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Tsambika Kloster, Rhodos

Das alte Kloster von Tsambika liegt auf einem Hügel mit herrlichem Blick auf das Meer und die Umgebung und bietet atemberaubende Aussichten auf die Strände von Tsambika und Kolymbia.

Die Straße zum Tsampika-Kloster zweigt von der Hauptstraße ab, einige Meter vor der Abzweigung zum Tsambika-Strand. Die Straße führt auf halber Strecke auf den Hügel. Von diesem Punkt an müssen Sie den Hügel über 350 Stufen hinaufgehen. Auf der Spitze des Hügels befindet sich die kleine byzantinische Kirche, die der Jungfrau Maria geweiht ist. Sie liegt auf einer Höhe von etwa 240 m und bietet einen wirklich spektakulären Blick auf die Küste, sowohl im Norden über Kolymbia als auch im Süden über den Strand von Tsambika und bis nach Lindos, so dass sich der anstrengende Aufstieg auf jeden Fall lohnt!

Tsambika Kloster © Rhodes Guide /

Tsambika Kloster © Rhodes Guide /

Die Legende besagt, dass Frauen, die Schwierigkeiten haben, schwanger zu werden, barfuß auf den Berg steigen sollten, um die Jungfrau um Fruchtbarkeit zu bitten, und dass in den meisten Fällen der Glaube belohnt und der Wunsch erfüllt wird. Wenn dies der Fall ist, soll das männliche Kind einer solchen Mutter "Tsampikos" und das Mädchen "Tsampika" genannt werden. Wer immer noch an der Richtigkeit dieser Überlieferung zweifelt, dem empfehlen wir, den Namen auf einer belebten Straße irgendwo auf der Insel auszuprobie ren: Zählen Sie einfach, wie viele Köpfe sich zu Ihnen umdrehen, um Sie zu erkennen!  Tsampikos und Tsampikas haben ihren Namenstag am 7. September.

Tsambika Kloster © Rhodes Guide /
Tsambika Kloster © Rhodes Guide /


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Tsambika Kloster Bewertungen und Kommentare

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I visited Rhodes with my friend and we rented a car. One day driving we found a place where some busess were parking. We wanted to see the place and it was Tsampika monastery on the bottom of the hill. We did not know anything about the place and miracles, we only visited the church. I have bought a booklet about the history of the place in a little store by the church, where I have read about Our Lady of Tsampika. A year later I visited the place with another friend and we climbed the mountain and visited the chapel on the place where the icon was found. Because my oldest daughter had a very severe endometriosis and doctors said to her she had only 2% hope to have a child, I prayed for her in the chapel and wrote a prayer to the book there. After some time my daughter became pregnant and she finaly had a beautiful little girl who is 3 years old now. During few days she expects another baby! Thank you, Our Lady of Tsampika!

Kommentiert von Libuša Radková May 20, 2021

We came to Rhodes for our honeymoon in May 2019...Through the help of our hotel they arranged for us to have our own chauffer and visit all the wonderful places, sights and landmarks in Greece... Tsambika monastery being one of many... when this beautiful place and its legend was told to us me & my husband jumped at the chance to visit... you see we had been trying to conceive for 10 years, absolutely trying everything... and still nothing happened for us... The experience was like nothing we had ever experienced, surrounded by the breath taking views was magical and very over whelming... I felt closeness to all of the mothers that had the same heart breaking difficulties of trying to concieve too... when saying our goodbyes before returning home I was still skeptical and did not hope too much as did not want to be disappointed again even though we were told we would visit again one day but holding our child... I smiled and only hoped this could ever be true....Exactly 6 mths months later to leaving the island I found out me & my husband was pregnant...we now have a beautiful precious son born on July 2020! We still pinch ourselves everyday that we are dreaming... When I had lost all hope of ever becoming a mummy, I truly believe this amazing place gave me and my husband our precious miracle...Looking forward to the day that we can visit again with our son soon!

Kommentiert von Chris & Sarah Spencer March 28, 2021

My mother climbed all 309 steps in 1962 to pray for my birth. I was born in March of 1963. My first name at birth was Tsambika and Kari my middle. My mother is Greek from Chania, Crete. Unfortunately, we moved to the US and no one could say my name so they legally changed it to my middle name. I have visited Tsambika several times and walked the same path as my mother and will return again when travel restrictions are lifted. Blessings to all who visit and pray.

Kommentiert von Kari Tsambika Purser May 08, 2020

I was at the Tsambika monastery twice 1999 and 2018 both times were difficult times and Miracles happened. I thank God in its infinite mercies and thank the people working in the monastery for preserving the place for generations. If you believe in God visit and see wonders happened in your life.

Kommentiert von Jonny A April 28, 2020

This summer my husband and I were preparing for IVF and doctor said that we should go for a holiday to relax before the process starts. We decided to go to Rhodes as I wanted to visit Tsambika Monastery and to pray there for a help. On the way to the monastery I was very emotional and was crying all the way up. One Greek lady was passing buy with her 10 years old daughter, smiled at me, showed in direction to her child and simply said her name is Tsambika. That gave me strength and more belief. When we reached the church I couldn\'t calm down and I was crying all the time. That saw the man who is working in the Monastery. When he found out why we were there he told me that he has something to give me. He gave me burned wick from the holly oil, holly oil, and white ribbon. He gave us instructions how to use all of these in next 40 days and to pray. When we came back from holiday our IVF procedure started and only what I can say now is that I am 3 months pregnant and very thankful to Agia Tsambika!
Believe and miracle will come true.

Kommentiert von Rhodes is a heaven.... November 10, 2015

I was recently on holiday in Rhodes with my husband and two children. By coincidence, I learnt that we were staying right next to this monastery. We had been trying for a baby for longer than I had cared to. So as a family, we got a taxi half way up the mountain and walked up the steps. I removed my shoes and in the chapel, I got down on my hands and knees and prayed, pleaded and begged to become pregnant. I lit and candle and tied one of my bracelets to a garland which was already there. The view was absolutely breathtaking. We had a drink in the tavern and a picnic in the grass. If nothing was ever to come of our visit (fertility wise) then at least we had a wonderful experience. However, whether you believe this to be a miracle or a coincidence, two weeks after arriving home, I have just discovered I am pregnant. I still cannot believe it. Good luck and enjoy the experience of you are to visit

Kommentiert von Louise May 04, 2015

Cut a long story very short. Me and my wife had suffered 2 misscariages and were having the worst year of our lives. Whilst on holiday we decided to make the trip up to the top of the mountain. 2 Months later we're expecting twins. Could just say it's luck but some really strange things happened on that holiday. Would recommend the trip to anyone, even those who aren't trying for a baby, the view from the top is the best view i've ever seen, and I've been to some beautiful places !......

Kommentiert von Paul January 16, 2011

My fiance and I arrived in Rhodes with a Cruise, and found out about the monastery talking to a few ladies in a shop, who told about the miracle. Well, having tried for a baby for over a year and a half, we thought we'd give it a try so we went to visit this cute little church (we didn't actually go up to the mountain barefoot) and prayed to our Lady. Such an experience!!! Believ it of not, after two weeks.... we were expecting!!! Thank you Panaya (name of the Our lady in Greek) we will return with Alessandro! We will never forget this experience!!!

Kommentiert von Alessandro March 21, 2010

I had no idea when I set off up this mountain that there was a Monastery on the top, it was a case of the higher I went the more breathtaking the view of the surrounding area. Once at the top, after much climbing up steps, was this haven of peace and tranquility. Simple, but beauriful, you just wonder at the work involved in building something like this 900 feet up, and with a water supply, amazing. A small prayer room, with an alter, candles, and a few paintings and artifacts were the mainstay of this Holy Place. You can sit in the small courtyard, which I did, the temperature was in the high 80's and I had my water bottle refilled by a gentleman, not in a Monks habit, for a small donation to the upkeep of the place. But to take advantage of seeing this place and the amazing views of the surrounding countryside be prepared, water is a must, for some hard walking up steep steps and paths, where you have to be just as careful coming down again. Allow at least 3hrs for the total trip.

Kommentiert von Steve Firth October 29, 2006

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