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Lindos Beach
I brought my new wife here in 2007. I had been many times before, with the lads, with my 1st wife, with my children. It was our 1st holiday together and I was anxious, she might not like it as much as I did. We arrived in the evening and were deposited at reception by the shuttle bus and we followed the directions to our accommodation, dropped our bags and stepped out. My wife was very quiet as we walked down the main street. I decided to show her the bay and dropped into the Rainbird Bar to be greeted by Nikos. "Welcome home" he said...
My wife cried. We've been back every year since and are already booked for next year !!!

Commented by Andy & Linda Thompsett December 12, 2013 in Beaches

Tsambika (Tsampika)
Rhodes is a wonderful island! I prefer Tsambika beach! Down to the right hand its a peace place, nature! Lots of nudist are there.
Every summer am there :)

Commented by sun_beach80 November 17, 2013 in Beaches

Haraki (Charaki)
Just returned home from our 42nd visit to Haraki, guess what ? we love it !!!

Commented by Jan Whymark October 27, 2013 in Resorts

Pefkos (Pefki)
This will be our 5th time on the bounce in pefkos, we go every September, this time for 3 weeks, going on sept 4th, can't wait. Love the people, food, weather. Got great friends over there now.

Commented by Matt & Anna September 02, 2013 in Beaches

Nice, small and sandy beach

Commented by dimitris August 11, 2013 in Beaches

Very peaceful beach where the water is very shalow, so young children can enjoy playing and walking in it. Good sunbeds, quiet atmosphere, small but nice canteen, lots of seashells. Worth to stop by!

Commented by Dragana August 07, 2013 in Beaches

Butterfly Valley (Valley of Butterflies)
Went there in 1972. I can still remember how beautiful the valley was. I hope to go back one day...

Commented by Richard irons July 24, 2013 in Excursions & places to visit

Lindos Beach
we have been going to lindos for holidays 28 yrs mostlly in sept. We love it. Its our second home. We got married there 19yrs ago. We have so many friends there People are so friendly. Yes they remember you and make tou feel so welcome. Its a fanstastic place. The sun shines from dawn to dusk. We will be there this sept counting the weeks. Lindos is the best. All my family loves it. try it !

Commented by julie @ denis June 03, 2013 in Beaches

10 + 10 things to do, places to visit, attractions and activities in Rhodes you should not miss
Went to Rhodes for a wedding a few years ago. such a beautiful place, that's why we're returning on June. We have so much more to see.

Commented by Linda March 26, 2013 in Blog / Magazine

Haraki (Charaki)
Haraki is now a home from home for us and we can't wait to go back for what will be our 8'th time. each time we go back we see the same faces cos everyone loves it soooo much!

Commented by linda and john robson January 20, 2013 in Beaches