Cinema, Museums & Galleries in Rhodes Greece

Museums, Galleries and Cinemas in Rhodes Greece

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Path of Gods Rhodes

Path of Gods is housed in a building combining medieval architecture with modern design. It was built to house and shelter replicas of artifacts. Beside Path of Gods there is an excavation that started in 1976 and was completed in the 1990s in an area of 1000 square meters dating back to the Hellenistic Period. Today we present to the public the Rhodian history and culture through replicas of ancient war engines, ancient technology and ancient toys. In Path of Gods you can enjoy a 20-minute HD movie showing the history of ancient sports and Rhodian Olympic Winners. Come to experience a journey of 2500 years in 40 minutes!

Rhodes Bee Museum

Visit the bee museum and see bees’ amazing world in transparent observation hives, the tradition and history of beekeeping in Rhodes, how honey is obtained (from the bee to our table). Learn everything about bees and their valuable products: honey, pollen, wax, propolis and royal jelly.

Throne of Helios

The Throne of Helios is a modern 3D entertainment center that combines cinema and thematic area, historical exhibits and screenings.

Rhodes Aquarium

The Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes operates as a Museum and Aquarium as well as a research centre,and belongs to the National Centre of Marine Research.

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