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Rhodes Nightlife

Rhodes has ample nightlife opportunities to offer. With crystal beaches that glimmer under the sun, and stunning blue waters surrounding ancient buildings, coastal caves and sheltered bays, museums, ancient ruins, castles and monasteries revealing its rich history, it’s no secret that Rhodes is a place thriving with culture, history and beauty. Equally impressive is the nightlife in Rhodes, which we will explore here.

As the sun sets over the Island of Rhodes, thrill seekers, adventure enthusiasts and those simply looking for a good time come out to play. The nightlife in Rhodes can offer you a romantic atmosphere or a lively and energetic night out. In other words, the night scene in Rhodes ranges from lively events made up of endless partying to sophisticated dinners made up of cocktails and endless culinary delights. There’s something for everyone in Rhodes after the sun sets until the early hours of dawn.

Mojito Beach Bar in Rhodes
Amphitheatre Night Club in Rhodes
Colorado Club in Rhodes
Paradiso Night Club in Rhodes
Romeo Restaurant in Rhodes
Ronda Beach Restaurant & Bar in Rhodes
Ronda Beach Restaurant & Bar in Rhodes
Auvergne Cafe & Restaurant in Rhodes

Nightlife in Rhodes Town and Ixia

Whether you are looking for a relaxed and laid- back nightlife atmosphere or wild partying, Rhodes town has a lot to offer. While the famous Orfanidou street is the perfect place for wild partying, with world famous spots such as the Colorado club, you will find many pubs and classy night clubs in other areas as well, with the Old Town leading the game.

If you’re a romantic at heart, the ambience of the Old Town at night is the perfect place for you.

If you are looking forward to wild parties, visit the Orfanidou Bar Street and let the night surprise you! If you prefer a good meal, there are plenty of fine restaurants along the coastline to accommodate your preferences.

Nightlife in Faliraki

Faliraki is a mix of sophistication and endless energy, making it the ideal place for those that seek variety. It is not far from Rhodes Town, so even if you are not staying in Faliraki, you can easily reach it by Taxi. You can start your night with a few cocktails or a relaxed dinner at the many restaurants found in the streets of Faliraki, or head straight down to one of the many nightclubs manned by professional DJs.

Nightlife in Pefkos and Lindos

These are two areas that offer relaxation and serenity during the day, before shifting to lively and energetic at dusk. Pefkos and Lindos offer a variety of places for every nightlife preference, and the fact that they are very close to each other means they can complement each other quite well. Here you will find everything: go to Pefkos if you are looking for a more family friendly and quiet ambience, and visit Lindos for lively nightclubs and bars, beautiful taverns and high class, luxury rooftop restaurants with views to the illuminated Lindos Acropolis.

Lindos Rhodes Nightlife

Enjoy your drink in an easy going environment.

Visit the Amphitheatre Club If you are an all-nighter and like to party till the morning, and you will be rewarded by witnessing one of the most beautiful sunrises on the island, right over the bay of Lindos and the Acropolis

Lindos Rhodes NightlifeArches Plus Open Air Club is an open air venue in Lindos where clubbing takes place from June to September. Well-known Djs are hosted. The atmosphere is complete with dancers and party lighting effects.

The restaurants and bars that fill the two areas are famous for their great tasting cuisine. Good examples are Mavrikos restaurant in Lindos, famous for it’s glorious seafood dishes, or Ktima Lindos, which offers stunning views over the gulf of Vlycha, The cocktails are sheer bliss anywhere you go.

Lindos Rhodes Nightlife
Dining under the Lindos Acropolis is an experience everyone should seek.

You will find no shortage of nightlife options on Rhodes island. Even in the less developed regions of southern Rhodes, you will find excellent beach bars to guarantee you will never get bored during the night.

When food comes into play, you’ll find some stunning locations for watching the sunset on the west coast while enjoying a glass of local wine or a fine cocktail as you catch up on the day, or some beautiful spots to eat along the eastern coastline where you can simply enjoy the tranquility of the gradually deepening colors in the sky until it harmoniously becomes one with the water, with the light summer breeze and the soft sound of the sea taking over to spoil your senses.

Rhodes nightlife highlights in a nutshell

  • Visit the beach bars or the Casino Bar at Rhodes Elli Beach. Some fine restaurants are also to be found at this area.
  • On the west coast of Rhodes Town, beginning at the Diagoras Statue and taking the "Akti Mialouli" road towards the Aquarium, you will find many small restaurants, taverns and bars worth your visit.
  • Stroll through the Old Town and pick your favorite place. The most prominent bars and nightclubs are to be found around "Hippocrates Square", and on Menekleous street, where the "Sultan Mustafa Mosque" is located.
  • If you are a real party animal, Orfanidou Street on the west coast of Rhodes Town is perfect for you.
  • Faliraki offers a bit of everything: Lively nightclubs, easy going bars, international restaurants, and a shallow beach in case you like to take a night swim (assuming you had nothing to drink before - remember - do not drink and swim!)
  • Haraki is close to Lindos, and is a beautiful spot if you like to dine at the seafront. The food here is excellent. You will also find a couple of pubs for a drink afterwards.
  • Lindos is as stunning at night as it is during the daytime. The illuminated Acropolis and the beautiful narrow alleys are home to some of the best nightlife options on the island, and a sunrise to be remembered.
  • Pefkos is perfect if you are on holiday with your family. Easy going and relaxed, the area offers excellent options for going out with your youngsters.
  • Kiotari and Gennadi offer many beautiful beach bars, beach front fish restaurants and some of the most unspoiled beaches on the island if you like it more quiet and serene.
  • If you are a foodie, you should also try visiting one of the many villages, where you can find traditional local cuisine and ingredients of the highest quality.  Good examples are Embonas, Kritinia, Apollona, Archipoli and Psinthos. Since driving to the villages mostly requires driving through windy roars, we suggest you take it easy on the alcohol if you are not actually dining where you are currently staying. 

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