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Kolymbia (Kolympia), Rhodes

On Rhodes' sun-kissed coast, Kolymbia (or, Kolympia) is one of the spots that offer the option for a more tranquil escape, with its well-kept, sandy beach avoiding the crowds of nearby Faliraki. The area's hotels, favored by families and those seeking peace, create a relaxed atmosphere throughout. This serene beachside spot is ideal for a laid-back getaway, highlighting the quieter, charming side of Rhodes for its visitors.

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The favourable location between Lindos and Rhodes Town and the child-friendly beach have made the street village of Kolymbia (or, Kolympia) a sought-after destination on the east coast since the 1990s. 

Despite the many hotels, the settlement of Kolymbia is relatively quiet even in summer. The 2 km long, straight eucalyptus avenue at the edge of the wide, flat Afandou bay leads to an extensive, very beautiful (but narrow) and clean gravel-sand beach in front of an impressive rock scenery.

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The village on the mostly dry riverbed of the Loutani was founded in the 1920s, when the Italians brought about 30.000 colonists to Rhodes and built new settlements on the coast. The large church with the striking Campanile and the administrative building (today an old people's home) on the expressway date from this period. 

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Behind it, at the beginning of the avenue, lie the fenced foundations of an early Christian basilica with a mosaic floor on the right. The ruin testifies that the beach area was already populated in ancient times

The two beach bays south and north of the rocky cape Vagia are beautiful bathing places and also popular as excursion destinations. In the north (left side) is the harbour, followed by a shallow sand strip with some rocks, in the back area tamarisks provide shade. On the southern side there is an open sandy bay, which drops a little steeper into the sea, and there are often stronger waves. The bay at the cape serves as a harbour.

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Our family had a wonderful time at Kolympia Beach last year. The beaches were perfect for our little one to play, and the water was calm and inviting. It was the relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere we were hoping for, making our vacation almost perfect. One plus point is that it is also relatively close to other interesting location on the island, for example it is very close to seven springs, also not too far away from the beach of Tsambika which we also enjoyed a lot, and Lindos as well. We can recommend this place and we will surely visit again!

Commented by Lucy C. April 06, 2024

Kolymbia is a lovely place

Commented by bob May 17, 2023

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