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Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of St. John
This a very well maintained and restored Castle. It was a fantastic experience, not only because of the castle itself, also the mosaics, the statues, the wooden ceilings, the alabaster windows, it all is well worth the visit.

Commented by Judith October 15, 2021 in Historical sites

Seven Springs (Epta Piges)
Even if the small waterfall is not much, a trip to the Seven Springs is worth it just for the delicious food at absolutely fair prices! We will definitely come again. The tunnel is quite funny, but also a bit scary!

Commented by Juliette October 3, 2021 in Excursions & places to visit

Faliraki Beach
We were there for two days in July 2021 and discovered a really clean, sandy beach that also had some rocks and stones in front of certain hotels. Overall, there are many different water activities and several beach bars and restaurants. You can bring your own towel or blanket and set it down, however sunbeds and umbrellas are only available for rental between 10 and 5.30 p.m.

Commented by Martin September 23, 2021 in Beaches

Butterfly Valley (Valley of Butterflies, Petaloudes)
There is free parking, and it was a hike through a pleasantly shady valley where you can watch thousands of butterflies sitting on the trees. All the bridges and pathways seemed very safe to me and are new. We have not hiked the valley completely because it was already full of visitors again, and keeping distance in some places was impossible. so I recommend to bring a mask!

Commented by Markus September 22, 2021 in Excursions & places to visit

Kalathos Beach
The beach is very spacious and at the end of September you have your peace and quiet. Still, we were able to enjoy our drinks in a beach bar. The entrance to the sea has coarse gravel, behind it there are also sandy sections where you can lie comfortably. Depending on the exact location, You can quickly swim in deep water.

Commented by Irina September 20, 2021 in Beaches

Butterfly Valley (Valley of Butterflies, Petaloudes)
About 3.5 kilometers long route through the valley of the butterflies.
In itself very recommendable but note that it is only uphill, and in the summer heat it can be quite exhausting. But it is worth it. There are also many different lizards to see.

Commented by Joanna September 15, 2021 in Excursions & places to visit

Monolithos Castle
Monolithos castle ruin lies on a mountain that can only be reached by foot. Your automobile can be parked at the bottom, however there is no designated parking area. All you have to do now is park on the side of the road. It wasn't particularly busy when we went at the beginning of the season. Going up is completely free. The climb to the top is rough, and the stairs can be treacherous. If it's a windy day, think twice about going up there. There are only few safety barriers in the area, and a blast of wind nearly knocked my wife and me down the steps. At the summit, there's a modest chapel with spectacular views of the bay.

Commented by Chris M. September 15, 2021 in Historical sites

Kiotari Beach
Lovely beach but very stoney so you need beach shoes to go in the sea. Not too busy either, and watersports available at many places at a reasonable price. We found a couple of beach bars and some nice restaurants.

Commented by Marius H. September 08, 2021 in Beaches

Medieval clock tower (Roloi)
A well worthwhile visit after a day strolling through Rodos streets with a terrace with a nice view on the bell tower from the inside

Commented by Ron September 04, 2021 in Historical sites

Butterfly Valley (Valley of Butterflies, Petaloudes)
Despite the warm weather, our experience was very pleasant and worthwhile. The many small animals, from crabs to countless butterflies are definitely worth a trip. Recommended.

Commented by Doris B. September 02, 2021 in Excursions & places to visit