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Afandou (Afantou)
I lived in Afandou a very long time ago - 1988 - and things may well have changed since then. It was a very traditional village and, whilst overtly friendly, one had to be very careful as the people were extremely 'gossipy' and could make life awkward. If you're just going on holiday, you'll most likely have a fabulous time, but if you are planning to live there, especially as part of a local family, beware.

Commented by Zina February 16, 2010 in Resorts

Rhodes Old Medieval Town
Our daughter married in Kolymbia in 2008 and we visited Rhodes Town (although the heat was horrendous in June!) and vowed to return in a cooler month which we did last May. It was perfect. Sunny and warm during the day with a litle breeze at night - perfect! Although May was quiet in the Old Town in the evening it was amazing to see the Street of the Knights at 9pm with no turists and only the dim street lights to show the way - it was like stepping back into the 15th Century. The people are so friendly - walking through the old town it was 'Welcome to Rhodes' 'Enjoy your holiday' from everyone with no pressure to buy and always a cheery welcome. These people know how to win the hearts of their visitors. We took a day trip by boat to Lindos - very hot on the sea and take care on the slippery paths in Lindos and beware of the donkeys who stroll back and forth from the acropolis at the edge of the cliffs! There is so much to do in Rhodes Town both in the old and the new with a new walk every day and evening. You'll love it! We are going again in May 2010 and can't wait. Enjoy!

Commented by Liz Adams February 16, 2010 in Historical sites

Halki (Chalki)
I visited this beautiful isle last summer and my family and I had a wonderful time. It truly is a lovely place, well worth a trip. The locals were kind and English was spoken all over the isle. Food was good and very fresh. All in all a remarkable holiday.

Commented by Jessica February 08, 2010 in Dodecanese islands

I've had cause to think about Lindos again since my friend, Jenni May, known and loved by many of the older Lindians, died last year.
In 1974 I went there to cook for Small World, returning in 1975 and 1976. When I revisited in 1981 it was already changing rapidly.
Now I read people's comments of the Lindos that the place has become, I am filled with nostalgia for how it used to be. I am glad it is still enthralling people: In 1974 it was truly 'unspoilt' and the only way to get to Pefkos was by donkey.
Fond memories, but I can't go back - it has changed too much and is too commercial now.

Commented by Jackie February 02, 2010 in Resorts

Haraki (Charaki)
We are coming back to Haraki this year and counting down the days. Cannot wait to lay on the beach, swim in the sea and have cold drinks and good food at Bottoms Up. First time my hubby has returned somewhere but it was his first choice for a holiday, looking forward to August.

Commented by Jan and Andy January 20, 2010 in Resorts

Haraki (Charaki)
Returning again to Haraki and look forward to the sun, sea and lazing on the beach and drinks and food at Bottoms Up, cannot wait till August and counting the days!

Commented by Jan and Andy January 20, 2010 in Resorts

Afandou (Afantou)
we went there a couple of years ago it was wonderful

Commented by patrick and ruith December 17, 2009 in Resorts

Pefkos (Pefki)
Well after about a 4 year break decided it's time to go back to Pefki, booked for 15th Sept 2010.can't wait to see how it's changed, went 5 yeras on the trot at least twice a year. This is one of the most friendly places we have ever being to, I'm hoping it' still the same, the people were great, food good and the weather always seemed to be hot, staying at Apostolis Studios again and can't wait to see how everyone has grown, Alexandra's great place for an afternoon drink and snack if your hungry, then back up to Anixis to watch the sun go down while having another drink, lets hope it's still as good as I remember it.

Commented by Graeme Duke December 07, 2009 in Beaches

Tsambika (Tsampika)
Yes, the nudist beach is still there, and its still lovely, we go every year in September, we went in July a couple of years ago, and it was hot, and I mean hot, get yourself a umberlla.
Its one of the best beaches I,ve seen. Very quiet and friendly

Commented by aileen November 30, 2009 in Beaches

Ancient Kamiros
I was a licensed guide from 1963 until 2000 and my favourite site was Kamiros which was never promoted for excursions only when included in the tour of the Butterfly Valley.
Have learned a lot in private from archeaologists but just wish to mention that only when Schliemann discovered Mycenea were they able to date the vases found in the necropolis of Kamiros found + or - 20 years earlier.
And in Kamiros there are no souvenir shops and cafeterias.

Commented by Mavraki Phyllis November 02, 2009 in Historical sites