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June 18, 2018
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Buying a property in Rhodes

Rhodes is the 3rd largest Greek island and the capital of the Dodecanese islands complex. Its natural beauties, excellent climate, zero crime rate, the warmth of the people who live here are just a fraction of the reasons that make it an ideal place to invest for a living. 

The island finds itself at the crossroads of the two big marine lanes of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea, and off the coastlines of the Middle East, Cyprus and Egypt. Rhodes has been home to a variety of different cultures, all which have left their marks on the island and gave it the particular character it retains until today. Proof of its extremely long and vivid history is scattered all over the island. The medieval city, which has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage City, and is the only inhabited medieval town in Europe is the best reserved evidence, while on the rest of the island you will find all sorts of medieval and archaeological sites and castle ruins.

Natural beauties
The natural beauties of the island come second to none; spotless beaches for everyone, from vast and lively faliraki, crystal clear yet not crowded such as Afantou and Kalathos, small and beatiful picturescue coves such as Anthony Quinn bay and Agios Palvos, up to windurfers and kitesurfers paradise like Prasonisi or the most of the west shores of the island. Forests you just want to explore, with spots that offer a fresh breeze even in the high of summer heat, like the Seven Springs and the famous Valley of Butterflies.

The villages
One of the most interesting characteristics of the island are probably the many villages, each with a character of its own. Invest some time to get a better feeling of each village or town before you make up your mind about which location to choose.

for a complete guide of Rhodes and information about each location on the island, please visit our information pages!

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