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Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Filerimos: Beautifulopen in new window
Posted on November 10, 2012 by andrea milne
Filerimos is very close to our hearts we have been visiting the cross and the peacocks for 12 years and wouldn't change a thing about it...
We were there in October and it was as beautiful as ever there also seemed to be more peacocks than ever...what a beautiful place to be...If your reading this I strongly advise any one to visit and take in the beauty of Filerimos...
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Stegna: If you want total relaxationopen in new window
Posted on October 13, 2012 by Alan & Anne Long
If you want total relaxation, Stegna is the place for you. Friendly people, wonderful food and lovely warm sunshine. We always stay at Georges-Studios apartments which are beautifully clean and well kept but we have several friends who stay at Aroma Studio apartments, which are also beautifully clean & well-kept. There are so many places to eat that we could recommend but most especially Aroma & Maria's for traditional home-cooked Greek food and O Gialos (next to Jack's Bar) for wonderful fresh locally-caught fish. Jack's Bar is a great place to sit and have a drink and just look at the sea.
If you want to just chill and take in the view, a visit to Tramonto Cafe Snack bar at the top of the mountain road before you make the descent down to Stegna, is a must. The view of Stegna Bay is absolutely breathtaking and Stefanos, the owner is so warm & friendly. We have only just discovered this place in September 2012 - we just popped in one afternoon on our way back to the apartment, for a much-needed cold drink and ended up staying there for 2 hours just relaxing, watching the goats grazing on the mountain and taking in the view. There is a nice play area for children and it's a great place to just sit and relax.
Just visit this wonderful little resort once and I am sure you will be 'hooked' as we were. Also just hire a car for a few days and explore the island. We have been going for 6 years now and discover new things every time we go. It's a fantastic place!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Seven Springs (Epta Piges): Walking from Seven Springs to Tsambika Monasteryopen in new window
Posted on October 10, 2012 by solvej allen
We took the regular bus between Rhodos and Lindos (runs every half hour) and walked the three km from the highway down to Seven Springs. Using the GPS in my husband's phone we then hiked 4 km through the forest to the Tsampika Monastery. The first bit was a bit of a scramble through dense forest, so it should not be attempted without a GPS. We connected to gravel paths and hiked up the back of the mountain just north of the monastery and were rewarded with amazing views of the bay below. Actually came out on the highway and found the monastery a bit downhill north of this mountain, but even if climbing the mountain was the result of a slight miscalculation. The view was worth every extra step. October was plenty hot for this trip, it probably should not be attempted during the summer months, as it is too strenuous for dense heat.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Haraki (Charaki): Great holidayopen in new window
Posted on September 16, 2012 by Rose @ tony Gilmore
Went to Haraki in July 2012 had a brilliant holiday so much we are going again in October can't wait lovely people cheap to eat & drink very relaxed & quiet !!!

Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): Great placeopen in new window
Posted on September 14, 2012 by Andy and Deb
4th visit in two years tomorrow. Won't go anywhere for the foreseeable future. Love the breakfast at Michaels bar near Lee Beech Bar (for best sunset views). Superb people and atmosphere. Great nights out and don't miss out on the Kalari Bar.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Lindos: Never stop visitingopen in new window
Posted on September 5, 2012 by Jonny
I am going to Lindos for the fourteenth time on Saturday and cannot wait. We see the same locals running the bars and restaurants every year and they are the friendliest people you could ever wish to meet. The bars are great, The Rock Bar, The Museum Bar and the restaurants are very special most of them being terrace restaurants overlooking the village. There are no cars in the village and its little winding cobbled streets are beautiful. St Paulis bay and the main beaches are great all in all a fantastic holiday every time we go. Everyone you meet in Lindos has been there many times before and we will never stop visiting.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Acropolis of Rhodes: Amazedopen in new window
Posted on September 3, 2012 by Mary Amin
We have just visited the Acropolis and were amazed how interesting it is. We had driven past but it is not until you climb down to it that you realise how much there is to see. Let's hope more excavation takes place.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Ixia: The place to beopen in new window
Posted on August 12, 2012 by Liz Atkinson
Ixia is a gem where the water is bluer than the sky. I love this spot...the location is perfect for getting around and the people there are the friendliest that I have ever met!!! Thanks to the staff of Valintinos for all the fun and I hope to be back ASAP... From Canada...2012
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Lindos: I visited via a novelopen in new window
Posted on August 3, 2012 by Tillie
Finished the novel, Seven Tears For Apollo, by Phyllis A. Whitney, only about 3 hours ago. The setting is on the Isle of Rhodes, with visits to other islands, Lindos being one.
In a short statement in the front of the book the author writes that (this is a paraphrase) no matter how she tried she could not describe the enchantment of Rhodes.
It was a wonderful book. I recommend it.
If I can't make the journey there in person. This book was a nice way to visit! Thanks to the wonderful (late) author, Phyllis A. Whitney for that!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Valley of Butterflies: THE VISIT TO THE VALLEY OF THE BUTTERFLIES WAS FANTASTICopen in new window
Posted on July 31, 2012 by ADELLE DUNBERG
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): Wonderful placeopen in new window
Posted on June 28, 2012 by lorraine and mark
What a wonderful place to go it just keeps calling us back so of we go in 3 weeks time I recommend the place to anyone as all the people are friendly the damm damm is our favorite place to eat our evening meal. We get lots of lovely welcomes when we go into any place the Pefkos by night bar is the best place to go at night as they have air conditioning to keep you cool at night and the staff are friendly and funny cant wait to see them all again!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): Looking forward to the holidayopen in new window
Posted on June 25, 2012 by lorraine
Going back to pefkos for the 5 time love the place and the peoplr they never forget you love pefkos by night lively place at night the staff are welcoming and freindly cant wait to go back favourite restaurant is dam dam looking forward to the holiday.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Lindos: I can not waitopen in new window
Posted on June 16, 2012 by Emma
When my mother met her belated husband fifteen years ago, He took her there on holiday :) and three years after that they took myself my husband, our son then 8 years old and our daughter 3, it is stunning, we are going back in a few weeks time and i can not wait :)
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Kalithea (Kallithea): A beautiful placeopen in new window
Posted on June 16, 2012 by sarah cooper
This is a beautiful place! since the buildings have been restored its even more beautiful! its so tranquill and peaceful. You can go snorkerling for hours! we love it here so much we named our daughter after it!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Seven Springs (Epta Piges): Picturesque and a mustopen in new window
Posted on June 2, 2012 by marie
Went last august 2011 really enjoyed it took over an hour on moped to find it but well worth it. The green bluey water was lovely. Picturesque and a must is to walk through the tunnel.
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