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Rhodes Astike School, Rhodes

The building was constructed in 1874 and it is one of the first organized christian schools of Rhodes. It is a a continuation of the "Mutual Teaching School", founded by the metropolite of Rhodes, Paisios. The building was constructed on an older one, built in 1765, which occupied the large, communal piece of land, that extended up to the modern Venetokleion

In front and behind the building there is a large fenced courtyard. In the backyard the characteristic Marassian pillar is preserved and next to it there is an old marble fountain.

The building was built in 1874 and is one of the first organized Christian schools in Rhodes. The Urban School of Rhodes is a continuation of the "Allodidactic School" founded by Metropolitan Paisios of Rhodes. The present building was rebuilt on an older building of the large communal plot of land that reached up to the present-day Venetokleio. The oldest building was built in 1765.

Today it functions as a primary school.

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