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Rhodian Pony
Meet the small horses of Rhodes

All horses we know as the horses of Rhodes, belong to the zoological family equus cavallus cavallus. First appeared 54 million years ago i.e. shortly after the extinction of the dinosaurs. They had the size of small... » read more

Top locations for wedding photos on Rhodes Island
We are exposing the top locations for your wedding photos on Rhodes

Getting married on Rhodes is not just about the ceremony. There are noumerous spots that will make your wedding photos look like comming just out of a fairytale. We are compiled a list of the top 10 spots to shoot... » read more

Wintertime in Rhodes
Visiting Rhodes during winter can be a richly rewarding experience!

It's winter. You are sitting in your apartment or office, while it's cold outside and the weather is gray, dark and rainy, and you find yourself reading this article. Don't you wish you can go someplace where the... » read more

Fun in the sun: how to choose and pick good sunglasses
Tips for choosing sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun's harmful effects

Sunglasses can give you instant James Dean cool, Audrey Hepburn glamour, or the rock star hipness of Bono. But they are much more than a fashion accessory.

Sunglasses are an essential tool in safeguarding the... » read more

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