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Beach volley

Beach volley is a sport that has been tremendously richer in the world over the last few years. Rhodes Island was a great bridge of events around the world and across Europe.

It is no coincidence that to this day, cities without a wet element around them are filled with people who want to watch the spectacle on the sand at world and European competitions.

Rhodes was certainly a milestone for major events and at the end of 2020 it marked 30 years since the start of beach volleyball on its beaches and in its courts where major international competitions were held. The first beach volleyball tournament in Rhodes was held in August 1990.

This is of great value considering that in 1987 the first international tournament was held in Rio de Janeiro, under the auspices of the FIVB (World Volleyball Federation). Beach volleyball became an Olympic sport and was first introduced in 1996 at the Atlanta Olympics.

Undoubtedly an important role in the development of beach volleyball on our island played the intense activity developed by the late Panagiotis Vakontios for his great love, to whom, at least on our island, every glory and honor must be attributed.

  • The European Beach Volleyball Championship, (the 1998 European Beach Volleyball Championship was held from 24 to 27 August 1998 on the island of Rhodes)
  • Women's World Cup 2002 (Women's Greek Open 2002, Rhodes, 24-28 July)
  • Women's World Cup 2003 (Women's Greek Open 2003, Rhodes, 11-15 June)
  • Women's World Championship in 2004 (Women's Competition, Rhodes from 19 May to 23 May 2004).

All four championships were held at the Town Hall of Rhodes, which admittedly left their mark with their excellent organization, as well as the global visibility of our island.

The above are not events that are easily forgotten. Their images are still making the rounds of the world today. Their pictures adorn the offices of great athletes at European and world level and the leaders of the Federations still look for Rhodes and want to organize again great competitions that will again gather the eyes of sports people all over the world.

Because of these sporting events, the island has gained a high profile since 2004.

The huge, beautiful, sandy beaches and the amazing weather conditions make Rhodes the ideal place for professional and amateur beach volleyball players.

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