonisi is one of the most impressive beaches on the island. It is situated on the south end of Rhodes. Two sandy coves ending in an island that you can reach on foot or by swimming, depending on the weather and the level of the water (be careful though! there may be strong currents). This is a paradise for surfers, especially in July and August. If you have one, make sure you bring your zoom lens with you to capture the stunning performance of the surfers and paragliders. If you don't own one, buy one! 


Lindos, which is probably the most impressive archaeological site on Rhodes, is a unique location where the dramatic natural landscape is enhanced by the picturesque quality of the more modern town with the acropolis over it. There you will find the most important archaeological monuments, but interesting ruins are scattered at various points within the town and just outside it as well. Lindos is the second most important acropolis in Greece, after the Acropolis of Athens.
If you visit before or after high season, you will find that the small town has many interesting spots for photography.


Valley of butterflies
The valley of Butterflies (Petaloudes) is one of the most atractive destinations on the island. During late summer, especially August, thousands of butterflies gather in the valley to reproduce. The valley offers a nice walk through lush greenery and noumerous spots for photo shooting, while at the end of tne route you will find the Kalopetra monastery, where can enjoy the view  and a refreshment.

Profitis Ilias and surrounding villages (Dimilia, Apollakia, Eleousa, Platania, Archipolis)


From the village of Kalavarda take the route that leads inland, and you will find yourself on one of the beautiful tracks that leads towards the most green parts of the island. The landscape calls for taking a break from driving and invites you to its walking paths, while the villages are each a unique gem. Here you will also find the recently restored Elafos hotel, a great spot for walking in the nature, or to have a drink in the Cafeteria.

Seven Springs
Continue the previous track towards Kolympia, and you will find yourself at Seven Springs (Epta Piges). Seven Springs is one of the most visited locations on the island, mainly because of the beauty it's landcape offers, but also because here you can find a place to cool down a bit from the summer heat. A stream of cool water passes through the green valley, creating a small oasis. The waters from this stream end up in a small lake, in which you may also swim (careful, the water is quite cold!)

Rhodes Town, Mandraki, Miaouli Beach

Rhodes town best locations for photos hooting are probably Mandraki Harbour, where you will find a large number of italian buildings, the annuncuiacion church, the famous statues of the 2 deers standing at the harbour's entrance and lots of other things. Just 10 minutes walking distance is the Aquarium and the Miaouli Beach, a great location for capturing sunsets or active windsurfers and kitesurfers.

Rhodes Old Town as seen from Mandraki Harbour  


Rhodes Acropolis

 Rhodes Acropolis, Sunset

The Acropolis of Rhodes offers 2 things: Great archaeological interest and truly spectacular sunsets. Whether you are interested in one of these two or both, don't miss this unique location. 

Authored by Spyros Spyropoulos


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