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Kopria Beach, Rhodes

This remote little beach is 45 km southwest of the city of Rhodes, on your way to the castle of Kritinia.
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This is a hidden paradise, a beautiful pebbly beach with crystal clear waters, sheltered from both sides by rocky terrain. You will find only a handful of sunbeds, as well as a restaurant there. The beach is surrounded on both sides by fantastic rock formations, and the water is  warm and clean. The beach is usually not crowded.

Since the beach is quite small, it is advised that you visit early so you can get a good spot. It is also well combined with a visit to the castle of Kritinia and the village of Kritinia, so you could actually well spend half a day in this area exploring and enjoying a nice swim!

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We went to this little beach on June, after we visited the castle of Kritinia which is very close. As we went in the early afternoon, it was already somewhat occupied, but not so much that it was annoying. The beach is small, and there are sunbeds to hire, although we preferred to just make a quick jump into the water and move on to our next destination (Monolithos). The water was clean, and there is also a small taverna right at the entrance of the bay. If we did not have in mind to further explore the coast, we would probably have made a nice relaxing day for us there.

Commented by Jens S. October 12, 2022

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