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Regeneration of the ecology after the the fire of 2008

In early April 2010 Susan, Richard and myself (Stephen) thought we would look at re-offering the easy walk from Laerma to Agios Isidoros which we stopped doing after the fire in July 2008 that devastated this area, the walk in question is on a dirt track road and is approx 12km (7.5miles) long, it takes about 3-4hrs to walk at a leisurely pace.

Rhodes, forest regeneration from Files in 2008

The three of us were very apprehensive about the walk knowing how the place looked before the fire; we all tend to not go here as we found it very upsetting.
Leaving our car in Laerma we started our walk leaving the village houses behind us, the prominent dead burnt trees standing on the horizon were a stark reminder of what happened here and how close the fire came to Laerma, as our gaze came off the dead trees and we started looking around we were greeted with fantastic sight of grass growing on the ground with the colour of the flowers coming apparent as we walked on.

The walk became a joy to the eyes to behold, the area is recovering and regenerating, mother nature is winning and showing her efforts through meadows of grass and flowers, blossoming trees and flowering shrubs, I am glad to say our day turned from being apprehensive to the pure joy and wonder of how this area is recovering.
Before we knew it we had arrived in Agios Isidoros we had already started planning our description for the website to offer this easy walk again in the spring months.
Stephen williams

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