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Haraki (Charaki)
Haraki is our second home twice a year for fourteen years
Jack was only a youngster how thing have changed but still the best place to be if you want to make good friends like we have over the years we have a reunion every year in england jack & paula arrive every time looking forward to this years hols great.

Commented by jan & chris April 01, 2007 in Resorts

Lindos Beach
Been going nine years now, that good we have our own place there now in a village just out side Lindos

Commented by Kev & Gill March 26, 2007 in Beaches

We have visited Filerimos several times when we have visited Rhodes it is truly wonderful the view from the top of the cross is breath taking and well worth a visit. We are going back to Rhodes this year and will make another visit to this lovely place.

Commented by Robson March 25, 2007 in Excursions & places to visit

Seven Springs (Epta Piges)
Absolutely brilliant the tunnel under the ground is ace. we go under it every time we visit. And the grounds are really relaxing. Dont miss it when you go.

Commented by Robson March 25, 2007 in Excursions & places to visit

Butterfly Valley (Valley of Butterflies)
Valley of the Butterflies is a must. We saw tree frogs and tree crabs. it was unbelieveable. even a turtle. Its so nice dont miss it.

Commented by Robson March 25, 2007 in Excursions & places to visit

Pefkos (Pefki)
We went to Pefkos a couple of years ago. Lovely place quiet but with just the right amount of night life. We have been to many Greek islands but this was one of our favorites.

Commented by Christine Humphreys March 24, 2007 in Beaches

Pefkos (Pefki)
First went to Pefkos 5 years ago, and been back every year since, took friends with us pas few times who have also been back, or going back! Also taken our children who also love it made dome lovely Greek friends, people are so lovely and make you and your family very very welcome. GOING BACK IN SEPTEMBER THIS YEAR AND IT CAN'T COME QUICK ENOUGH...

Commented by JACKIE March 21, 2007 in Beaches

Haraki (Charaki)
Haraki is a beautiful place with the most stunning views + has such a friendly atmosphere you will want to come again and again. We were there for our friends wedding in June 2006. The reception was at Jacks bar, as we all know and come from the same village as Paula, Jacks wife. The place blew us away, so much, that we are going back in June this year!

Commented by Stacey +Stephen March 20, 2007 in Beaches

Haraki (Charaki)
My partner and I have been to Haraki twice so far and loved it so much we're planning to go there this September for our honeymoon.
If you want peace and quiet this is for you, with fantastic Greek food and cheap drinks it can't be beaten.
The beach is uncrowded and the weather perfect, we usually go September onwards when its a comfortable 80 degrees. The locals are very friendly and Pefkos and Lindos aren't far away if you fancy a day out.

Commented by wayne churchman March 17, 2007 in Resorts

Haraki (Charaki)
I have holidayed in Haraki 4 times now and love the place so much I am going back!!! Heaven on earth. So peaceful and wounderful.

Commented by lynn kenmare March 16, 2007 in Beaches