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Rhodes introduces measures as part of the initiative for the 100 Energy Friendly Cities in Europe

The municipality of Rhodes continues its efforts for the environmental improvement of the island in the framework of the European Commission's initiative for the 100 energy-friendly cities of Europe.

Based on the principles of Sustainable and Viable Urban Development and in order to achieve the goal of climate neutrality, it is necessary to organise holistic interventions for spatial planning, mobility and transport, urban regeneration, energy, circular economy, public health, primary and secondary sector production, tourism services, historical and cultural wealth, protection of the natural and marine environment and everything that will characterise Rhodes in 2030.

In order to address the effects of climate change and the energy upgrade of the building stock, the Municipality of Rhodes has been implementing a number of projects over the last 5 years, while at the same time, through its participation in European Programmes, knowledge and good practices have been acquired, which document the municipal authority's ambition to organise itself in the face of the effects of climate change, forming an effective strategy.

The necessary strategy for a smart and climate-neutral Rhodes will be effective, when it results from the participation and viewpoints of all, where everyone, through the role of the elected official, or the businessman, or the consumer, or the visitor, or the scientist, etc., can act as a co-creator and co-implementer of a holistic plan to address the climate crisis.

The areas of intervention for the development of this strategy, which will lead in the future to zero emissions and improved quality of life, are proposed in the following thematic axes:

Transport - Urban Mobility

Where, indicatively, ways will be sought for the resolution of issues such as the movement of residents and visitors without cars, the supply of shops, traffic and parking of cars, public transport, etc.

Buildings - Facilities

Where, indicatively, ways of saving energy in buildings and facilities, views and ideas for the construction of non-energy-intensive modern housing and buildings, views on the reuse of old and listed buildings, etc. will be sought.

Energy - Environment

Where, indicatively, views and proposals for the production and storage of clean energy will be recorded, smart ways of managing both distribution networks and consumption will be sought, methods for promoting electromobility, protection from pollution, sea and air pollution, ensuring clean and sufficient drinking water, etc. will be discussed.

Urban Planning & Urban Environment

Where, indicatively, opinions and proposals will be recorded on the urban expansion of the city, the redefinition of land use, the development of smart and ecological areas, bioclimatic interventions in public space, etc.

Circular Economy & Waste Management

Where indicative solutions will be sought for the reduction of household waste, awareness of product reuse, hazardous waste management, etc.

Economy & Society

Where ways will be sought to improve agricultural production, for innovation in manufacturing, climate-neutral tourism business, addressing energy poverty, social exclusion, etc.

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