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Monolithos to be included in the international dark sky community

The city council of Rhodes unanimously approved the support for the inclusion of the community of Monolithos in the network "international dark sky community", something that will not only promote the beautiful area, but will also add to the tourist product of the island.

The Deputy Mayor of Press and Communication, Mr. Kostas Taraslias, explained about this network that: the creation of many light zones and light pollution, causes a big problem for people who wish to engage in sky observation. This has created the need to protect certain areas from excessive use of lighting, without, of course, prohibiting the use of lighting in these areas or the construction of homes and businesses.

Simply, an observatory will be set up to give appropriate advice to these areas on what should be done, through a light study, with the aim of ensuring that there is as little light spillage as possible.

On this occasion, therefore, a group of our remarkable fellow citizens started the initiative prompted by the suggestion of the well-known amateur astronomer Mr. Stratos Koufou, whom they thanked for his actions. This is fitting for our region, since there have been observatories here since ancient times.

They therefore appreciated that in Monolithos there is an excellent slope that could be included in the network. After contacting and working with the deputy mayor of Atttavyros, Mr. Nektarios Floskakis, they exchanged views and ideas.

We believe that this is in the interest of the Monolithos area, which is an area that really does not have all those elements of saturation in terms of urban use, it is an area that is appropriate because we believe that it will help in general to promote the area.

In addition to the castle and the very nice restaurants there, it offers the possibility of a subject which not only offers something for the sciences, but at the same time for the area to be described as having another experience - as we say in tourism - in special forms of tourism.

He then explained that there is a specific process they have to follow and they first asked for the community's consent, which is attached, as well as various details about the Dark Sky Communities organization.

Both the community president, Mr. Diamantis Konissis and Mr. Koufos, who attended the meeting along with Mr. Stellios Koutris, spoke on the motion.

Mr Koufos said, among other things, that Rhodes has a heavy heritage in astronomy, and indeed Monolithos will be the first in all of Greece to be certified.

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