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Scuba Diving

Rhodes has some spectacular diving spots and it doesn’t matter if you are a first time diver or very experienced, diving here is a joy.

Getting under the water with the varied sea life of the Mediterranean is an exhilarating experience. Snorkelling is allowed everywhere, but scuba diving (diving with compressed air) is only allowed when accompanied by an authorized instructor. There are still many ancient remains on the seabed, and the authorities take the salvage and export ban very seriously. The most popular dive spot is the rocky coast near Kallithéa. 

The first diving school opened on the island in 1982 and since then there have been quite a few new schools opening. Diving is very safe, actually more safe than football statistically, so you need not have any worries as you’ll be in qualified hands. Beginners' courses (PADI or CMSA) can be booked at Mandráki harbour and through some large hotels in Faliráki, Kiotári and lalyssós. 

The most popular site for diving in Rhodes is Kalithea Bay on the north east coast. The Blue Hole is a stunning cave that looks pitch black inside before you enter but as soon as you go in you will see daylight streaming in from above you. The Mushroom is a large rock with various entrances and exits. At places you can see right through it. If you go under the Mushroom, You’ll see sponges growing everywhere. Crystal Fish Alley at Kalithea is famous for it’s crystal clear waters. You’ll often spot huge schools of tiny fish with barracuda sitting on the edges looking for a meal.

Close to Lindos there are some amazing underwater caves. At Pefkos you will encounter crystal clear waters and at Plimmiri there is a ship wreck (Wreak diving requires a higher level) at Pefkos you will encounter crystal clear waters.

If you are not PADI certified, you have the option of taking an introductory dive. You won’t be able to go as deep as experienced divers, but you’ll get a taste for the sport. If you want to get certified, or even go further in your training, you will find dozens of places that offer courses.

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