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Tourist arrivals in Rhodes increased by 8% in 2022 compared to 2019

The best season ever is now a fact for Rhodes, as the tourists who visited the island this year are demonstrably much more than those who visited in 2019, when tourist traffic skyrocketed and it was a record year for our destination.

This picture emerges from the eight-month figures, i.e. for the period from March, when the first charters landed at our airport, until October, the month for which we have the latest official data from Fraport Greece regarding tourist traffic.

This reflects the figures for the eight-month period from March 2023, when the first charters landed at our airport, until October 2023, the month for which we have the latest official data from Fraport Greece on tourist traffic. This period, a total of 2,548,027 tourists came to Rhodes with charter flights, compared to 2,343,381 in the same period in 2019.

This is an increase of 8%, a fairly significant percentage, as it translates into about 204,000 more tourists.

How many tourists visited Rhodes in 2019?

For the eight months of March-October 2019, the traffic was therefore detailed as follows:

  • March: 123 tourists
  • April: 102,715 tourists
  • May: 285,231 tourists
  • June: 410,182 tourists
  • July: 478 783 tourists
  • August: 477,518 tourists
  • September: 388,651 tourists
  • October: 200,178 tourists

How many tourists visited Rhodes in 2022?

For 2022 in the eight months of March-October, traffic was detailed as follows:

  • March: 3,876 tourists
  • April: 111,057 tourists
  • May: 298,134 tourists
  • June: 432,063 tourists
  • July: 432,061 tourists
  • August: 508,475 tourists
  • September: 409,683 tourists
  • October: 242,378 tourists

These are numbers that we had not even expected, as the tourist season turned out unexpectedly well, and the reality exceeded every scenario that was originally conceived.

In fact, according to the estimates, with the tourist season now over, when the official figures for November traffic are announced, the account that will be taken will show more than 2,550,000 tourists!

So, tourist traffic in Rhodes has proven to be particularly positive this year, and we had visitors until the first days of November.

According to existing indications, the first flights that will mark the beginning of the next tourist season will be made at the end of March and then will increase as time goes by, while the Catholic Easter will play a big role, as it does every year.

Even more important, however, will be the energy issue throughout Europe, as it will be the factor that will determine the economic situation of European citizens, which in turn will determine the level of expenditure on their holidays.

One thing is certain, this year has seen a significant increase in traffic, which will also lead to an increase in our revenues, and this development will be a significant financial boost after two years of pandemic.

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Det er da dejligt at det er gået op for folk, hvor dejlig øen er. har været der ca. 8 gange

Commented by John Wiell Christensen November 19, 2022

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