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Haraki (Charaki)
We are considering going back to Haraki in 2010 as we loved it so much last year. Really beautiful resort with lovely people. Can anyone tell me if the cost of beer and food has gone up much since 2008?

Commented by Jules October 6, 2009 in Resorts

Halki (Chalki)
Yes, Halki full of British tourists, overun with them to be honest, but a pleasant enough island and some nice villas

Commented by Kathy September 19, 2009 in Dodecanese islands

Anthony Quinn Bay
I have to admit that I visited Rhodes more than seven times, and have really found this Bay as one of the most exclusive and enjoyable places I have been to in my life. Visit the place YOU will not regret it.

Commented by sami madros September 07, 2009 in Beaches

Haraki (Charaki)
Love haraki been going for about 5 years now,theres no better place on earth,my husband said he would never visit a place twice but we fell truly madly deeply in love with haraki going again in three weeks, cant wait its like my second home now, fantastic people Jacob and Panos coctails and dreams very sad at stefanos moving on to a new place in Lardos but we still see him (hope haraki stays unspoilt) great food great people great times love it love it love it

Commented by pete and linda September 07, 2009 in Beaches

Firstly, we love lindos and everything that goes with it, but we have become a little concerned about the number of wedding parties in and around the village. I know everyone is entitled to get married in such a lovely place, but it is now used as a stag and hen party location as well. This year there were fairly large groups of men and women, not young I have to add, almost taking over the bars, being very loud and in our opinion changing the feel of Lindos, which is laid back and very different from nearly every other resort we have been to. I know it sounds harsh but it could kill the lure of Lindos for ordinary couples like ourselves. It may be that there has to be a curb on the number of weddings or size of wedding parties to prevent Lindos becoming just another english style resort. Saying that, I would still say lindos is a truly unique place. I just pray it stays that way for the enjoyment of the vast majority of holiday makers.

Commented by caz and glen September 03, 2009 in Resorts

Pefkos (Pefki)
Went to Pefkos last June, really enjoyed it, lovely restaurants, friendly people, good accomodation, relaxing and with lovely Lindos near by. Back in Sept 09 for my daughers wedding.. Cant wait

Commented by Teresa Molloy September 02, 2009 in Beaches

Lindos Beach
We have been going to Lindos for the last 11 yrs, it is the most beautiful place on earth. If there is a liitle heaven on earth then this is it. We have met some of the most special people there who will be friends for life especially Tsamis @ Georgios Bar and Demitri in the supermarket.

Commented by Margaret Bingham August 24, 2009 in Beaches

Lindos Beach
I cant wait to stay in Lindos, it sounds perfect to our needs, my husband an I drifted for a while an now falling in love again and 26yrs married! So cant be bad an sounds so romantic after reading all these lovely comments I feel like a kid at Christmas just counting the days till sept 9th, Lindos here we come.

Commented by angie riozzi August 23, 2009 in Beaches

It has to be on the "must see" list of everyone who visits Europe, it's fabulous.

Commented by paulene green August 19, 2009 in Beaches

Rhodes Old Medieval Town
I have visited Rhodes for over 25yrs and absolutily love the island. I have always found the people very friendly in fact have made many friends there, been invited to weddings barbeques ect. After 25yrs of visiting I still find new places to visit love roaming around the back streets of the old town. we always feel very safe no matter where we roam. over the years we have encouraged many people to visit the island and they are now regular visitors. There are so many great bars resturants that you can eat in a different place every night for weeks. We always like to stay near the old town so we can enjoy a stroll around shops at night enjoy the throng of people then sit with a drink people watching. In the day we either jump on a bus or a boat go down to Faliraki for the fantastic beachs, or find a secluded bay, I could go on about rhodes for ever.

Commented by Chris stace August 18, 2009 in Historical sites