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Rhodes: Preparations for the early start of the season in 2023!

The decision of easyJet to start flights to Rhodes from 11 March 2023 with seven flights per week from four different airports in the UK has accelerated the processes for the opening of the tourist season. According to reports, immediately after the holidays, meetings will be held with all relevant bodies to prepare the island in time as early as the end of February.

Indeed, the period between the Christmas and New Year's holidays and the start of the new tourist season is short and therefore requires the timely activation of all relevant bodies so that the destination can "win" the bet of an early start of the tourist season, thus increasing the chances of extending the duration of the tourist season until the end of November at least.

As expected, easyJet's decision affected competition, as Jet2, the well-known British low-cost airline, also decided to start charter flights from the UK to Rhodes on 2 April instead of 23 April, as originally planned. At the same time, arrivals from Israel will also start on April 2, while it is possible that the schedules of other tour operators or airlines will also start earlier, which will of course depend on the demand and interest that will exist.

According to the information, officials of the Municipality of Rhodes and PROTOUR are expected to start contact procedures with the relevant market participants, hoteliers, restaurateurs, traders, etc., with the aim for the island to give a lively image to the first visitors of the season. Of course, in March it is mainly - if not only - the hotels in the town that are to be opened. But it cannot be taken for granted that the downtown market will be open to serve visitors, on whose satisfaction will depend the continuation of the early opening of the season and the fate of its extension.


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