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Rhodes Greece

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Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews : Symi is heavenopen in new window
Posted on September 6, 2007 by Christos Ioannou
Symi is so nice once you've been to it, it makes you feel dizzy from the beautiful sights
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Lindos: One of the most beautifull places in Greek Islesopen in new window
Posted on August 29, 2007 by Jay
The first time I went to Lindos was about 25 years ago, then consequently went 7 years running after that. Haven't been since but planning to go back in 2 weeks - can't wait. Do go, it's one of the most beautifull places in Greek Isles.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Faliraki: Going to Falarakiopen in new window
Posted on August 24, 2007 by Nat
Hiya! Im going to Falaraki on September 5th for a week with a couple of my mates! I cant wait but im worried it might be a bit out of season, will it still be busy? warm? and will the clubs be open? or will I be playing Bingo. Could someone let me know please! Thanks!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Glystra: Quiet family atmosphereopen in new window
Posted on August 20, 2007 by
Me and my family always look for a real quiet family atmosphere sandy beach on the first day.
That's what I mean, Glystra
a message for the canteen-man: I enjoy your sense of humour!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Tholos (Theologos): Thelolgosopen in new window
Posted on August 19, 2007 by Sarah
Absolutly love this quiet village, the perfect place to relax in peaceful surroundings. I have been to Rhodes 3 times now and I will keep coming back.
The best place to eat in this resort is Nikos Bar - excellent food in an authentic greek setting. Nikos and Maria are very welcoming, it is always a pleasure to eat at this restaurant.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Gennadi: Lovely islandopen in new window
Posted on August 15, 2007 by chris kotzias
I was born on this lovely island 60 yrs ago and have returned many times. Gennadi has a beautiful beach with adequate hotels.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): Cannot fault Pefki HONEST!!open in new window
Posted on August 15, 2007 by Martyn, Jan+ Rhiannon (aged 8)
Returning for our fourth visit to Pefkos and the Matina Appts Sept 07. As a family resort, Pefkos is perfect - friendly people, an abudance of fantastic restaurants and lots of child-friendly bars. If you're looking for a wild time, then Pefkos is not for you - head to Faliraki instead. Although not typically Greek (name me one tourist resort in Greece that is these days!!), it is geared to the British tourist, but travel just a few miles outside Pefkos to Lardos or Archangelos and you get a feel for the real Greece. The main beach in Pefkos is perfect for kids and the resort has a very safe feel to it. The Greeks love children and our daughter has always been treated like royalty in every restaurant. Make the effort to walk up the steep hill to Tsambikos Restaurant above the bakery - in our opinion it is the best in Pefkos. Learn a few words of Greek and the locals will love it! We recommend Pefkos to anyone looking for a relaxing family holiday and can't wait to go back.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): Wonderful placeopen in new window
Posted on August 12, 2007 by Angie Kilburn
About to visit Pefki for the 8th year this September. Wonderful place. Unfortunately my husband was taken seriously ill whilst there and we couldn't have received better treatment from the locals or the brand new hospital. Already booked for 08 and can't wait! Stella hotel fantastic, beaches wonderful and the restaurants plentiful.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Kalithies: Greatopen in new window
Posted on August 12, 2007 by thomas kakiou
I love kalithies it is the best
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Faliraki: faliraki is awwwwsomeopen in new window
Posted on August 12, 2007 by thomas kakiou
been there many times and i will go there as many more times as I can go
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): WHAT A LOVELY RESORTopen in new window
Posted on August 6, 2007 by JOHN COOPER
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Stegna: Love the placeopen in new window
Posted on August 4, 2007 by michelle
Well i'm just back from greece(Rhodes) and I had an amazing time and defo going back. Hopefully next year. Chris George Pete n Georgina were amazing. They keep you entertained until the morning with there normal night and after 12 there own music chris and pete.

Love the place so much I will be back.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Stegna: Stegna, what an amazing place!open in new window
Posted on July 31, 2007 by Wayne , Jan & Kristos
Wow, what a brilliant place, so cool we're going back in September, loved the Mercedes bar, George and Chris's mum during the day offering, briliant food (the bacon feta and onion baguettes are amazing) and lovely hospitality, and on the eving Chris, Niko(yassou captain niko) Georgia and Pete will keep you entertained, well into the morning, listen to their guitar playing, really entertaining, they have live music and karaoke, also a greek and curryoake night, good laugh First time we have hired s car and Rhodes is so easy to drive in, (we hired an automatic a lot easier to drive)snorkelling in Stegna is amazing , everyone is so friendly, we found kozzas to be a fab restaurant, also ate at knights castle, if you like wild nights and pumping music Stegna isnt for you, what you get is genuine hospitality, great company and a fantasic relaxing time with some great people, cant wait to go back roll on September 6 weeks and counting.
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Rodini park: A must visit!open in new window
Posted on July 30, 2007 by A. Omega
When we were there it was during the wine festival which was held at Rothini Park - Unforgetable!
Rhodes Rhodos Rodos Reviews Pefkos (Pefki): Looking forward to goingopen in new window
Posted on July 26, 2007 by S Jones
REEEEALLY looking forward to going to Pefkos in 2 days' time. It's a surprise for my boyfriend so I can't wait to see his face! Read the wonderful reviews and seen the gorgeous pictures. Getting excited now. Staying at the Ilyssion Hotel by the beach. Will post my comment on return.
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