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Gennadi Beach, Rhodes

As a continuation of Kiotari, Gennadi Beach boasts a unique blend of two distinct personalities. The shoreline stretches far and wide with a seemingly endless expanse of sand and small pebbles, creating a serene ambiance for those seeking relaxation.

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On the other hand, this beach also plays host to some of the liveliest beach parties on the island, attracting visitors seeking a more upbeat atmosphere. From day to night, the energy here is palpable, making it a must-visit destination for any traveler seeking a multifaceted beach experience on Rhodes.

Gennadi Beach is a stunning expanse that offers the perfect balance of relaxation and excitement. This vast beach provides ample space for you and your friends to sprawl out on your beach towels, with only select areas of the beach boasting commercial organization.

However, on Sundays, the beach transforms into a lively hotspot with guest DJs spinning tunes at the beach bars, attracting a crowd of trendy young people from all over the island. This beach truly offers the best of both worlds.

Located above the main road, the village of Gennadi offers a variety of options for dining and accommodation, including charming tavernas, cozy rooms for rent, small hotels, and the luxurious villas of affluent locals.

With crystal-clear waters, you'll undoubtedly discover a spot to relish in the tranquil solitude of your own company. Gennadi beach beckons you with open arms, offering the perfect escape for those seeking both serenity and excitement.

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Gennadi Beach reviews & comments

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My aunt and uncle live in Gennadi so I visit. The people, the food, the atmosphere, the beach, everything is amazing! Plus, it hardly rains in the summer!

Commented by Zoe March 27, 2012

Gennadi is the best place what I've ever seen and visited. I spent there 2 vacation and I am going there for free time in this year. People, sea, beach, food everything is perfect. Mainly contentment and no stress there.

Commented by Thomas W. February 21, 2011

I and my family bought a house in Gennadi in 2006, we have been welcomed by the locals and although it is a holiday home we are treated the same as the locals, we would recommend it to anyone visiting Rhodes. A real Greek village with all the charm and friendliness Greece has to offer.

Commented by Kevin Moody December 02, 2010

Gennadi is the most beautiful village on the island!! The people are amazing, Niko has the most amazing gryros, kostas internet bar is the place to hang, and the beach is unreal!! I love spending time there.

Commented by Irini September 07, 2010

We stayed at the ampelia beach, the viilage of gennadi was close by, we liked it a real greek village friendly locals, will go back again next year hopefully!

Commented by robert gatt October 10, 2009

I was born in this village 50 years ago! I love every inch and every stone!! Chris... I grew up with your brother Pavlos! Love Gennadi!

Commented by Tsambika Milios July 24, 2009

Gennadi is a little piece of paradise - an absolute Greek treat - far from the frenetic tourist zone. Stergos and Poppi run a fabulous restaurant in the center of town; George, Augusta, Themetra and Rula have the best tavern on the Greek coast and Nikos and Maria have phenomenal gyros at their shop on the hill. Love it!!

Commented by Ralph Wallace May 18, 2009

I enjoy the sun-drenched beautiful beaches and great terrain of this friendly destination.

Commented by G Man April 28, 2009

I was born in this lovely village and will return for another holiday in july this year people in this village are very friendly and everyone is wellcomed there

Commented by vasillios antonaras March 11, 2009

Me and my family lived in Gennadi for three months but sadly had to return to the uk. Enjoyed every part of our stay and will return.

Commented by roy chinery December 19, 2007

I was born on this lovely island 60 yrs ago and have returned many times. Gennadi has a beautiful beach with adequate hotels.

Commented by chris kotzias August 15, 2007

It's a great place!

Commented by Kamcik May 13, 2004

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